Memory Lane

Villa Primerose 2024

Villa Primerose by Atelier des Ors
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6.6 / 10 27 Ratings
A new perfume by Atelier des Ors for women and men, released in 2024. The scent is floral-leathery.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
CardamomCardamom PearPear Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
French Rosa centifoliaFrench Rosa centifolia AmbretteAmbrette IrisIris
Base Notes Base Notes
LeatherLeather MuskMusk AmberwoodAmberwood


6.627 Ratings
7.021 Ratings
6.620 Ratings
9.425 Ratings
Value for money
6.312 Ratings
Submitted by Katharinaelo, last update on 13.06.2024.
Interesting Facts
The fragrance is part of the "Memory Lane" collection.

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What the fragrance is similar to
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Dolores Umbridge's signature fragrance
Never judge a book by its cover - is usually meant the other way around but also applies in this case. WUUUUUUNDERSCHeeeer bottle, even gold tinsel and I wanted to like you so much. Your blue sister already disappointed me yesterday and now you!

Optimistically tested and what is it? Lipstick vibes of the late 80s are wafting around me, I'm suddenly in the late 80s when as a child you were allowed to massacre mom's sacrificed lipstick remnants. Iris and rose are basically a beautiful combination, but here too pink instead of pale pink and somehow ... old-fashioned! Instead of powdery, it's dusty.

Some reviewers see entire landscapes or have lyrical fits when they test it.
When I think of Villa Primerose, all I can think of is Dolores Umbridge! Pink, powdery, with a cat brooch and too much Elnett hairspray (played magnificently by Imelda Staunton!). I'm sure the color scheme would have suited Dolores too. And just like the annoying stiletto-heeled witch stocking up in Hogwards, the scent spreads as soon as leather/musk+wood are added. I specify: Dolores Umbridge's closet! There is nothing fruity or even delicate here... just powdery, leathery horror of the past, I need extra lessons in defense against pink fragrances please.

The admittedly really beautiful bottle only comes in 100ml so far. Whether you want to smell like Dolores Umbridge for 230€, I'll leave that open for now.


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