Musk Pure 2009

Musk Pure by Tom Ford
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7.7 / 10 47 Ratings
Musk Pure is a popular perfume by Tom Ford for women and was released in 2009. The scent is powdery-floral. The longevity is above-average. It was last marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.
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MuskMusk BenzoinBenzoin BergamotBergamot Orris rootOrris root Tonka beanTonka bean Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang BeeswaxBeeswax JasmineJasmine Lily of the valleyLily of the valley PepperPepper


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The Lemon Faced Straw Woman In The Blind Test
Dear First has now brought me to my first blind test in the form of a walking letter. I just received the resolution and I had to grin. Is Musk Pure but actually the fragrance she has chosen for me!
With my vague tip I have then probably times wrong :-D But read for yourself!

A spray and it feels as if sunbeams shine in my face. Everything is bathed in white-yellowish light. Sizzling warmth. Crackling aldehydes dance with lemons. This one's made for glow-in-the-dark women. I see her in front of me - with a citrus smile and delicately powdered cheeks.
For a brief moment, I can't help but think of citrus cleanser. But who can blame the radiant woman at this moment the discreet cleaner note?
Promptly I am sure that I have to do with the sunny side of a chaneligen number 5.... Only this number 5 was given a lemon face!

A gentle soapy undertone makes its presence felt, allowing the radiant woman to blink into the sun with elegant ease. A refreshing citrus wink!

The lemon reluctantly leaves its sunny post at the radiant woman, who now also slowly pulls the aldehyde wreath out of her hair and hangs it around her shoulder like a handbag.
But still: it remains yellow and somewhat juicy!

Sweet blossoms linger on the bouquet woman's skirt as she continues her journey, quietly covering the lemon with powder.... So she takes a seat for a while. The flowers take time, being watched by citrus and accompanied by the aldehydic veil.
The observers and companions do not allow sugar flowers, they want to refresh elegantly!

Done! Before the sun leaves only warm shadows, the radiant woman sits down on a wooden bench, relaxes her head in the neck and enjoys.
The evening breeze brings with it a restrained green-woody musky breeze and loses itself in her smile.
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An acrid disappointment
I will probably try this one several more times just to be sure, but so far, I'm only impressed by its mediocrity.
WTF, Tom Ford?
For the price, you could have come up with something that didn't dissolve the eyeballs and strip the paint off the walls for hours after application!

I think that the idea behind Musk Pure was to come up with something that was a bridge between SL Clair de Musc and SMN Muschio d'Oro. But instead, we have paint thinner, chalk and ... Farts. All whipped up in a frenzied bilious swill of rage and bitterness masquerading as "skinlike softness" behind a mask of what was meant to be "powdery" but is really closer to mustard gas.
I wish I were kidding but I'm not.

Thankfully discontinued, this olfactory insult with a scathing price tag will make its wearer the butt of every joke in the perfume industry.
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed scrubbing this one off... it took no less than a 45 minute shower, 3 soapings and 2 generous applications of body oil to get rid of this stinker.
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