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Remember Me by Jovoy
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Remember Me is a popular perfume by Jovoy for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CardamomCardamom LemonLemon BergamotBergamot
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FrangipaniFrangipani GingerGinger TeaTea
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MilkMilk VanillaVanilla Woody notesWoody notes CedarCedar


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Milk Chai Tea!!!
I tested a full wear from a 2ml sample and I had to get a full bottle immediately. Love the creamy milk tea scent that is so soothing. It does remind me of Nishane Ani, which I already have a full bottle too but the green milky notes in this one is more prominent and less sweet as Ani is more gourmand that is sweeter and the vanilla is more prominent. I get there is some kind of minty note in the opening of this one (I think it’s the ginger) while Ani’s opening is more citrusy. They are similar but still very different. I love them both and I would definitely wear both all year round.
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the good friend
"Remember me" - if you're looking for a smile;
"Remember me" - if you lack warmth;
"Remember me" - when the raindrops in front of the window hit the wrong keys of the piano again.
"Remember me" but also, if your world is in order and you are happy and content.

"Remember me" is the additional cushion that turns a normal sofa into a divan of dreams;
the missing candle that illuminates a very dark corner; the warm bath in which you sink and embark on relaxing journeys into the land of fantasy and finally: the friendly welcome that welcomes you when you come home frozen through from the cold!

After my only acquaintance so far with only one fragrance of this brand (namely "Psychédelique"), I didn't really know what to expect. The fragrance pyramid sounded tempting and extremely sympathetic.
So I dared, once again full of curiosity, to take a strange scent path: where would it lead me?

In the first moment this warm female fragrance reminds of the beautiful "Palo Santo".
But just for a moment: it is the milk that leads to this scent path.
The smell of the milk slowly warming up, which already makes you aware: Caution, it immediately boils over!
(This quiet "ringing" at this moment is familiar to everyone who has boiled milk before and didn't have to clean the stove afterwards.)
But with "Remember me" this aroma is immediately the focus of my attention: plump-warm creamy vanilla seduces into a softness, which gets additional warmth from some grated ginger.
Not as biting as ginger sometimes appears to me, but rather as a stabilizing aroma donor.
Only now do the ingredients of the top note develop for a short time: cardamom, as a relative of ginger, must of course not be missing, just like bergamot and lemon.
I often ask myself: Is the range of fragrances suitable for head notes really so small or is it simply convenient to fall back on the familiar and tried and tested?
? Well, that's not the issue here; I only notice it once again.
The sensually warm milk-vanilla-ginger mixture becomes fresher for one or two blows of an eye: a Mediterranean breeze pervades it.
An additional highlight of this delicate, voile-like fragrance fabric is a noble black tea note.
This is not a loveless "to go" mixture in pressboard; not a tea bag that was once allowed to swim briefly in any cup.
In order to get this aromatically beautiful fragrance ingredient, the great basics of the classic tea preparation were celebrated here.
From the dry heating of the infusion pot, the tea leaves spooned into it, the boiling water - right up to the infusion and the drawing process to the minute: all of this seems to have been adhered to.
Then this noble brew is poured through a sieve into the preheated teapot and may be placed on the teapot; of course the tealight was lit in it beforehand.
The fragrance that emerges from the delicate porcelain teacups after pouring out caresses the senses.
(Noble teas are snobs, they expect porcelain to fully unfold their beauty; but then they are grateful and sociable!)
This moment of ascending tea aroma invites you to pause and smile - a real tea drinker treats himself to leisure for this unmistakable moment.
In "Remember me", an elegant and genuine tea aroma is on an equal footing with the spicy vanilla milk: something very fine is achieved in this way!
Frangipani is given the appearance befitting this graceful blossom beauty in this enjoyable background: she is flattered with fragrance!
In this way she can radiate her own rich aromatic scent waves to her surroundings and make them shine finely.
"Remember me is quiet: It glows; it doesn't glow!
Light wood notes and spicy cedar wood form an artistically created case for this creamy white fragrance, which nestles gratefully in this protective shell.
A little hold does this gentle floating good!

"Remember me" is warm and feminine; a charming soft woman with baroque curves full of warm devotion.
It's the cuddly sweater that seems to be knitted out of sheep clouds and also the good friend who's there when she's needed - and otherwise too.
"Remember me" is a fragrance that can take away the horror of November grey by providing a pleasant bath of beautiful memories and letting us sink into it - and not just for a few hours.
No, this creature is faithful and at the same time constantly loving.

Jovoys "Remember me" is sympathetically quiet; light-footed, almost floating and yet very present.
He won't shout, "You'll think of me!"
No, it smiles tenderly: "Think of me!"
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55 Reviews
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My Jovoy Remember Me Review On YouTube
This is my Jovoy Remember Me Fragrance Review on YouTube. A fragrance I sampled at Esxence in April of 2018 which I enjoyed but after I received this fragrance for this review video I even enjoyed much more. Given I was sick with a cold during Esxence so I wasn't smelling much. Remember Me is absolutely a very delicious composition created by Cecile Zarokian for Jovoy. In Remember Me you have big dominant delicious tea note, very beautiful and aromatic, spicy, cardamom note, and an overdose of creamy, decadent milky woody notes. Chai Tea Latte anyone? Make sure you order it Breve! To find out more about Remember Me by Jovoy please watch my review over at YouTube. Thank you so much.
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ToreterToreter 5 years ago
IMO starts like a sweet, gourmand Dior Homme.
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