Albatross by House of Matriarch
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Albatross is a perfume by House of Matriarch for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody-aquatic. It is still in production.
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Caspar David Friedrich
The first sprayer. A wave clapping my face awakens me from my morning trance, which usually smells more like coffee. Puha, salt, lots of salt. I am definitely awake now
After the initial shock I gradually get used to the smell. The name fits perfectly, as the albatross is a seabird that either flies through the stormy winds of the sea or is swayed by the waves. The diet of this bird consists mainly of sea animals, including squid, sardines, jellyfish and other slippery sea creatures.

Of course, the scent fits perfectly. You have the feeling that you are looking for prey yourself on a cliff above the sea. The scent is not loud, a real hunter is not. The scent is very quiet, it doesn't really bring out any of the individual notes. All the more so what is described here as a 'maritime chord'. Like in a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, the albatross stands on this rock, looking towards the lake. It has become one with her and is now meditating, part storm, part lake and part... Bird. Yes, there's something dirty about the scent too. This dirty scent, probably more the 'driftwood' than the bird's excrements, intensifies in the course of the fragrance and quickly takes off the salty start. It also has an overall very mineral smell, similar to Tom Ford's "Oud Minérale". I can see many parallels between the two fragrances.

The fragrance is overall very artistic. I'm not saying I would never wear it, but there aren't that many occasions that come to mind right away. I'm not against the scent, as I loved to wear the above-mentioned "Oud Minérale" last summer. But this fragrance is also a bit weak in terms of performance. Quickly, the effervescent wave that knocked the coffee cup out of my hand turns into an ever quieter wave noise, as if I were walking straight ahead with my back turned towards the lake and trying to leave these memories behind me.

An interesting scent, a work of art, yes, but after this test I will also visit other shores.
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Gull droppings
I bought the Discovery Set from HoM and some single samples. This one was by far the worst for me. Seagull excrements lie in the air in addition to salty, woody notes of a dark ocean ... i don't like it at all. Doesn't smell artistic to me or anything.
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