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Orris by Commodity
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7.6 / 10 33 Ratings
Orris is a popular perfume by Commodity for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Italian bergamotItalian bergamot Coriander seedCoriander seed Pink pepperPink pepper Carrot seed Orpur®Carrot seed Orpur®
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Atlas cedarAtlas cedar PatchouliPatchouli Lily of the valleyLily of the valley Tea blossomTea blossom
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Italian irisItalian iris VetiverVetiver Bourbon vanilla Orpur®Bourbon vanilla Orpur®


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unisex on the feminine side.
This is an unisex if you stretch the word cause I find it on the feminine side but still enjoyable to wear it myself. The scent is quite nice, elegant, strong and gentle at the same time and achieving that is a win to begin with.

Orris saves nothing for last, it starts with a powerful iris and dose of pepper that's a little too strong and off putting but it only lasts a couple of mins and after that you're left with some spicy floral notes that take you on a nice journey. I get some sweetness, perhaps on behalf of the vanilla but I wish we got more of it.
This is a nice scent by Commodity, it's not a must nor a fragrance that's gonna be in most people's '10 for Life' but neither is a fragrance I regret buying.
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How the skin of a woman or the fur of a cat D
Ah, Iris. Iris makes me think of a good friend. Not because she smells of iris all the time (unless of course she uses iris scents), but because she likes iris very much and I got to know the Prada scents through her, where some contain the fragrance iris and smell very nice, like the Infusion d'Iris scents. The only negative points about these Prada fragrances are the low silage and durability (although the durability can sometimes vary from person to person).

Since then I have tried some iris scents and find the note very beautiful, but also often a little feminine, apart from scents like Dior Homme. Some (crazy :D) don't like this note, but I think the powdery notes of the iris make each fragrance especially soft and gentle, so that you love to smell these fragrances. Therefore I like to try out iris scents, but also scents with an iris root, which give off a nice scent somehow reminiscent of carrots.

That's why I'm so excited about this fragrance from Commodity, which I hope smells great. But first snoop...

The Scent:
Despite the many listings in the top note, the fragrance begins directly with the iris, which smells intense and beautifully powdery. The light sweetness comes from the pink pepper, because this sweetness also appears a little spicy. I can also smell light carrots, they would have to be the carrot seeds, but without the fragrance pyramid I would rather have guessed an iris root, even if an iris root smells somewhat "juicier" and "carotier". There are floral notes that I can't exactly identify, but it seems to be the lilies of the valley.
Ahh... I had hoped you wouldn't smell the coriander, but unfortunately it's included, which I don't like. Fortunately, it is not particularly strong and I hope it will remain so.
Later on it still smells of iris, so that the scent remains soft and powdery. The coriander is not stronger as feared (puuuh, lucky!), on the contrary, it even subsides again, which makes me especially happy :)
Otherwise, the fragrance remains powdery, flowery and gentle and beautiful, and despite a little vanilla is also rather less sweet.

Sillage and durability:
Even if the iris still radiates well at the beginning, the fragrance is just as strong as most fragrances with iris, i.e. rather mediocre to above-average strong. But that's enough to smell the scent when you're not so far away.
The shelf life of ten hours is quite good.

The flacon:
The bottle is cylindrical and filled with a light, yellowish fragrance. The name of the fragrance is written on the large grey label, otherwise the label appears somewhat empty and therefore sterile and simple. The lid is cylindrical and chrome-plated. It's okay, but nothing special, because it looks like the typical and almost more functional niche fragrance flacons.

Despite the initial coriander, this fragrance is what I expected it to be: A beautiful, powdery soft fragrance, which smells very pleasant. It's just as soft and tender as a woman's skin *sigh*
Well, of course you can compare it to a cat: Warm, gentle, soft and above all clean! Normally clean anyhow... in summer my little tiger is always dirty. Whether soot, dust, soil particles or anything else,... everything is somehow present, he is an outdoor collector and who knows what he is doing outside. In winter he goes out too, but significantly less, so that his white coat shines clean and white in winter :D

In any case, the fragrance can be used at any time of the year, as it can also be used as a relaxing fragrance. If you like clean-looking fragrances that can also smell a little like fresh laundry, you've come to the right place. But if you prefer to roll in the mud, you will not be satisfied with this fragrance :D

Yeah, I would test Orris from Commodity :)
And by the way, I find the fragrance more feminine than unisex as stated
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