Aromatics Black Cherry 2016

Aromatics Black Cherry by Clinique
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6.9 / 10 38 Ratings
Aromatics Black Cherry is a perfume by Clinique for women and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-fruity. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.
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Very helpful Review 6  
You don't ask a lady her age... :D
Hello hello, your fragrance loving fragrances :D
Welcome to a new comment from me! I'll tell you something about Clinique's "Black Cherry" fragrance today and hope I'm not talking nonsense. Because before I wrote this, I had to inform myself (very briefly) about black cherries and see there, if I understood it correctly, black cherries are not varieties for themselves, but are called "black" if they should turn out quite dark, which could be true for some varieties. I think... I don't know...

Well, you know, I'm not very good at botany and stuff, so forgive me if I'm actually going to talk nonsense. Anyway, the cherry itself is quite nice as a fragrance, at least in my opinion. From the fruity scents I like it quite well in women's perfumes, as it not only smells sweet, but is also simply delicious. And they also remind me of delicious cherry-flavored mussels that I liked to lick as a child :D

The scent here, however, also smells of cherry, but not as fruity, playful or fresh as usual. It comes across more mature and noble, so that everyone who normally doesn't like fruity scents could have a look at it, because the scent hasn't become so extremely fruity.

Apart from that, when I hear the name black cherry, I have to think somehow of Black Forest cherry cakes,... and this is one of those cakes that I don't like at all...! Anyway, just by the way, because I'm just drinking coffee and thought as an insatiable sweet tooth, how great it would have been, if I would have had a cake with the coffee *sigh*... but now for the scent!

The fragrance:
So I smell at the beginning a beautiful cherry scent, which comes across slightly sweet as well as naturally cherry-fruity. In the background it smells very briefly of green and fresh notes, but the fragrance is not really fresh. Because shortly afterwards I smell the cardamom... it smells a bit more severe than I normally like it, but well, of course it's not that bad now. The fragrance then takes on a dark aura, by which I mean that it begins to smell a little heavier and thus more autumnal.
The sweetness of the fragrance reminds me more and more of an Amber/Moschus mix, in addition I perceive general, spicy notes as well as some woods, which are not indicated here, however, and therefore could only seem like this to me. Another sweetness emerges, which seems rather heavier and spicier and reminds me quite of honey, so I assume that this should be Labdanum. In addition, the fragrance also seems a little oud-like to me.
In the base, the fragrance smells sweetly of a musk-Labdanum mix, of cherries that are darker than usual, and of oud-like woody scents. It is also gentle and soft towards the end. A little later it smells dry and even a little too spicy for a short time, but then, after a little more time has passed, the fragrance becomes more beautiful and gentle again. The sweetness smells then by the way again after Amber instead of musk, and after the spicy smell notes also the fruity cherry comes back again, which smells then completely at the end however rather again "normally cherryy", instead of riper to smell.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is still good at the beginning, but weakens a bit faster than expected. However, it should be smellable from the proximity with one for a while. The shelf life is quite good with over ten to twelve hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical/round with a beautiful dark red colour and a golden spray head. The lid is also dark red and fits very well to the bottle. Otherwise, the bottle is rather minimalist, as it has no label. But all in all a beautiful bottle.

Okay, I really liked the smell here. The cherry smells nice, but as already mentioned it doesn't smell playful until the initial base, but rather "more serious" or more mature, which could perhaps also be due to the cooperation of the spicy and woody scents. Besides, everything looks a bit like an oud scent. Only very much later in the base the scent becomes a little more relaxed, because then the spicy notes decrease.

So this fragrance has definitely become a somewhat heavy autumn/winter fragrance, which you could use during the day on cold days, but it seems more like an evening or night fragrance to me. And that not only for young "things", if someone should think that because of the cherry, but also for the... um... older ones among you... or let's rather say, for those who have already reached the 30-40 and more, and... boah,... is always so difficult to talk about the age of women, yes yes... there are all the same wild and/or insulted... hmpf,... look at us guys, do we whine that we get older? Yes, you see, we don't whine!! Because we guys become more prominent with age and you ladies finally become ... uh... you are ... aaahhh ... with me just all alarm bells shrill and point out to me that I should not write my thoughts here to the end ... :DDDD Therefore I come to the end :)))

So, yes, you can test the scent here, even if in my opinion this is not a real must. Well then, all have a nice evening and see you next time :)
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