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Best masculine rose fragrance

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4 months ago

Declaration D'Un Soir

4 months ago

Toy BoyToy Boy - edgy and modern

No. 88 (Cologne)No. 88 Cologne - old-school and complex

Voleur de RosesVoleur de Roses - classy rose-patch combo

3 months ago

For me it’s hands down Nishane - Nefs give it a shot you might like it!

3 months ago

Spice Must FlowSpice Must Flow is one you ought to try it out.

19 days ago

It's an old thread but i just noticed it's existance while i was browsing the threads. So i am not that in to rose notes in fragnances generaly. From green, grassland roses, rose bud, fully bloomed roses, floral, eatrhy, spicy to jammy, sweet, synthetic, pot pourri - ish (sic), dried and to powdery, dirty, liqueur - ish, dusty, sour - ish i reject all the roses that exist in the Universe. That is all!. The roses has something annoying in theis scent wich is projected negatively to my reflects and my skin. I could compare this anoying feeling the roses gives me to a cacophony in an emotional aria by a careless opera singer. It ruins the harmony of synthesis. I think it is not an easy task for perfumeurs to create a fragnance with an ingridient like rose.This concept requires delicate handling. Perfumeurs have to put hard work and use their creativity and personal technique to an exhusting level in order to manufacture an interesting rose oriented fragnance that will stand out from the others and hopefully will manage to impress the consumers. The stakes are high..

That be said i don't have a top 5 rose fragnance. I have only one that i can tolerate to smell on others without cause me headache or repulsion or negative emotions and to my personal opinion it is well composed and vary widely from the other with the same note. This would be Acteur (Eau de Toilette)Acteur Eau de Toilette. A bad call it is discontinued.

18 days ago

for me it would be Hermann à mes Côtés me Paraissait une OmbreHermann à mes Côtés me Paraissait une Ombre or Comme une Evidence HommeComme une Evidence Homme , the second one being a gentle take on Déclaration d'Un SoirDéclaration d'Un Soir

They are a little similar but very airy, playing the rose note more on a cold, green side. Very elegant, very masculine qualities.

8 days ago
I'm new here.

My favorite men's rose scents are: Lyric Homme Amouage, Iquitos Alain Delon (sadly discontinued), and Rose Poivree The Different Company (another sadly discontinued scent).

+1 for Rose PoivréeRose Poivrée !

But I don't think it's being discontinued, at least it's still available on the brand website.

6 days ago
2 days ago

I'm wearing Encens Mythique / Encens Mythique d'OrientEncens Mythique. It feels very versatile and unisex. I get hints of a dry rose, subtle oud, and something akin to dryer sheets. It's oddly clean and beautifully filthy, simultaneously. I'd love to smell this on a man.

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