Le 68 2013 Eau de Parfum

Le 68 (Eau de Parfum) by Guerlain
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Le 68 (Eau de Parfum) is a popular limited perfume by Guerlain for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is spicy-sweet. It was last marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation Limited Edition
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HeliotropeHeliotrope Tonka beanTonka bean Everlasting flowerEverlasting flower SpicesSpices BenzoinBenzoin FrankincenseFrankincense LeatherLeather


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Heliotropic Night
When I think of heliotrope, I inevitably think of pink Joop Homme - the sweetheart that many men have had or still have in their perfume collection since the end of the 80s in the course of their Sturm und Drang period.

Similarly, in the case of tonka bean, Gaultier's blue "Le Mâle" comes to mind. Both ingredients play an important role in Guerlain's "Le 68" and thus, at least for me, remind me of the fragrances mentioned, without mentioning the word "fragrance twin".

As far as my subjective perception - whereby objectively considered, as far as this is possible, one can certify that "Le 68" has a relatively sweet vanilla-flowery bouquet and achieves, especially through the use of the above mentioned ingredients, not completely unknown hypnotic to eroticising effects. At least that is what the scent of the tonka bean says.

In the middle of it all there is a mixture of marginally spicy but above all tenderly marzipan and quite orange-floral notes. I think I met this kind of music in Altamir by Ted Lapidus ... only here a bit more full and pompous, but by no means exaggerated and in the usual high Guerlain quality. However, ladies might feel much more comfortable with it than the majority of men.

It's a pity that incense and leather don't play any role at all, as they would have given the composition a certain creative and therefore slightly unusual touch.

Thus, one could certify that Guerlain or Thierry Wasser launched an interesting eau de parfum with a typical Guerlain acacia, but that it was based on the above mentioned fragrances and therefore lacked a little of the unique selling point. If it weren't for these two, it would certainly be the absolute hit, but for most people it lacks that certain something. Otherwise simply an appealing sensual top scent.
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of Orient and Occident
...the citric, almost cologne-like freshness at the beginning awakens the nose. Is that Petitgrain? It is followed by a powdery lavender note with some tonka or coumarin in the base, really only very light. Freshness prevails first. It smells traditional, but not old-fashioned. Kind of timeless, no age, gender-neutral. Not soulless at all, for this beauty radiates from within. Bathing her alabaster colored, flawless body in cooling guerlinade she ensnares me, soothing...

I love these larger 3.8mL test tubes in the matt black paper cases, which in my Excel list are referred to as maxi samples.

...slowly the body warms up, becomes one with my skin. It takes away almost all its fresh coolness, releases its spicy character. Becomes more adult, more sublime, raises his proud head without appearing arrogant or unapproachable...

The pyramid does not show petitgrain or bergamot, nor lavender, but spices.
...These are now gaining power, the fragrance is growing, is huge. I see cinnamon sticks dancing, anise swirling around and in the distance a vanilla pod twitching in time. Le 68 unfolds and the body, which was only dressed in an inconspicuous coat, now gets rid of it. Below, a shiny robe of thick silk fabric, pierced by golden brocade-like ornaments, worthy of an aristocrat. Almost superhuman, beguiling, fogging, oppressive. I briefly lose consciousness...dreams of earlier, past times, oriental scenes scurry by or was it a spice delivery from distant colonies?...

Guerlain, one of the largest and oldest traditional houses of luxurious beauty products and perfumes, knows how to lend personality to its creations like no other. As varied as the tastes, are also its perfumes and range from pleasing summer scents, to traditional orientals, to exclusive lines. There's really something for everyone and I deeply regret that during my time in Paris I didn't even go shopping at the flagship boutique on Champs-Elysee No 68, which is dedicated to this limited fragrance
...Meanwhile my skin is getting used to le 68 or is it the other way around? The spices no longer rattle quite so loudly and a cuddly deep incense penetrates. The freshness from the beginning can be guessed again and prevents the fragrance from being too nostalgic....

A homage to the spice bombs of days gone by à la Jicky or Tabu.
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K84K84 4 years ago
I wish it lasted more as the scent is majestic
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