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Sonnet by Ajmal
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Sonnet is a perfume by Ajmal for women and was released in 2017. The scent is sweet-creamy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Creamy tuberose
Sonnet by Ajmal eau de parfum is a middle eastern perfume that recently arrived to our markets. This perfume delivers a gourmand take on tuberose and satisfying performance and it resembles a well known scent profile. If you are interested into hearing more details about this perfume, please watch my review on Youtube.
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71 Reviews
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A fragrance like a poem
Describing Ajmal Sonnet is quite a challenge. There are not many clues to this, and the pyramid cannot be interpreted more precisely on the basis of its general notes. But where would that leave the challenge? While you can usually look at the information when testing to see if and how many hits you have landed, here simply everything is possible that somehow comes close to the terms.
Well, let's spray it on fresh!
The prelude is gold-orange for my nose. I would assume bergamot, because it has a certain twist in it and I think of something orange, maybe just the blossoms of an orange fruit? So this start is quite fresh and lively and makes you feel good right away. It doesn't take long for the fragrance to become a little less pungent, sparkling and softer. Something floral, perhaps in white to pale yellow, but also a delicate nutty note, which gives Sonnet a very special ambiance. This gives the fragrance something melancholic. A very beautiful but also calmer impact, which also has a lot of romance in it. It's hard to describe, but I'll take some human traits to help. Just as Sonnet was quite loud, cheeky and with a resounding laughter at the beginning as a scent impression, he seems almost thoughtful to me in the meantime. Still very beautiful and strong, but more introverted than before. It's as if the scent creature had been given a nose-blow from somewhere because of its almost unrestrained appearance, which puts it somewhat in etiquette. After about a quarter of an hour in which this continuously dimming progression continues to develop, Sonnet continues to increase in softness and a little sweetness, but retains a bit of the opening notes in the background. Woody aspects with a very light earthy note (my beetroot association as in Chopard Enchanted) and I think not only amber, but also some vanilla of the unsweeter but very noble kind round Sonnet even more. It becomes even softer through this guidance, somewhat mystical, not extremely dark, but in such a way that a mysterious and sensual aura invites speculation about who and how its wearer might be. All in all, Ajmal Sonnet is a beautiful, feminine and sensual fragrance, which at first seems a bit cheeky, but soon turns from a cheeky girl into a mysterious lady, and draws a long-lasting, powerful veil. Here I think that the dosage should be kept low, otherwise the individual notes cannot unfold and show themselves so beautifully. He'll still be strong enough to last all day.
At first I thought that the colours on the bottle were not the same as in my head cinema. The start suggests to me rather honey gold and white. Only when it enters the dimming phase and undergoes its metamorphosis do the colour impressions also become darker. Yet I do not see Sonnet in black and red. For me the colour nuances end with dark amber. I also find the presentation a bit clumsy compared to the fragrance, reminds me more of an award or a totem pole. Here a softer contour would be more flattering for the content. Well, at least the part fits the hand well...
Sonnet engl. sonnet, a form of poetry, also known as a sound poem, is supposed to describe the fragrance. In fact, his performance is likely to elicit a different poem from each person who sees him. Especially when the transformation of his being takes place, I imagine the most diverse verses and twists and turns of thought that could arise from it.

Thoughts are free...

A fragrance like a poem...
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NushkaNushka 6 months ago
A bargain beauty - white floral on a biscuit base. I smell actual biscuits "petit beurre"! Lovely, if ever so slightly synthetic in opening.
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