J'adore 2016 Eau de Toilette

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J'adore (Eau de Toilette) (2016) by Dior
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J'adore (Eau de Toilette) (2016) is a popular perfume by Dior for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation
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Blood orangeBlood orange Damask roseDamask rose MagnoliaMagnolia VanillaVanilla French neroliFrench neroli LemonLemon


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the lightness of being
Already at the turn of the millennium, the first "J'Adore" was allowed to move in with me as an eau de parfum; this golden liquid fragrance that nestled against me like a soft-flowing golden lamé robe and still surprises because its magic comes from just four fragrance notes:
Ylang-ylang, damask rose, jasmine and sandalwood - a work of art and a compliment.

A few years later, "J'Adore Voile" followed, probably out of a certain nostalgia.
This fine fragrance curtain, which no longer flows around quite so sensually, but rather wraps in fragrant veils. These consist predominantly of enchanting rose aromas.
François Demachy chose for this the beauties from the fields of Turkey and Bulgaria.
There, rose plantations cover entire valleys, on which in the harvest time of the fragrant flowers crowds of diligent pickers greet the day with the first rays of the sun, so that this precious splendor can get in time for further use.
Many of them have been created as part of a development program that offers women the opportunity to earn extra money back home.
But of course, the connection with the Provençal roots was not forgotten here: grow there but the proud irises, which embellish with their powdery fragrance so make creation of the perfume world and give it so the special charm.
By skilfully added white musk get this quietly circulating veils their enticing, sensual note.
A dance of fragrances is created, the senses transparent and enchantingly played around.

Two fragrance sisters from the house of Christian Dior; both inhabiting these slender, sleek and sensual flacons, separated by years and yet unmistakably related.
Both show that with skill and dedication, something beautiful can be created from just a few fragrance elements.

It surprises therefore surely nobody that I tested also the Eau de Toilette of "J'Adore", when me the possibility offered itself. I wanted to learn but too gladly, whether I also recognize the fragrance relationship here and me this fragile creature would like.
Immediately unmistakable is unfolds the "J'Adore" - and as with the Voile version - the "Demachy DNA".
Of course, the Eau de Toilette is finer, more light-footed: no longer the golden drop that sensually flows around as with the Eau de Parfum.
I also no longer find the enticingly floating veils of fragrance of the second sister I know here.

"J'Adore" as an eau de toilette is noticeably younger, more buoyant and fresher.
Not just a watered-down version of the original fragrance, but a composition in its own right, but still clearly reminiscent of the sisters' distinct femininity.
A walk through the citrus groves of the South opens this fragrance course, so that fresh-fruity blood orange, invigorating lemon and balsamic neroli magic meet in serene composure and lovingly embrace each other.
Magnolia flowers in creamy white and delicate rosé, fine porcelain bowls so similar, complement this prelude.
Beautiful it is, this impression of the lively southern spring and completely filled with its fragrances.
An elegant rose nuance and finally the warm sensuality of vanilla give this fragrance its rounding femininity.
After all, Christian Dior revered women and roses equally as a pinnacle of creation.
And this is not forgotten in this fragrance creation from his empire: the charismatic, if always slightly shy nature of Pâtron remains palpable here.

"J'Adore" Eau de Toilette not only embodies the charm of his sisters in the fragrance, but also exudes a graceful lightness of being - the unmistakable flair of the Frenchwoman.
More than an average durability should not be expected from this fleet-footed lady.
But that does not detract from her charm.
The fragrance concentration of this eau de toilette seduces, but does not overrun!
Thus, "J'Adore" in this form invites you to stroll together, chat, flirt, dance and cheerfully enjoy the day.

A quite suitable for everyday use fragrance, which can also decorate a no longer so young woman and which, despite its quiet notes yet leaves an impression.
What more could you want?
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Quite nice, but flat on the chest
I would classify J'adore as flowery, soapy and fresh. He reminds me of fresh laundry, which might be good for my job. However, there is nothing cuddly or erotic about him. I also feel it quite one-dimensional because it doesn't develop on my skin. Unfortunately I only smell citric notes and silky rose. For me unfortunately not interesting enough
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