Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle Natural 2015

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle Natural by Lacoste
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6.9 / 10 38 Ratings
Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle Natural is a perfume by Lacoste for women and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-fruity. It is being marketed by Coty.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Michael, last update on 06.02.2023.
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Why does everyone keep stealing my perfume?
I am known in my circle of friends for some "quirks" For example, I like to wear men's clothes and perfumes.
Only recently, a young man, this cheeky rascal, stole my beloved sailor from my perfume cabinet (it's more of a compartment, there's not much in it) (now I know again why I'm not someone who displays perfumes openly or even as decorative objects; it's not about the reasonably appropriate storage, haha, no, I do it preventively, so that people stop messing with my treasures).
His comment: "I use it and we both benefit. You can smell it on me and I don't have to think about men when I'm with you. That's weird."
What the sailor has to do with Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle Natural ?

It's a never-ending story...
It is the year 2018, it is summer and I have spent the whole day with my nose in books and in front of the screen. In the evening we want to hang out in the park with some friends and have a barbecue.
I won't be able to make it home before then. And so our dear fellow sufferer... ...offers... Learning partner (he's not really that nice, but I don't know that yet) offers to prepare something to eat at his home (he lives almost next to the library) and to freshen up.
No sooner said than done.
I'm making my favorite salad, glass noodle salad, vegan for once today.
Then I disappear into the bathroom. Good thing I always have everything I need in my bag in my pocket: at least two different lipsticks, deodorant cream and a perfume or at least a sample of something hopefully smelling good.
I comb my curls with my fingers and at the end I apply two splashes of this summer crocodile, which I just discovered the other day.
I don't really like to wear "my" scent at temperatures around 30 degrees, too big the fear that he might turn into a stinking woman on the bus and I can't get rid of him, but the love and the many positive associations I have with him and with him. So in my very small scent cloud, which fizzes out after a few minutes, I leave the bathroom and come out as a summer-fresh crocodile lover.
A few hours later, I can't smell too much of it anymore. I sniff hard at my wrists and hear something soft and slightly sweet. Probably the amber.
Okay, the summer crocodile is a bit weak here, but maybe my nose is just distracted by all the food, the garlic and later on by the campfire.
I smell good as always, confirms a friend of mine whose head will eventually end up in my lap.
The summer crocodile is a good seasonal worker. I've been using him for about a month now and I'm still super happy with him.
The next day comes the rude awakening.
I'm in a hurry to leave the house, I'm late again. no time for anything, neither hair combing nor perfume But what the hell. I have fingers and my summer crocodile in my pocket. I thought so.
It was there yesterday after all?!
Never mind. No time to worry about that now
Hours later in the library.
Why does this guy smell like coconut? Was he secretly using his girlfriend's shower gel? Does he have a girlfriend? It didn't look like it in his bathroom, and I didn't ask. I just didn't care Somehow this smell seems familiar to me, but somehow it doesn't.
My dear learning partner talks and talks, but not a word from a friend.
I said, "Say, what kind of shower gel do you use?"
He: "Oh, you ask things. I wish I knew. Anything from showerdas, but I'm not sure."
I, frown: "You smell so different today. Please don't take this the wrong way, but do you have a girlfriend?"
He, starts to laugh dirty, this devil: "Aaaaaha. I was wondering when you'd figure that out. Don't you miss something?"
I, at the time busy with learning and 99 problems, am absolutely on the edge of my seat: "I don't know, but I'm hungry, so don't mix, otherwise you'll produce weddish attraktiiieeef."
He, shrugs his shoulders: "You left a little bottle on my sink. The paint told me it was okay if I used that too."
It dawns on me, "You used my perfume? Your ERNST?!"
"Yes - I sprayed extra before you came. But you didn't even notice."
I, totally uninhibited, put my olfactory bulb closer to his neck. Wow. Okay. I remember this one differently. Where there was coconut before, there is now something flowery, tart, yes, maybe woody, that reminds me of vanilla, but not of my favorite vanilla, but of vanilla shells or something more synthetic.
The smell is different on me. Sweeter, softer. But I don't smell coconut on me at first either, but rather citrus fruits that are not clearly defined.
Iiiinteresting, so it also works the other way round. And amazingly, this guy there smells good, too.
I thought the summer crocodile was for my age group before. This guy, now not half as sweet in my favor, is over ten years older than me. And I now consider him an A...loch, he simply used my perfume without being asked and did not bring it with him.
But I'll remember that later. After all, I came here to study.

So a few days later I talk to him about my summer crocodile.
He says, I've been able to live without it for so long now, I don't really miss it and there are certainly better perfumes for women, what kind of perfume is that for women if a man can wear it. Tsk... Not just an a... hole, no, also a macho and one who has no idea what he's doing. Aaaargh.
[Insert curse words in Russian here]
He even got compliments from women for it. And the bottle's only half full anyway. If at all.
I roll my eyes, "You know what? I don't want to smell like you anyway, stinky! Keep it as a thank you for helping me study and leave me alone."

I am now on the search for a better summer crocodile.
Maybe the light pink one To be continued.
But I hope that the series of men who steal or talk me out of my perfumes will not be released in another season
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BlkbrdBlkbrd 2 years ago
I like this, but even with the florals and sandalwood, I’m not sure it doesn’t smell primarily like Really Nice, Expensive Jell-O.
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