Santal Pao Rosa 2021

Santal Pao Rosa by Guerlain
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Santal Pao Rosa is a perfume by Guerlain for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is woody-spicy. It is being marketed by LVMH.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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OudOud SandalwoodSandalwood RoseRose MyrrhMyrrh CardamomCardamom FigFig HazelnutHazelnut


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Hello, Delphine. Hello, Thierry.
You will surely ask yourself, why does this perfume come off so badly with the Parfumo community. I will tell you:

The topic "Rose-Oud" is told out; Since 2017 already. And there you can probably now, self-explanatory / calculating, also 2021 no more rose, uh, flower pot win with.
Although I think that one wanted to be with this creation not even freeloading on the road, because something like hazelnut and fig would speak absolutely against it.
Perceptible, however, is neither of them, and yet this jumble of aromas of rose, and also the oud, makes it quite difficult to be a rose oud, if you understand what I mean.

Rather, the subject here smells olibanum/incense, in a melange à dãsch, with a somewhat lovely rose, rather creaky-fresh pepper(?), cedarwood(?), and IF, then yes, a very artificial oud.

Is that so?
Has Guerlain really let themselves rag (Translator please times switch off) and let themselves in on the slippery slope of the cheap flavors? Already no one notices?
But we, here, notice it. Because we've been doing nothing but smelling your perfumes every single day, besides sleeping&growing, for many, many years.

I'm sorry, this perfume will be at the location Germany unfortunately, unfortunately Bück-, or lead goods.

With kind regards,
i love you anyway.
Your Mrs. Holle

6 Reviews
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Back at Mom's dinner table...
You know when you notice a scent and it brings back a memory?
I have that very often. To my disappointment, I can usually but also not narrow down what exactly it reminds me. There's just this vague thought of "you know that from somewhere". Then again, there are days when I immediately know where I've smelled this scent before and "relive" the moment. Sometimes also with a certain nostalgia.

Today I received a bottling of the new Santal Pao Rosa. Under the fragrance notes I could imagine so nothing and from the rating I also did not want to be influenced. So sleeves up and carefully spray - and poof find me ten years thrown back at the dining table of my mother again. Not because my mother was wearing a distant Santal Pao Rosa relative. No. I see myself at the dinner table, with my brothers, with my mother and my stepfather, who was still living with us at the time. We're eating gourmet fish with dill sauce and floury potatoes. My stepfather babbles something about movies he wants to see in the original sound. My mother rolls her eyes in boredom. I hand my brother the cucumber salad with herb dill dressing. Dill.

At the risk of repeating myself: DILL.

Because that's all I perceived when I sniffed my arm. This perfume first just smells like dill. Slightly sweet, herbaceous and pungent at the same time.
So. Nothing against dill, I like dill! I like to throw it on my veggies, roasted chicken breast fillet and such. But as a perfume it really doesn't have to be and so Santal Pao Rosa unfortunately doesn't join the ranks of my Guerlain favourites. Too bad. Because the bottle and the beautiful red of the perfume say me very much.
In the later course, something woody comes more forward for my amateur nose, but the dill note remains. Unfortunately, woody is also not mine, it seems.
Hazelnut and fig I can not even guess, unfortunately.

Too bad. I would have liked you so much, Santal Pao Rosa. Grateful for this memory, but I am still and maybe I call my mother again and ask if we four do not want to get together again and eat gourmet fish with floury potato, dill sauce and cucumber salad


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Jbl775Jbl775 1 year ago
I am sorry to say this, but all this reminds me of, is roses and pickles. I cannot imagine anything else. It is not a quality release imo.


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