Noir Premier - Illusion Captive 1898 2017

Noir Premier - Illusion Captive 1898 by Lalique
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7.9 / 10 94 Ratings
Noir Premier - Illusion Captive 1898 is a popular perfume by Lalique for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-spicy. It is being marketed by Lalique Group / Art & Fragrance.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Fig leafFig leaf Italian bergamotItalian bergamot
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Jasmine sambacJasmine sambac RoseRose Ceylon cinnamonCeylon cinnamon
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MyrrhMyrrh Indonesian patchouliIndonesian patchouli Virginia cedarVirginia cedar CistusCistus Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla


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Top Review 12  
at a crossroads
Many fragrances of the Lalique "Noir Premier" series do not make it easy for me; I can not simply classify them into "I like" or "I do not like", can even worse put them into words.
Maybe that's why I shirk commenting so often.
Again, with "Illusion Captive 1898", I'm at a crossroads.

Yes, I admit it:
I too am captivated, captivated by the power of this fragrance, and yet I am not ready to fully surrender to it. Which, as you know, I don't find so difficult with other fragrances.
Only is certain, "the one and only" as, for example, Can so grippingly reported, will also "Illusion Captive" for me not become.
To such absolute devotion I am not ready, perhaps also not capable; have nevertheless also other mothers/fathers beautiful daughters and sons.

This fragrance composition is beautiful; it is even very beautiful - and it knows it!
Just the opening with the juicy-aromatic bergamot, which wraps itself bashfully in a fig leaf. She does not have to hide at all!
A touch of fresh fig I vermeine also still to feel, which is not quite impossible.
The white power and splendor of the jasmine flowers is powdered with exotic-warm cinnamon, the rose also receives its portion, what the two so vain fragrance beings enjoy.
Thus arises a soft floral-heavy fragrance blanket, which lays over the fresh-spicy prelude and awakens the senses already for the first time.
For these should be ready for the pleasure in the erotic-warm aroma bath of vanilla and tonka bean, which Aphrodite prepares here: this verlockr to dive into this world of fragrances, to give up, to succumb to its magic and to follow.
The light barbs of spicy cistus and resinous myrrh, irritate for their part, whereas the silky cedar spice only gently and balsamic caresses and thus somewhat soothes too powerful waves of emotions.
The golden-brown creamy patchouli current also calms these waves of sensuality that have brought their companions to life in the fragrance.
"Illusion Captive" thus unfolds its power over the wide-open senses, wants to own and keep!

And that for hours, preferably forever!
This fragrance gives the illusion that there are no other fragrance gods besides him, because he is the "Non plus Ultra" and knows only alone what you crave!
For him is probably only: "Love me or leave me!"
The first part of this requirement to follow, I do not find difficult; but not absolutely and therefore "Illusion Captive" as soon as the bottling of Can is empty, will leave me for good!

I realize myself how difficult it is to put this fragrance composition into words; I also knew it already when I read Can's again so excellent and insightful post.
And yet I follow his advice to never hide behind it!

So this comment is neither pro nor con Lalique's "Illusion Captive".
I'm still at the crossroads I was at before I read the first sentence:
Captive, yet free!
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Top Review 8  
The flight of the dragonfly
A fragrance that almost leaves me speechless. Hard to find the words that can do him justice. 1898 is extremely exciting and versatile. Rarely have I experienced a fragrance that changes direction so completely several times and is actually like the flight of a dragonfly. Sometimes he stays quietly on the spot, only to abruptly change direction in the next moment, return a bit and then do something quite unexpected again.
It starts with spraying on. The fresh bergamot is about to appear, but somehow it also has a transparency that is very unusual for bergamot. The fig leaf conceals further nuances waiting to be discovered. With the passing of the leaf, which smells of cinnamon, a light jasmine appears, which shortly afterwards gives way to the rose. The rose remains on the spot and has a golden shimmer. And the fragrance always remains transparent.
In the next change of direction the bergamot flashes once more behind the rose and then in 1898 changes completely to vanilla, which is grounded with patchouli and thus prevents an exaggerated sweetness. Cedar adds slightly woody nuances. So this flight then also passes, with short flashes of the rose.
The whole thing is cool-warm, juicy-dry, sensual-dravengeful, full of complementary opposites and never really tangible, which makes 1898 not boring either.
The flacon is another piece of Laliquescher glass art that has no equal.
The price has now fallen to below 200 euros in the offer, which makes the fragrance even more attractive.
A clear test recommendation from me.
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Top Review 36  
Caught in the illusion?
And again a fragrance gives me a beautiful memory.

To a place I've told you about before.
To this small Greek island in the North Aegean Sea.
There is a small town there.
Near Therma there are many springs and countless small waterfalls, crossed by small streams and natural pools.
A place of enchantment.
On the way to the springs, there are huge and ancient fig trees.
Their fruits can be picked sweet and ripe directly from the tree.
The green of the fig trees lies delicately in the air and I sit down at this little stream.
Right next to me is one of the countless sources.
So fresh and pure.
I drink from her and the water tastes indescribably soft.
The brook splashes quietly and meditatively.
The large stones on the shore are warmed up by the sun, which throws its rays powerfully through the green canopy of leaves.
Dense soft rich moss protects the old tree trunks and gives a pleasant soft feeling.
Wispernd the foliage of the trees rustles a history from old times. Warm gently touched by the constant wind of the island.
In the air there is an enchanting scent of jasmine and wild roses.
Accompanied by fine resinous notes of cistus rose.
Tender green spicy iridescent.....magically soft and gentle ending.

And while I'm sitting by this little creek, I notice the hustle and bustle.
Countless dragonflies dance over the water.
Some rest on the warm stones, their delicate wings shimmer in the sunlight.
Their bodies shine and shimmer in beautiful colours.
A peaceful together.
In the distance I hear the bells of passing sheep.
Caught in the illusion?, for me this was a very special moment in reality.
Illusion Captive 1898
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