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On-Stage perfume for Black and Doom Metal

On-Stage perfume for Black and Doom Metal 9 months ago 2

This might be a weird request but I’m looking for a perfume to wear onstage when I play Black metal and doom metal.

Basically looking for a wintery, chilling, depressive, Nordic, rageful vibe reminiscent of emperor, Candlemass, Mayhem, Darkthrone or Thou’s music, or any other band in black, blackened death, blackened doom, funeral doom, music.

I was already considering

"Unum - LAVS | Filippo Sorcinelli"
Norne (2012)Norne (2012)


Interlude 53Interlude 53

And maybe for a slightly more black n roll, Arabian black metal approach:


any other ideas appreciated

9 months ago

Just remembered how perfect Opus XIII - Silver OudOpus XIII - Silver Oud would be for this

9 months ago

Fathom VFathom V

Loaded with petrichor for that imminent-storm sensation. White lily for a funeral reminder, cumin for a bit funk and a stand-offish soil notes. A real charm.

9 months ago

Awesome perfect!!

9 months ago

I'll have to ask my brother what he wears when he performs (

9 months ago

Oh hell yea 

9 months ago
9 months ago 1

I wore 20Mars202220Mars2022 the other day and it is deliciously dark.

Thanks for this thread ! Have a nice performance

9 months ago

I adore black and doom metal, my favourite artist is Jiří "Big Boss" Valter and his bands! 🤘😎 Superb that we have metal musicians here at Parfumo! My suggestions would be Freak (Eau de Parfum)Freak Eau de Parfum, Devil's Nightcap / AgglestoneDevil's Nightcap, Death & Decay (Perfume)Death & Decay Perfume and Zombie for HimZombie for Him.

9 months ago 1

Another metal fan here, although I tend to enjoy it in smaller doses nowadays! To me, the most black metal fragrance is...

Eucris (Eau de Parfum)Eucris Eau de Parfum

It's literally what I imagine the air smelling like in Darkthrone's Under A Funeral Moon album photos!

I think DryadDryad and Ormonde Man (Eau de Parfum)Ormonde Man Eau de Parfum could also work well for that dark, foresty vibe.

9 months ago

OscuroOscuro literally has a metal accord Smile

8 months ago

@Coasterdude -  Great list! Fellow metal musician here. 

Reliqvia by Filippo Sorcinelli is a good one - I'd say it's very Candlemass - not too dissimilar from LAVS, but it rings a bit more "classic doom" to me; I'd even say it's "Solitude" in a bottle. 

Fire and Oud by Lvnea is very Panopticon (I actually saw Panopticon perform in the woods with campfires going at the festival a few years back and this scent reminds me of that experience). 

Forest Lungs by The Different Company reminds me of what the lovely background woods in Immortal's incredibly cheesy "Call Of The Wintermoon" video would smell like.  I can also imagine Gaahl wearing it on a night out. 

Rock Crystal by Oliver Durbano is also one hell of a moody, smoky scent and it is strong enough that the people at the front could smell it. Reliqvia is beast like that as well. 

6 months ago
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