Extrait de Musique

Extrait de Musique - Voix Humaine 8 2016

Extrait de Musique - Voix Humaine 8 by Filippo Sorcinelli
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Extrait de Musique - Voix Humaine 8 is a popular perfume by Filippo Sorcinelli for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is resinous-smoky. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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AmberAmber VanillaVanilla MuskMusk
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AmbretteAmbrette JasmineJasmine
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Elemi resinElemi resin BergamotBergamot
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Interesting Facts
Originally, the fragrance was part of the collection Sauf, which was renamed in 2018.
The fragrance is part of the "Extrait de Musique" collection.


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Unspeakably touching

I have a weakness for music and especially for beautiful voices. There are singers who I not only like to listen to, but I believe every word they convey with their lyrics. Among them are Martin Gore, Alexander Veljanov, but also Lajon Witherspoon and Corey Taylor, for example. Up to now I had hardly any contact with church music and therefore there are no experiences on my part, because I was always more interested in the genres, synthpop, new wave and metal.

A fragrance dedicated to the human singing voice must necessarily be exciting. Especially with this pyramid of scents, where Sorcinelli has simply turned everything upside down. A start with vanilla and bergamot in the base. You definitely don't have that every day
When spraying on, the vanilla welcomes you first. It is wonderfully soft and is accompanied from the beginning by smoky and also clean notes. First of all I think of Eau Duelle, with which the fragrance is also somewhat related. Because this fragrance also offers a concept of incense and vanilla. However, vanilla remains in the foreground from start to finish in Diptyque, while in Voix Humaine 8 it's only present in the top note. It is then gently pushed into the background by ambrette and frankincense, creating a woody-smoky impression. In the course of the fragrance becomes more and more woody with a sweetness that can only be perceived subliminally. Yes, I also have the association of products made of wood here. To think of musical instruments made of wood is obvious.

Unlike Unum LAVS and other scents by Sorcinelli, this one doesn't seem sacral to me at all. I am also not in a cold church when I perceive this fragrance. It is a fragrance that one can carry wonderfully for oneself, to go into oneself, to find peace. Rarely I have sniffed something as unexcited as Voix Humaine 8. Yes, this is a fragrance composition I would believe anything, just like my favourite singers. Because her voice is special and unspeakably touching. Special, but still portable. Striking and at the same time inconspicuous.

For those who think that fragrances like Eau Duelle or Memoirs of a Trespasser are too sweet, but like this direction, this Sorcinelli is the right one. In my opinion, it is wearable at any time and on any occasion. In terms of charisma, it is in the moderate range and should therefore not get on anyone's nerves. For me it is not a must-have, but one that is worth discovering.

Many thanks to Floyd for the sample. He smells just as wonderful as you described him in your statement.


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