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The history of Loewe began in 1846, when a workshop for leather goods was founded in the center of Madrid. The German artist Enrique Loewe Roessberg arrived in Madrid in 1872 and became a partner of the workshop. Twenty years later, the company E. LOEWE moved within Madrid and a large billboard marked an entire era. This was also the time when Loewe gained general fame.

In 1905, Loewe was appointed by King Alfonso XIII as a supplier to the Spanish court and five years later the company opened its first store in Barcelona, followed by another one after only eight years. In 1923, additional stores were opened in the Spanish capital, Madrid. In 1934, Enrique Loewe Knappe took over the reins of the company. Years of expansion followed, with continuous openings of other sales outlets, including in particular at the address No. 8 in Gran Vía in Madrid, which is still operated in the traditional style today.

In 1945, the designer Pérez de Rosas created handbags in box calf, which very soon became Loewe's great classics and were not replaced by creations in nappa leather until 1979. In 1959, the first store with luxury items was opened in Madrid and international expansion followed in 1963 with the opening of a store in London, and ten years later in Japan and Asia. In the 1970s, Loewe began producing prêt-à-porter women's fashion and created the first silk scarves. Vicente Vela developed Loewe's mythical monogram, which has adorned all its products ever since.

Loewe's first perfume was "L de Loewe" in 1972, followed by "Loewe pour Homme" in 1975, which quickly became the most sought-after fragrance for men. In 1985 "Aire" was launched - today it is one of the most famous fragrances on the Spanish market.

Loewe also oriented itself towards luxury for men, opening the first men's outfitting store in Madrid in 1986. In 1987, a collaboration was established with the LVMH company to promote international expansion. In the same year, "Esencia pour Homme" was launched, a men's fragrance that still enjoys luxury status today and is considered the most masculine fragrance.

In 1996, Loewe was able to look back on successful business years and celebrated its 150th anniversary - an anniversary which simultaneously resulted in its sale to the LVMH Group. Narciso Rodríguez took over the prêt-à-porter division of women's fashion in 1997 and a year later the creations were presented for the first time on the catwalk in Paris.

Today, Loewe presents us with a wide range of women's and men's fragrances, many of which have become classics in the meantime, such as "Agua de Loewe", "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás", "Aire" and others.

In 2011, Loewe created La Colección - a series of very exclusive and high-priced luxury perfumes. Another perfume collection followed in 2012 under the name Un Paseo por Madrid (a walk through Madrid). These fragrance creations consistently continue Loewe's positioning in the luxury goods segment.
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