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Gumìn is a popular limited perfume by Tiziana Terenzi for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is citrusy-fruity. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Top Notes Top Notes
PineapplePineapple Italian bergamotItalian bergamot Italian mandarin orangeItalian mandarin orange Sicilian orangeSicilian orange
Heart Notes Heart Notes
VioletViolet AmberAmber JasmineJasmine OxygenOxygen RoseRose
Base Notes Base Notes
MuskMusk SandalwoodSandalwood BirchBirch White oudWhite oud


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The fragrance is part of the "Anniversari" collection.


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Signature scent worthy..
Gumìn literally blew me away. I had to wait a long time until I could finally buy a bottle of Gumìn at a reasonable price. The packaging is of course again turned out a little too big, which can lead to a real space problem with a passion for Tiziana Terenzi perfumes.

Gumìn is really like an explosion of fruit, but here must be quite clearly distinguished from other fruit bombs like Kirké or Erba Pura. Gumìn is not very sweet and thus manages to be perfectly unisex, also the sparing use of musk will please some.

Gumìn really smells like pineapple, orange, bergamot and tangerine in the top notes. The heart note with the floral notes is only very slightly perceptible to me and forms a kind of gently floral frame around Gumìn. The base note, which slowly emerges after 2-3 hours, brings woody and spicy notes. Here I smell oud, sandalwood and birch and some amber. However, the fruity top note remains ever present and knows how to convince over the entire course. It is really one of the few top notes, which manage to pull almost unchanged over the entire course.

I also really like that Gumìn has similarities to the incredibly beautiful and pure DNA of Creed Silver Mountain Water, but Gumìn implements this note better and more creatively. I don't really see a similarity to Greenley, on the other hand. Gumìn lacks here simply the apple note combined with synthetics.

The durability is absolutely above average for a fresh fragrance. I could perceive Gumìn good 8 hours. The Silage is here something under an arm's length perceptible but after circa 5-6 hours increasingly quieter and Hautnah.

I find Gumìn really the best blind buy for a long time and for me as a Silver Mountain Water lover has Gumìn really signature fragrance potential.
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The good mood maker
The opening starts quite strong and very fruity with orange and pineapple, citrus fruits. In the further course of the fragrance it becomes a little woodier but the DNA always remains identical. It seems very high quality and with class with its fruity freshness. I would rank the perfume so that it can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. The H/S are very good, not atomic which I find on totally fine with him. Tendency I find him more on the masculine side whereby he can also be worn by a woman :)) The box makes mega what therefore and at a price of about 150 €, the price performance is completely in order. Thumbs up for Gumin!
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Fresh orange juice galore
A wonderfully fresh, fruity orange juice fragrance. It's that easy to describe! What's the point of long descriptions? Gumin is wonderfully juicy and elegant. I find it one of the best from this house. Lasts for 3 hours, after which I can no longer smell anything. I don't get any of the many ingredients, orange from start to finish, but well made and absolutely pleasant. It is said to contain oud, but I wonder where it is hidden. Is it worth the steep price? Absolutely not, - but you can always get it quite cheaply, - then you have to snap it up. The best thing a man or woman can wear in spring to never attract negative attention.
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Gumin is difficult to place in a single olfactory group. There's an interesting contrast of notes that transition from very bright to woodsy. The ozonic tones and vivid florals play the peacemaker between the fruits & citruses versus the sandalwood-agarwood accord used. I even find it to be aquatic in some ways with a whisper of Aventus's worshipped pineapple. It's a great balance and ideal for daywear. This could potentially be a great summer fragrance. While a niche offering, it is quite safe. In Korean, "Gumin" translates sexy or cool. I am unsure whether or not Gumin was used in this context, but it fits that description.
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A quiet cove
I wouldn’t have guessed a single note of this just by smelling. Pineapple? Orange? Flowers? Are you kidding me? This cannot be true. It’s definitely a synergy – a picture you cannot pick apart to basic colors.

I perceive it as a unisex summery fragrance, it has something about it that smells like salty sea breeze with a touch of iodine and dry towels bleached in the sun, with tiny pieces of seaweed stuck in the pile. It communicates relaxed feeling and invites you to listen to your body: enjoy smells, sounds, and physical sensations while being lazy like a cat on a window sill. At the same time, it has a fresh and invigorating side. Yes, this is a beach.

Apparently, “Gumin” is a diminutive from Guglielmo – the name of the house’s founding father to whom the scent is dedicated, but maybe also a word play on “gamine,” so it’s either a calm and caring masculinity or cheeky and confident femininity – take your pick. Yet I like to think that it’s a name of some mythical youth who lives in the cave by the sea, dives for pearls, and collects seashells.
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