Sexy Graffiti 2002

Version from 2002
Sexy Graffiti (2002) by Escada
Bottle Design Ben Kotyuk
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7.5 / 10 33 Ratings
Sexy Graffiti (2002) is a limited perfume by Escada for women and was released in 2002. The scent is fruity-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued.
Pronunciation Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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RaspberryRaspberry StrawberryStrawberry BlueberryBlueberry
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Red peonyRed peony VioletViolet LilyLily Lily of the valleyLily of the valley
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Cashmere woodCashmere wood MuskMusk VanillaVanilla


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A personal story about an extraordinary strawberry scent
Sexy Graffiti is a fragrance that has really been pleasing me for some years now. First of all I admit gladly or reluctantly, but at least openly and honestly that I belong to the only 7.1% (as of 25.04.2020) male owners of this clearly female perfume. How it comes to this I describe in the following. If you're not a fan of sweeping stories, please just jump to the last paragraph. For all those who are interested in my swagger from the past, I would like to explain myself:

It is now more than 10 years ago - at that time I was still a young teenager - when I spent 2 weeks with my parents in Africa. Outgoing as one is at the age of 15, I met my holiday mate Chris on the first or second day and it didn't take long before my holiday happiness was perfect. We got to know two incredibly pretty girls and without wanting to lose myself in details this was also my first encounter with "Sexy Graffiti". I have never been so impressed by the scent of a girl from the first second on! My heart still beats faster when I think about it. The distinct strawberry note is immediately noticeable at the first smell! The strawberry is really unmistakable and shows off its expressiveness. But more about this later.
Just to wrap up the subject of holidays: This fragrance, this girl, all the memories - it was still so easy for me to spend 2 weeks away from my friends, which at that age already meant something :)
It must have been one of the last days of my vacation when I decided to ask for the scent. "Escada," she said, with no further details. But I was satisfied, at that time I didn't even know that Escada was a brand and not a specific perfume name
Back in Germany, after about 2 weeks, I had the idea to search for exactly that scent. Suddenly I wanted to smell this scent again. At least once more, so to speak.

After another 1-2 weeks of searching I found what I was looking for in a perfumery. Sexy graffiti, a strawberry scent which according to the saleswoman was only available for about a year WAR. That, she thinks, is the scent I was looking for. And she even has a bottle somewhere, if I'm patient. The search seemed to have come to an end. At that moment I would probably have paid every (possible) / proclaimed price. But the craziest thing followed... So I really did wear this fragrance myself for a short time afterwards. I honestly do not know what made me do it. In my defense, I have to add that Escada Sexy Graffiti did not necessarily smell like a women's perfume to me, but simply "neutral like strawberry". Today I see it differently, of course. My friends back then, by the way, do too. I think I don't need to explain at this point why this was at least a little bit of a target for sayings and jokes and accordingly the scent quickly found its way into a drawer. Also here I can only say again: All in all simply great times! :)

It was my ex-girlfriend, or rather her curiosity, that brought this fragrance back to past presences, when she apparently stumbled over the pink bottle in one of my drawers.
After all, it turns out: I wasn't the only one who liked the smell of strawberries. My girlfriend helped herself without being asked and in the course of time that bottle was empty. I would like to add at this point - not that somebody thinks something wrong of me - that at that time the scent did not remind me in any way of the girl from my holidays - so I even wore the scent myself in the meantime
Well, as already mentioned, at some point the fragrance was used up and the bottle was thrown away. Apart from the fact that it was worth every cent, the subject of sexy graffiti was over for me.

First ⁓ 6 years later this strawberry bomb crept back into my memory. Melancholic and joyful at the same time I thought of this scent and everything I associate with it in any form. It was also the time when I started with the real "collecting" of fragrances and came across the perfume community. I thought it would be a shame not to offer this fragrance a place in my collection. In fact, I only associate good memories with the Escada and so it didn't take long until I found it on eBay. 50ml. New/opened and from 2002(!) it had to be. That was important to me. (Meanwhile there is a new edition of this fragrance, but I cannot say anything about it). And so the Escada found its way back to me. But not only my story with it is the reason why I never want to give this fragrance away again. Even from today's point of view I still find its strawberry note unique and I don't know of any other women's fragrance that is so consistent. What do I mean by consistent ?

With the pyramid of fragrance in front of your eyes, you can smell the blueberry and the peony. But for me, the most important thing is the smell and the notes perceived by someone who is confronted with a fragrance completely unprepared. And there is nothing more present than the strawberry. Admittedly, it is relatively synthetic. But I would like to use the good old raspberry-maoams as an example/analogy. For those who still have the taste in their heads, they probably still remember the artificial, almost overdone raspberry taste, which was also so delicious. And you can imagine the same thing with this fragrance. The synthetic smell of strawberry almost shoots into your nose and despite this almost chemical experience, this is also one of the most delicious strawberry smells I have ever smelled. Probably even the best. I want to be honest: Some days when I haven't eaten anything and I smell this smell, it almost stimulates my appetite I would like to add to the fragrance process that I feel it very linear. Rarely have I experienced a fragrance that remains so true to its top note However, I have to admit in conclusion that I almost liked this fragrance even better when I was a little younger and I think that is also the actual target group. Furthermore I think that nowadays you hardly "stumble" over this fragrance, but if at all you are looking for it (keyword: year of release 2002 & limited).
So if you have already come across this fragrance and then maybe you are thinking about buying :)
I wish you a nice remaining week and until next time


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