Tea by Commodity
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Tea is a popular perfume by Commodity for women and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Flowery scent with tea
Today I am not sitting here in Mühlheim,... hm, wait, no one knows that for sure. It's behind Offenbach am Main,... wait... nobody knows that either... let's just say, it's somewhere near Frankfurt am Main, I'm sure everyone knows that! So today I'm not sitting in Mühlheim as usual, but in Forstinning, that's just one to one and a half hours away from Austria by car, and nobody knows about that either (so I mean, nobody knows about Forstinning, I'm sure nobody heard about Austria :DD).

Well, I'm sitting in this dump where from the window you can see just two more houses and one lonely street (I can't believe I have internet here!! :D) and smell my brother's girlfriend brewing tea in her new tea maker. So I think to myself "Hey, I could introduce a tea scent here again!".

And so today I present a fragrance of Commodity, which I had tested during the hiking package. I have to admit that I had saved this fragrance until the end, because it had the simple, but for me naturally melodious name "Tea". And I don't have to explain to you how much I love tea scents anymore, do I? D

Of course, this scent of all things must be a lady's scent. While most of Commodity were unisex, the tea scent of all things is displayed here as a women's scent (and because of roses and other flowery and sweet notes actually smells like a real women's scent)... *sigh*

The fragrance:
First I smell pure honey. Then this sweet note mixes with the basil so that it smells as if you were sucking or chewing these herbal sweets with honey in them.
Then, a little bit later, the Oolong tea becomes apparent, but unfortunately it is very weak and almost only hinted at, so that you can only perceive it at the sprayed area to some extent.
The honey then slowly returns, the basil also becomes weaker and the scent becomes more flowery with the slightly sour roses. Over time you can smell the tea a little better, but still not as intense as you might have wished.
Tobacco, hmm... admittedly, if I hadn't seen it in the scent pyramid, I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all, because it's only hinted at. But if you are looking for it sniffing, then you really will find it and you can perceive the slightly bitter scent of it very easily,... or at least you think that you perceive this scent, the whole thing is probably a bit psychological, depending on whether you know that tobacco should be in it or not :D
Last but not least there are some soft, light woods in the base. Otherwise it remains flowery with light tea notes (which fortunately now smell at least a little more intense). A very beautiful fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is quite okay and not as mediocre as you might think because of tea (well, tea scents are usually quite weak somehow). So it can be smelled well for a little while before gradually weakening.
The shelf life is also really good, so that the fragrance lasts seven or eight hours without becoming too close to the body over time.

The bottle:
The almost sterile looking bottle is cylindrical and has a large white label on the front with the name of the fragrance in bronze on it. The cylindrical lid is also white, which increases the simple and sterile impression of the bottle. It's okay, but like I said, he's a little too simple for me.

"Tea" is a fragrance that smells softly and gently of flowers, and of course a little of tea. Unfortunately, I don't find the tea scent to be very strong and I would have liked it to be much stronger, but that doesn't mean that you wouldn't notice it. Despite its rather low intensity (especially at the beginning), the tea gives the floral notes that certain something, which simply makes the fragrance smell nice. So tea fans should definitely "take a look" here. I think you can wear "Tea" well during the day, both in your free time and at work. Apart from not bothering anyone, I even think he might go down well with others.

Well... as mentioned at the beginning it annoys me a bit that the fragrance smells too feminine and therefore of course has become a ladies scent *grummel*
I hope that I will discover new tea scents again, which are at least unisex again :D
But I am very satisfied with my current tea scents like Jade Leaf Tea by Jo Malone, Lothair by Penhaligon's or Gucci pour Homme II and would recommend these scents to tea fans as well. More tea scents, which I think are great, you can see in my tea scents collection, if you are interested :)

...ah, from Elizabeth Arden there is also a new tea scent, a green tea scent, which is also with figs, which are also among my favourite scents and ... and this scent is once again only for you ladies, as I see right now .... I can't stand it .... aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! *sigh* :((((((
Nevertheless I will test it also times :))))

Well then... greetings from Forstinning (where it seems to be twice as cold as in other parts of Germany!!) and have a nice evening!
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Fresh Clean Mint Tea
This definitely has a mint tea note on top with a splash of chilled lemonade. Followed by a fresh white musky note and gentle playful freesia floating on a summer breeze.Soft, soothing- cottony- I sense the Lily-of-the-valley in the under pinning like an echo. Longevity on me is shockingly going on 6 hours- I'm smelling like a superstar! Sillage is translucent and airy which makes it perfect for hot humid days of August in the Northern Hemisphere. I don't find this to be particularly aquatic or woody- which is a good thing to me right now. This is definitely a skin scent not a statement scent- it feels natural and clean with out being soapy, foody or smelling chemically derived like that brand "CLEAN". I'm going back tomorrow for the full bottle in spite of my self imposed 6 month moratorium on fragrance purchases- I don't want to miss out on what I intuitively feel is going to be a flash in the pan.
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