Invigorating by Boadicea the Victorious
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Invigorating is a popular perfume by Boadicea the Victorious for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is floral-woody. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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YuzuYuzu BergamotBergamot Sicilian orangeSicilian orange
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RoseRose JasmineJasmine
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AmberAmber LiquoriceLiquorice Dark chocolateDark chocolate
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Crisp charm
The opening of Invigorating is much more delicate and dark than I expected by reading the composition and other reviews. Basically I get ambery (and ambroxan-ish) dusty resins which smell - besides incredibly good - warm, sweet, “round”, slightly boozy and tobacco-ish with a gentle frame of floral notes breezing from soapy (rose) to lightly indolic-dusty (jasmine) and an echo of resinous-incensey-earthy labdanum. The head accord of orange-yuzu notes is lively, although barely perceivable and ultra-quick to vanish. I won’t define Invigorating a “gourmand” for sure, rather a discreet floral-tobacco-boozy-resinous Oriental scent with a shady and dry personality: there’s hints and echoes of gourmand notes, but they too are rather dark and smoky (licorice, cocoa). On the base I also get something like leather, which may be some wood. Initially it does not smell much balsamic, but soon the fir balsam note emerges: it’s good, dense, pleasant and with earthy-mossy nuances (besides obviously an “invigorating” balsamic feature). I am not a fan at all of Boadicea, but I must say this fragrance is surprisingly well made, to any extent: the notes smell crisp and solid, the composition is somehow “daring” as regards of the concept (dark-bright-fresh-resinous notes all together), yet it smells effortlessly well calibrated and balanced, perfectly harmonic and compelling. The contrasts are there, but are rather just nuances going perfectly together: shades of smoke, balsamic forest notes, warmth of amber and resins, gentle silky floral notes, with a fruity touch. I won’t surely define this “summery” or “fresh”, rather an “autumnal” scent in my opinion. Much Lutensian as regards of its inspiration, although less rich and less “French”: it smells solid and dense but not syrupy and not “materially” rich, the substance here is rather dusty, thin, light, much discreet and velvety. Also I get some similarity with Fougère Bengale by Parfum d’Empire and perhaps another couple of scents by that house, although Invigorating smells more interesting and creative for me. Longevity is a bit weak, though. Worthy a try!

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Sophisticated but dark, not for blindbuy
My first impression is as follows:
Feel citrus, but certainly not sour, somewhat resinous, with the fullness of a demanding gourmet omnivores.
I must admit that I can not take another note, it is simply so beautiful perfume United that goes from the top to the base difficult to clearly define. Just notice it once you no longer smell like citrus with a hint of resin, ran a rose, it awful thick petals, full of oil, heavy but not suffocating and bounded, fixed - wonderfully scented resins.
This is what I manage to define.
Certainly not a perfume for each. Care must first istestirati on their own skin. How it works is that perky and fresh on the basis of notes it contains, so it is not at all!
In my opinion is one of the dark and sophisticated perfumes.
I'm really very well laid and this for me is by no means a failed shopping!


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