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Mazzolari is a popular perfume by Mazzolari for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Green adventure
Mazzolari combines a large number of spices and herbs into a strong broth that takes you on a trip in a dark green universe. A near-psychedelic adventure with a number of plots. The potion begins in a bitter-herbal state and takes you along a forest path as it slowly evolves into a velvet-smooth herbal-woody that glows bright green. Along the way you will find resemblances with other masculin classics that are heavy on the herbaceous notes, particularly Caron's Yatagan.

This Mazzolari stays far far away from modern trends of freshness and sweetness, so it's not to everyone's taste. Personally, I feel pretty comfortable on the green-herbaceous side of the spectrum and this one made it to my favorites list instantly.
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Shelter from the storm
In the Via Corte d'Appello to Turin, not far from the
Piazza Savoia, there was an old pharmacy, which was splendidly
fully renovated. The pale pink and pale gray painted
Baroque facade wore discreet golden ornaments, which
around the shop window and entrance. Just as impressive
full were the old polished drawer cupboards and
Shelves with jars, jars, and stone mortars inside.
The owner, a rather tall for a Turin
Man in his forties, had inherited the shop.
He occupied the spacious apartment directly
above the pharmacy and had furnished it with an impressive
Mixture of modern furniture and individual antiques
furnished, plus there were floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.
He hardly read, but felt books were indispensable
to keep up with hip intellectuals, artists and show-
with the hip intellectuals, artists and actors who came in and out of his house And he did. As a popular guest at vernissages,
at fashion shows and receptions, he was an integral part.. Turin's social life He cared little for the pharmacy business.
He had employed a bevy of competent-looking and beautiful
beautiful-looking ladies, whom he paid well
to take care of all the business.
For the whole pharmacy business he was interested
he preferred to take care of more important things more important things, such as the photo story with the
INTERNI ITALY living magazine.
However, this Bon Vivant and Leone della società is only
the second most important person in our story.
The most important figure, however, living in obscurity, never
never seen, never heard, never perceived in any way and
yet of power not to be underestimated,
is nothing other than - a small elemental spirit.
Such a being, however, we should now not
as a purely immaterial spirit being, that would be
a rather, admittedly widespread, error.
No, we come closer to it, if we imagine
a little pixie, which also corresponds to his
which most children are familiar with from children's books books.
But no matter what idea we form of him -
The fact remains that he is in the apartment above the
Pharmacy in Via Corte d'Appello he was very comfortable.
And the fact also remains that there was a special
It was not because of the owner of the shop or the
Pharmacy itself, or even the old house -
which is more likely to happen.
No, it was due solely to a small vial,
which was in the Carrara marble-tiled bathroom
of the apartment. Rectangular, tall and thick-glassed,
on it a coat of arms with two reared horses
and a curved lettering: Mazzolari.
And its contents were nothing other than a perfume,
an eau de toilette to be precise.
Now our pharmacy man was anything but a
Perfume connoisseur, indeed not even a real friend of
Fragrances. But he had an aunt in Milan who loved perfume
loved and was often in Corso Monforte No. 2, where she had a
Profumeria Mazzolari. And there she bought
the perfume that was now with him, as a Christmas
But her nephew did not particularly enjoy it he used it only occasionally, because he thought it could
it wouldn't hurt to smell of perfume It was quite a different story with his secret
For him, this very scent was the reason why he stayed in the
The real reason why he felt at home here felt at home.
Almost every day when the master of the house was absent -
and that was more than often enough the case -
our elemental spirit would go into the bathroom and take
the vial.
He opened it and applied a tiny amount of it
on his hand.
Then he retired to another place, such as the
Living room, where the many books were.
Here, in silence, he gave himself up entirely to the magic of the fragrance
that rose from his hand.
It began with fine lemon, which came on like a soft herald.. and led over into a fairy-tale green shimmering
Forest aura. Tart and yet somehow caressing. Green in all
imaginable varieties - meadow green, fir green, herb green,
leaf-green, even dwarf-cap-green, hope-green and a
very little envy green.
In addition, harmoniously matched woody tones, seasoned with
best forest floor essence and strong tree resins.
Dark, playful smoky tones sounded from the shadows,
Master Vetiver shone boldly from the deep forest oodem
hervor. In addition did delicate green-bitter Galbanum, its good,
balsamic effect. What a strange variety!
Leaf juice and needle essence, bark syrup and herbal spirit
were at work along with everything else, without being
but ever showing themselves completely bare.
A green medicine prepared by the forest itself, green-
aromatic, brewed from the good spirit of the forest.
A subtle sweetness finally tiptoed in,
beginning with fine hay-loveliness.
The cozy element of the scent reminded him of the
former occupant of the house, with whom he had also lived
and had worked, a fruit and greengrocer, who downstairs
had kept his shop with all sorts of fragrant wares,
it was scarcely two hundred years ago.
And even then it was the fragrance of nature that kept the wretch
in the house. Just as it does today.
Yes, it was true what a human child had once said
had said - nature is always new, as long as the eye remains fresh.
The pixie sniffed on, absorbed in himself.
The many-faced green of the fragrance became gold in the end,
fine, pure gold, as if spun from sunlight, sinking into the forest twilight and silently melting away.
To an elemental spirit, the most beautiful thing imaginable,
for it reminded him of the union of heaven and earth.

So they lived together under one roof and our
little spirit felt at ease all around, which is why he
his good powers over the whole property
something that gave him little trouble.
The pharmacy owner did not even notice that his business
was doing more than well, in spite of what was actually a bad situation, in spite
the declining sales due to the rapid
rising online purchases, despite his sometimes highly
nasty sales assistants, despite the far too high
Prices they charged wherever possible.
And in spite of many other dangers and hostilities,
of which he saw or felt or even suspected nothing.
For the little spirit faithfully and benevolently held his
protective hand over him And protection, he could well need, for these were
stormy times.

Special thanks for the generous bottling and a little
Greetings from the elemental spirit go to dear Jacko.
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Green Velvet
This is good. Green with a touch of sweetness, it must be the sandalwood.I get a little bit of cinnamon although none is listed in the notes. I like the spice which I don't normally find in green fragrances and I am assuming its the incense that is making me vacuum my wrist to my nostrils. This is something I could re-name, MINE!

It is not a common scent, it's more like one of my vintages that have aged just enough to be distinct. Not too strong to my nose, it's just perfect.

This would be lovely to wear at brunch on Easter Sunday, classy and feminine, young and tender with a little bite. There is no bitterness to be had here, just a warm velvety spice that only the smell of hot buttered bread can top. This would be a most welcomed addition to my collection someday.
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