Crépuscule des Âmes 2018

Crépuscule des Âmes by Atelier des Ors
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Crépuscule des Âmes is a perfume by Atelier des Ors for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-resinous. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Clary sageClary sage CardamomCardamom Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
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FrankincenseFrankincense HyssopHyssop PimentoPimento
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HyraceumHyraceum PatchouliPatchouli


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The fragrance is part of the "Blanche" collection.


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My Atelier Des Ors Crepuscule Des Ames Review On YouTube
Here's my Atelier Des Ors Crepuscule Des Ames Fragrance Review on Youtube. Crepuscule Des Ames is one of three new fragrances from Atelier Des Ors in the new White Collection of fragrance which also includes Nuda Veritas and Choeur Des Anges. I enjoyed this one out of the three the most because it had more depth and was least fresh of the three. I also loved that it had the hyraceum note. This is the note that makes this fragrance what it is to me. And they don't use a lot of it because a little goes a long way with hyraceum and it's used perfectly here. I also enjoy Nuda Veritas a lot. It's a great summer aquatic floral fragrance. Have you tried these new fragrances from Atelier Des Ors? To find out more about Atelier Des Ors Crepuscule Des Ames please watch my review on YouTube. Thank you.

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When the soul glides through the desert

.. accompanied by singing angels who have taken off their robes - yes, then my dear ones, then it is time! - Standstill from the heart, from thoughts - I lose space and time. For beauty!

I was more than excited when I read that some new perfumes from AdO are coming out. When I got my hands on the test substance, I had to put it on my skin immediately With this specimen I was the same width after a few seconds - it pumped so much happiness through my body that it really shook me. A creaky resin note gently lays itself on the skin. From now on, fine desert dust surrounds the body. Frankincense comes along like an approaching fog and makes itself really dominant to the thing of closing my lungs. Such a thick cape full of resin and incense. I can't do more than make my heart jump a hundred thousand times. But this wonderful frankincense note is not overdosed at all - no it is rather exactly tuned and it is exactly the right dose to put me into euphoria. Everything is slightly balsamic and creamy. No church cellar incense - no it's a lovely scent, of pitiful angels blowing the smoke over to me and still enjoying how I pull it in to respiratory arrest and am almost tipping over.

Blinking sunbeams, accompanied by a rough wind come along with the time and become more and more powerful. It never gets hot, though. The scent itself is very intimate, I'd say. He sticks himself in my pores, deep claws in my skin. He's not interested in anybody else. He only wants to encircle the bearer and hold him under a golden cupola.

In the background one clearly perceives cardamom. It looks exactly placed. Creamy nuances of resin also spread under the feet and seep into the sandy soil. Slightly sweet tones of pimento and a tiny bit of cinnamon blow through my nose. However, the cinnamon is soon swallowed by the smoke and a golden shimmering, resinous nuance remains, which carries balsamic tones within itself. A real hit for all those who like it "desert fox-like" and feel very comfortable when they see the Sahara in front of their eyes. Light patchouli is still inside, but looks very weak, especially if you compare the resinous and smoky tones with that.

The fragrance lasts for a long time - looks very close to the skin and creamy. He gently accompanies you to sleep and you feel very nobly enclosed with him. A really fantastic fragrance that will surely find its way into my collection. I've already lost my heart to this perfume. Personally, I'm really looking forward to summer and have already divided it up - because it will certainly do very well when I take my nightly walks on the beach. And freshly showered, in freshly washed clothes. Oh, I could cry for joy!

And after all the impressions, the sun has long since disappeared behind the horizon. The feelings in me rustle - the name is suitably chosen. Dawn of souls. There's a fiery passion behind it. I see, when I go into myself, only just red-orange nuances, which cover the desert. The scent to it is wonderful - it is Crépuscule des Âmes.


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AgegshdhdAgegshdhd 9 months ago
starts off with super syrupy, delicious fruit. i cant put my finger on it, but it's like pineapple/orange. very interesting. spices as well.
BoBoChampBoBoChamp 3 years ago
Initially juicy spicy-citric, a rather fresh and creamy, slightly smoky, modern Fougère, balanced by a warm and gentle animalic woody base.


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