Arsène Lupin
Arsène Lupin Dandy

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Arsène Lupin is a popular perfume by Guerlain for men and was released in 2010. The scent is woody-spicy. It was last marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation

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Brazilian rosewoodBrazilian rosewood Pink pepperPink pepper BergamotBergamot
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VioletViolet FrankincenseFrankincense CardamomCardamom SageSage
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Gaiac woodGaiac wood PatchouliPatchouli SandalwoodSandalwood LeatherLeather


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Interesting Facts
Arsène Lupin is part of the collection "Les Parisiens". In 2011, the name of the fragrance Arsène Lupin Dandy was changed to Arsène Lupin.


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Parfumo creates joy! The journey to Arsene Lupin
Where should I start? There are perfumes that you just can't get out of your head, that are on your wish list for months or even years, that are discontinued and therefore increase in price to such an extent that you either can't afford them, you are struggling with the fear that they are overturned, or you are simply not willing to pay such a drastic surcharge and then the search for alternatives begins. You browse reviews, use the expert search here on Parfumo for similar scent pyramids and test your way through, but for every perfume you come across during your journey, it just doesn't click. Then there is the fact that you no longer have the sample given to you by a similarly scented madman for a direct comparison. You write to other perfumers and ask them for alternatives, but no matter what you test, you won't find anything. Your better half sees your dilemma, sells one of her sacred scents, pulls out all the stops to make you happy for Christmas, but she also fails to get the master thief under the Christmas tree. But there is one bright spot. One of the perfumers did not want to part with his bottle, but offered to send a sample so that the good gentleman could continue his research. And then he got an idea...
Why didn't he just write to the fragrance maniac who gave him the sample? You can't take no for an answer. Maybe he'll part with a bottling ?
He had an understanding and offered me an exchange of bottlings, with the scent that inspired him by the sample exchange with me over a year ago. When I hammered the letters into the keyboard, my better half said:

"What do you have to lose if you ask him to fill up his bottle and then he will give you his treasure?"
"That would be cheeky, I told her! I know he likes the smell as much as I do."

But you know what it's like - you don't stand a chance against the better half and besides, I lacked the arguments not to at least try. Especially these days, when women also wear the pants. :-D

And what did I get in return? The bottle already had a story. It was the very last Arsene Lupin Dandy from KaDeWe before he was hired. But in the same breath, he stressed that he knows that the fragrance will be good for me, that he knows that I love him and that he's leaving the bottle to me for the reason. I could not believe my luck, even now I still lack the words, he did not want money but I still hope that I make him as happy with my exchange package as he made me.
As a small side note, if you're reading this: I know I'm repeating myself, but I'm really fucking grateful to you and I'll take the best care of him. :-)

And now we come to the fragrance:
Freshly sprayed on, a fresh, peppery, citrusy note jumps around my ears, and I also think I can locate the incense quite early. My wife said that she also recognizes a chypre character very early on. The violet becomes noticeable relatively quickly and gradually replaces the bergamot. The peppery note is replaced by cardamom at that stage, with which I actually have my problems in many fragrances, as it usually has a shower gel character for my nose. But not so with arsene lupin. Here it gives a nice spice, the fragrance gets a floral character through the violet and incense serves as a support here. The heart note then lingers for a while before moving gently into its woody base, which is supported by patchouli. In the base he is then very close and still manages to accompany me for just under a working day. And even though the Arsene Lupin is a master thief, I can't manage to locate his leather gloves, even though I find the rest of the scent pyramid very plausible. In my eyes, that's a Woody Chypre. Suitability for everyday use? Yes, sir! 4 Seasons? Check(even though I haven't been able to test it in summer yet). The Sillage is present, but not disturbing. If you ever get a sample from the dandy, give him time. It is complex and wants to be worn more often. But you should bring a certain weakness for Chypres and not be averse to violets. ;-)

And before it gets too long.. Over & Out
Your Scentman

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Shadow on the wall
The fine, but shady Monsieur Lupin leaves me somewhat helpless even after the third attempt (that's his business, too!), which is why this comment is somewhat shorter than usual.

As far as the novel character is concerned, much has already been successfully literarized here, which is why I would like to hold back a little with witty allusions and corresponding parallels. So let's start strictly chronologically: he already has a modern, freshly peppered top note once, but not a "douglasigen" everyday Brutalo pepper. Fortunately, this is kept in check by an almost sweet woodiness, so that Mr. Lupin does not slide into contemporary arbitrariness. On the other hand, he does not appear eccentric or loud in any way. Refined, polished modernity.

The same applies to the very clear violet note in the heart: floral yes, but no visit to the florist. Not more flower than fits in the buttonhole. Cardamom and sage make the whole more striking and masculine, the incense gives a certain depth and softness. Please: All defensively dosed! If you don't smell it, you won't notice. At the same time, the fragrance components have not been so alchemistically woven that their combination would create a fundamentally new, unique fragrance impression (unlike many of the house's great classics). Even a thief with self-confidence and airs and graces does not want to attract too much attention and remain difficult to grasp in case of doubt. Therefore, it is not surprising that the fragrance impression remains a little too airy and almost shadowy with all available classes. At the end, a slightly earthy patchouli woodiness returns (if I were a writer here, Lupin would have landed in the bark mulch after a successful prey by means of a rescuing jump out of the window). I like this one very much, but in my opinion it doesn't fit seamlessly to the brave, persevering violet. Altogether also here no classical, well-structured Guerlain Opulenz!

The name-giving gentleman criminal with the best manners is here provided with a quite comprehensible scent equivalent tailored to the fictitious body. It is well done and of high quality, no question about it. However, she does not want to connect with me, instead she withdraws without seducing me and leaves me, as mentioned at the beginning, somewhat perplexed. And my watch is gone, too.

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A Dandy Of A Release From Guerlain...
A superb outing from the house of Guerlain that is quite similar to Amouage Dia Man. As Dia Man is in my top 3, it is little surprise that Dandy is also right up my alley taste-wise.

Dandy, while sharing many similarities to Dia is a bit less refined, IMO. It has a more unpolished powdery feel after its bigarade top notes that do not quite reach the subtlety that Dia excels so well at. Dandy calls more attention to itself with its violet, sandalwood and patchouli heart, but it is also very complex like Dia and a very fine composition in its own right that if it were less expensive I would say would be a very good alternative to Dia Man for those who can't (or won't) pay Amouage money for their scents, but want the quality or close to it.

As it stands, Dandy is every bit as expensive, and maybe more. So as such, I still recommend Dia Man over it as it is the slightly superior scent to my nose. That said, Arsene Lupin Dandy is the best modern release I have smelled from the house of Guerlain to date and is a very strong release to be sure and well worth a sniff if you can find it. A very well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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