Melancolia by Liquides Imaginaires
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Melancolia is a popular perfume by Liquides Imaginaires for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is fresh-green. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Very helpful Review 23  
MAN MAN MAN MAN, WHAT A FUN! I haven't been this funny for a long time!
MEEELANCOLIA! MELA-MELA-MEEELANCOLIA, now you are gone, you were just here! Hurray, if I were an apple, you would be ska! Your lemons make me so GaGa, I am already Lol&Lall!
It would also be a strong piece if one would become melancholic by Melancolia. That would make me very angry. I mean, with 180 loops of my own, the weak feeling in my stomach is actually already enough of a torture, isn't it?
With this price/performance model, you should expect a little bit of performance, which is absolutely true, but which is not so easy to get with the opponent "Phantasma".
The thoroughbred can be safely forgotten. Or give it to Granny. Oh no, I can't right now
Melancolica is 1 ladies/women/girls fragrance, which should be worn by only 1 of the above mentioned persons In these difficult times of rules and regulations, this one order CANNOT be too much to ask! For safety reasons, please ask Xavier N. and the aluminium industry how they should proceed.

Furthermore: If you like to use minty shower gel, you smell shower gel, and if you like to sip a Mojito here and there, not often, really not, but every now and then you sip a Mojito, you smell this 1 cocktail. Yes, that's how it is with associations That ICH Profumo can teach something again.

But I can also smell the Backebacke-Kuchen thing, that's certainly due to the addition of real vanilla sugar, eggs and flour. (You'll have to ask the perfumer how that got back in here).
Tap on inattention; and SO, just SO, the best recipes are created!
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56 Reviews
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An effective antidote for melancholy
A fragrance called 'Melancolia' could really smell different: dark and heavy, cloudy and overcast. Not so 'Melancolia'. On the contrary: no earthiness and no leaden melancholy. This bottle releases an almost bubbly aroma of good-humored freshness and fine spiciness that instantly cheers up and brightens up the surroundings.
Wow, what a contrast to the name of the fragrance!

When I sprayed 'Cool Water' on myself for the first time over 30 years ago, the fragrance had a similar effect on me: suddenly there was brightness, a fresh breeze, just air! After all those heavy oriental and dark anal leather chypres, such a lively, sparkling, ozonic aroma - that felt good! Not that I want to compare 'Melancolia' with 'Cool Water', as far as the scent itself is concerned, they smell too different for that, but both share this surprising freshness kick.

But this kick made me a bit sceptical at first, as it has been varied a thousand times. Ginger, mint, cardamom and musk can be found in so many freshly-aquatic men's fougères of the last decades and have also found their way into the shower gel shelves of drugstores that I have been asking myself for many years: does this ever stop! No, it never stops.
Now also "Melancolia", is that what you need?
Yes, that's what it takes, because even though 'Melancolia' brings a gentle shower gel breath, the scent smells damn good: the green freshness of mint, the fruity pungency of ginger, the spicy and soapy spectrum of cardamom, the aromatic herbaceousness of laurel - I wouldn't want to stop breathing! All this freshness, spiciness and pungency is underscored by a slightly buttery, pasty aroma, which gives the fragrance an unexpected twist into the gourmand, without the scent tending towards the all too edible and sweet. No, it's really just this buttery, doughy, and for me very delicate undertone on which the spicy, sharp and fresh notes really let off steam - like a freshly mixed dough to which the just chopped aromas are added.

Probably the musk plays a big part in the fact that this association arises before my inner eye. But I think that in the underground of the fragrance there are still one or two ambry associations at work, because the given scents will certainly not alone be responsible for the stability, depth and durability of the fragrance. There is certainly more to it than that!

Fortunately - for me at least - the really big scent organ is not being used. The melody is beautiful and is only sung by a few voices, but every note is right. As with 'Phantasma' and 'Lacrima' the scent stays more or less on its own, doesn't make any dramatic turns and can therefore be considered with the 'linear', which is mostly used as a negative. In my opinion 'Linear' is not always a shortcoming, it can also be a plus, especially when the dimensions are rather manageable, but the melody is good. Then I prefer a linear fragrance to an aimlessly meandering one that often turns into some corner where I don't like to follow it ('Eau Sauvage Parfum' is such a case: first phase, great. Second phase, okay. Third phase, me...)

So 'Melancolia' can pass for me as a linear fragrance, more linear than 'Lacrima' and even more so as 'Phantasma'. Towards the end it loses at most a little bit of sharpness and green freshness. Instead, the laurel becomes more and more apparent as the fragrance progresses. In general I would say that the laurel leaves its mark on the fragrance - its tart, aromatic facets form an exciting contrast to the ginger and mint freshness, and give the fragrance an inner tension that lasts until the last breath. The fragrance never gets boring! br />
When I tested the three 'Humeurs' for the first time, it was indeed 'Melancolia' that I liked best right away, although from the descriptions I had read before I thought I would have liked 'Phantasma', or in second place 'Lacrima'. But no, it was 'Melancolia', followed by 'Phantasma' and then 'Lacrima'. After some back and forth testing, the order got a bit wrong. I like 'Lacrima' best today, followed by 'Melancolia' and with a small distance 'Phantasma' - the fragrances are really all very nice!
But 'Melancolia' is certainly the most striking and impulsive - it really jumps out at you with its good mood, while 'Phantasma' is perhaps the most complex, disturbing fragrance, and 'Lacrima' the most introverted and conciliatory.

In any case, 'Melancolia' is the best way to understand what the creators of the fragrances mean by 'antidotes', which these fragrances are supposed to be: Antidotes.
Melancolia' is certainly one such in melancholy and gloom. Also 'Lacrima' can give warmth and attention to the mourning person. But 'Phantasma'? Hm, well, a concept, especially a fragrant one, does not always have to work out right away. Perhaps it will open up to me one day. So far I can interpret it rather than understand it
Anyway, 'Melancolia' is fun, really fun.
Even if the name suggests otherwise.
But - far from it!
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OPomoneOPomone 8 years ago
If your vision of paradise is a garden full of laurel and orange trees,
and if you do not fear paradox,
Melancolia will make you euphoric!
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