Darling Nikki 2017

Darling Nikki by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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7.3 / 10 73 Ratings
Darling Nikki is a perfume by Vilhelm Parfumerie for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-fruity. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Top Notes Top Notes
Sicilian mandarin orangeSicilian mandarin orange Black pepperBlack pepper BlackcurrantBlackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Black lotus SaffronSaffron Carrot seedCarrot seed
Base Notes Base Notes
Wood smokeWood smoke LeatherLeather Tonka beanTonka bean
7.373 Ratings
7.661 Ratings
7.062 Ratings
7.962 Ratings
Value for money
5.814 Ratings
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Making out on faux leather or Smells like upperclassman
Friday, 11 pm, messy girl's room:
Nicki and I eat sour fruit gum and spray our teenage dreams with hairspray. She lends me her vanilla deodorant with CFC, I her my lipstick.
There rings already our buddy Andi, the one with the driver's license. We climb into his Opel Kadett and off we go to the disco!
Oops, Nicki has burned a hole in the leatherette seat with her cigarette butt. Andi is creaky, until she presses herself against him in her synthetic dress in the rain-soaked parking lot - and Andi sinks into an aura of scented rubber and vanilla.
I guess I'm redundant there, so I warp through the November night toward the entrance line.

A scent like a weekend kickoff in the 90s. Dance, ecstasy and dry ice fog are still missing, but the expectations hang high. Still everything can happen.

The fragrance hits a few snags, but somehow I get it under a hat. Unlike other "varied" fragrances, it does not fall into pieces for me. May be due to the fact that a few notes hit for me on memory buttons and so set a central theme.
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The smoky chamber
A very smoky scent, reminds me of the 80s when people used to smoke a really good herb (the expression from the past). A very good aromatic tobacco plus a little of the forbidden hallucinogenic additives. I don't take up the cudgels for it and really don't recommend it to anyone! But I must say that it sometimes smelled really good, so deeply spicy, woody and somehow also like herbs. These so-called smokehouses often gave off their peculiar and fragrant smell only the next day, when everything was aired and no guest was in the room, now you could take a deep breath without being foggy. This smell becomes the same after an hour, at first I did not like it, because it smelled like fresh tar on the street ....
Now I like to sniff the back of my hand, a very harmonious quiet and smoky saffron-leather-herbal fragrance. In any case a daring and dark candidate to send his own thoughts on a journey into the past - of course into the 80s - where else This is one of those perfumes that you should not judge by the first sprayer, it needs a long warm-up time or a second chance, this is a "character head", once you are warm with him first then you give together a loyal couple. That's how the connections were in the 80s, they really lasted long. The fruity one is very tender and is only there in the first 15 minutes to greet you and to make you feel insecure, after that the trip goes into the dark and woody-smokey chamber. Shelf life is ingeniously long, but at some point it becomes body-hugging and pleasantly aromatic. For me, thumbs up for this very unusual scent that gets a very special thrill - only courageous is something for the very special connoisseurs
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