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New perfume recommendations 9 months ago

Hi there! I'm new here.

I had fragrances since I was 14, the first one was jaguar performance, and in the last 2 years I've started to collect more fragrances. I'm 19 years old and I want to explore more types of fragrances. I currently have: chanel allure sport Extreme, nautica Voyage, Versace Eros flame, 212 vip black, acqua di gio profondo, and pdm Layton. 

some fragrances that I have on my wishlist are: chanel platinum egoiste, xerjoff naxos, pdm Carlisle, thameen regent leather, xerjoff ivory route.

as I said, I want to explore new styles of perfumes - what are some types of scents that you recommend me to try? I would love to hear any suggestions 

9 months ago

Based on your toe into niche, I would recommend saving a little and getting a bottle of xerjoff 40 knots. It's very easy to wear, nearly year round and smells very high quality. It's not cheap, but very good. And very versatile - even for a young guy.

9 months ago

Also, Versace oud noir for a pleasant designer take on woody dry oud. Nothing off-putting about it, and unique if you've never smelled that variety. 

9 months ago

Definitely give MMM Replica - Jazz Club a try if you haven't already! This is a great boozy, smokey, sweet scent that will bring a new scent profile to your collection without taking you in a totally new direction that you may not like.

9 months ago

If you really mean to explore perfume styles, give these a try:

Chypre PalatinChypre Palatin

Sex and The Sea NeroliSex and The Sea Neroli

Ambra AureaAmbra Aurea

Ganymede (Eau de Parfum)Ganymede Eau de Parfum

Enigma Parfum CologneEnigma Parfum Cologne


4. Montabaco (Parfum)4. Montabaco Parfum

Acqua di SaleAcqua di Sale

all of them being totally different from one another.

8 months ago

Hello gentlemen,

The first collection that popped into my head is the First Collection from Rosendo Mateu:

1 - Bergamot, Tea Leaf, Sandal Wood1 - Bergamot, Tea Leaf, Sandal Wood

2 - Citrus, Wood, Suede Leather2 - Citrus, Wood, Suede Leather

3 - Neroli, Iris, White Musk3 - Neroli, Iris, White Musk

4 - Saffron, Oud, Vanilla4 - Saffron, Oud, Vanilla

5 - Floral, Amber, Sensual Musk5 - Floral, Amber, Sensual Musk

6 - Jasmin, Sandalwood, Oriental Musk6 - Jasmin, Sandalwood, Oriental Musk

7 - Patchouli, Oud, Vanilla7 - Patchouli, Oud, Vanilla

I feel like this makes for a rounded-up collection which drives you straight into the niche world (if that's what you want). Needless to say you can always order the discovery set.


8 months ago
8 months ago

If you can get any of Aaron Terrence Hughes products he is a great way of getting in to niche Oud fragrances that he provides in both 10ml or 50ml making the entry price to a world of high quality fragrances that are on par with Xerjoff, Parfums De Marly and others that his fragrances are often compared to that usually costs hundreds down to less than £100 for the 10ml bottles, and as your collection grows you will realize that you don't need the 150 - 200ml bottles of everything because you will be rotating all the time. He makes them so smooth and easy to wear. He is known as a master chemist/perfumer of Oud.

Some of his most popular are

Hard Candy (2023)Hard Candy (2023)

"Hard Candy Elixir | Aaron Terence Hughes"


Onyx ExtremeOnyx Extreme

Tabac / Tobacco, Oud & VanillaTabac


His new Oud Noir which is not listed on here at the moment smells a lot like PDM Haltane but better imo!

I love his new release Slut ÉlixirSlut Élixir

They are not all Oud fragrances and he dabbled this year in creating more designer style fragrances to expand his profile with the likes of

SupernovaSupernova which is very popular. I also like his Haze ExtremeHaze Extreme which uses the note profile of Aventus but instead of all these done to death clones he takes it and does his own thing and blew me away with it. Very nice for the summer.

One to add to your list of Xerjoff you should try is "Join The Club - 40 Knots | XerJoff" , i look at it as a fresh marine version of "XJ 1861 Naxos | XerJoff"

Another house that i love is Lorenzo Pazzaglia. This guy knows how to make fragrances that perform! Unfortunaley the notes in his fragrances that will blow you away are not fully listed on here for some reason but if you check out my review on Van Py RhumVan Py Rhum i list the amount of vanilla in that fragrance so people get the idea of just how much goes in to his products. I think that one has every kind of vanilla you could think of, it smells fantastic!

My personal favourites are Van Py RhumVan Py Rhum and PaxPax which is said to smell like Erba PuraErba Pura which if you like you will probably enjoy SopranoSoprano it is a beautiful fragrance worth getting a sample of in a discovery kit to try out if you like those kinds of fragrances.

Have you tried any of the Spicebomb fragrances? Spicebomb Infrared (Eau de Toilette)Spicebomb Infrared Eau de Toilette is nice and have just released an EDP version of it also. Then there is Spicebomb ExtremeSpicebomb Extreme which if you like "XJ 1861 Naxos | XerJoff" you will more than likely enjoy that a lot also.

Those are just some to think about.

Hope it helps.

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