Philtre Ceylan 2016

Philtre Ceylan by Atelier Cologne
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7.5 / 10 80 Ratings
Philtre Ceylan is a perfume by Atelier Cologne for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is green-spicy. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Calabrian bergamotCalabrian bergamot Guatemala cardamomGuatemala cardamom SpearmintSpearmint
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Ceylon teaCeylon tea Green ceylon tea Chinese iris
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Indian cuminIndian cumin Indian papyrusIndian papyrus Paraguayan gaiac woodParaguayan gaiac wood


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Oriental tea in pure culture
With the Atelier Cologne brand I always admire that you really get what is written on it or what is in the fragrance pyramid. And that always in pure culture means: high-quality, noble and natural.
The same here again at Philtre Ceylan: The fragrance starts with a lively, spicy fresh kick of mint and bergamot: clear, cool and natural, but immediately accompanied by an incredibly authentic teen note. The tea then clearly dominates everything else. I have never smelled a scent that makes tea so pure and natural. Unlike most of the others here on this site, I perceive Philtre Ceylan less green than oriental. Whereby oriental is by no means to be understood as sweetish and powerful, but rather as the clarity of the spice notes used. And also here I can say again: In pure culture and as it is indicated in the fragrance pyramid - cardamom right at the beginning, cumin is added later. As always at Atelier Cologne, the whole is magnificently balanced, nothing pushes itself unpleasantly onto or into the foreground. Although Philtre Ceylan is already special and should not please everyone.
The performance is mediocre, and that's altogether okay, because the fragrance pyramid would probably have been very durable if it had been accompanied by considerable synthetics - and you don't want that. For me, Philtre Ceylan is a fragrance for men because of its spiciness, and it belongs in spring.
I wait for him now full of longing and then I will wear him with enthusiasm - with a cup of tea (but better from Darjeeling!).
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Green - light rosy - fresh spicy
I'm a hardcore tea drinker and not a fan of tea fragrances because tea smell's metallic fishlike smell on my skin annoys me unless it allied with some dark notes. Philtre Ceylan perfectly takes place between hate or love for me, veering to love side.

It's pure fresh like dew on new bloomed garden in early spring, green mentholated, kind of metallic rosy and light spicy. Tea in this cologne has over-realistic feature like dried leaves steamed in a samovar on an afternoon table.
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