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Cinnamon focused (feminine or unisex)

Cinnamon focused (feminine or unisex) 6 months ago

Looking for suggestions for a feminine or unisex cinnamon-heavy fragrance. Where the cinnamon is the star or at least one of the most prominent notes. So far I have tried: 

L de Lolita Lempicka
Montale Honey Aoud

Givenchy Organza Indecence (my favorite but discontinued and therefore too expensive now)

Xerjoff Bouquet Ideale (this was really good!) 

Serge Lutens Feminite du Bois

Serge Lutens Five O'clock Au Gingembre

The Body Shop Red Musk 

But I know there are so many more! Which ones am I totally sleeping on and should buy samples of ASAP???


6 months ago 1

I can only remember Hermessence Ambre NarguiléHermessence Ambre Narguilé and Dates DelightDates Delight

They don't list the notes for the JTC line but to me "Join The Club - Ivory Route | XerJoff" smells a lot like cinnamon.

6 months ago 1

I get a good smell of Cinnamon from "Khamrah | Lattafa / لطافة"

6 months ago 1

Dear @Stacia your choices are interesting.

L (Eau de Parfum)L Eau de Parfum was my signature fragnance. I terribly miss it. 😢

Organza Indécence (1999) (Eau de Parfum)Organza Indécence (1999) Eau de Parfum was a sensual cinnamon fragnance. I am not sure if it has a similar fragnance, may be it is possible though.

That be said at the same syrupy, aromatic cinnamon category i can recommend DolcelisirDolcelisir. It's available to purchase it.

MéharéesMéharées more oriental - ish with musc!. You will enjoy it!.

Hermessence Ambre NarguiléHermessence Ambre Narguilé but it is discotinued, may be you can find it, if stock pieces of it have remained at some fragnance sites.

"Musc Ravageur | Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle"

OajanOajan with honey and mild tobaco flavour.

If you try any of the above, tell me your opinion.

I will come back with more proposals.


P.S: If you want to the image of fragnance you are refering to, be appeared tap the symbol # and then write the title of the fragnance and then the fragnance will show up!. Cheers!.

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6 months ago 1

Fall CashmereFall Cashmere is a great cinnamon-dominant fragrance.

and I second "Khamrah | Lattafa / لطافة"

6 months ago 1

Fall CashmereFall Cashmere is one of the best! Also Ginger BiscuitGinger Biscuit has a ginger and cinnamon prominent note.

6 months ago 1

since your profile says you're in the US, you must go to a sephora and try Angels' ShareAngels' Share, then a zara and smell "Sand Desert At Sunset | Zara" (in the men's section but very unisex IMO!)

6 months ago 1

I've got Lattafa Pure Oudi, which literally comes with cinnamon pieces in the bottle.  Worth trying? It's a very sweet fragrance. 

6 months ago 1

Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie

Myrrhe & Encens MystérieuxMyrrhe & Encens Mystérieux

Both of these are almost pure cinnamon on my skin ☺️

6 months ago 1

Thanks for the topic and thanks all for the suggestions. I love cinnamon in every possible form (apple pie, rice or curry dishes, ice cream) and thus also in perfumes. It reminds me paradoxically of my mother, which happens to strongly dislike cinnamon. Every time she smells it or even just as the c-word is uttered she would frown with the same silly face and loudly say "Meh, I don't like cinnamon".

I agree with @Nidodelia on MéharéesMéharées (now in perfume concentration 🤨). Noël au BalconNoël au Balcon is also fun, and regardless of the gender marketing, maybe give a sniff at SpicebombSpicebomb .

For apple-pie themed fragrance (so yummy with cinnamon) see the blog post of @Gourmandgrl :

6 months ago 1

Mitsouko (Eau de Parfum)Mitsouko Eau de Parfum !!! With cinnamon in it's base! Beautyful, stunning perfume Smile!

5 months ago

Mitsouko (Eau de Parfum)Mitsouko Eau de Parfum !!! With cinnamon in it's base! Beautyful, stunning perfume Smile!

Thank you for the suggestion. I am very familiar with Mitsouko and while it absolutely is a beautiful perfume, never in a million years would I consider it to be cinnamon forward.

5 months ago

Oh, funny, I can smell the cinnamon in the drydown, but that may be because I have no other perfumes with cinnamon as a stands out to me more because of that, I think.... Smile

5 months ago 1

Nobody has recommended L'Eau yet! 

5 months ago 3

I second (third?) "Khamrah | Lattafa / لطافة" as well!

I also second Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie .The Fragrance Library/Demeter actually has several Cinnamon centered scents. Cinnamon Bun, Cinnamon Bark and Cinnamon Toast are also options. They're more solinotes than perfumes though.

Cinnamon is an absolute fave note of mine as well. I just checked my profiler and to my shock saw only nine fragrances with that note!! Granted, Parfumo doesn't have a lot of my collection faves in its database (adding a handful on top of the nine), but somehow I had expected at least 20, or so. Anyway, I saw several options not being mentioned in the comments above, so here's my list with recommendations:

NB. Would love it if you could later on let us know which one you acquired in decant or full bottle and what you think of them.

1. Someone mentioned Angels' ShareAngels' Share and its cheaper Zara dupe "Sand Desert At Sunset | Zara" . Perhaps good to know: Zara has repackaged that 'homme' fragrance, added juniper berry to the pyramid (can't smell it) and renamed it Nocturnal LifeNocturnal Life with a unisex designation. I blind bought the 80ml last week. It obviously needs to mature some more, but it's a decent option. A softer, easier to wear AS.

1b. I might even like it more than Kismet Angel by Maison Alhambra, which is generally accepted as one of the better AS dupes out there. It has the apple pie, the cognac, the strong oak barrels... which Nocturnal Life is missing btw, the oak that is.

2. Another dupe, well more of a very nice twist on Angels' Share is "La Fede - Intoxicate | Khadlaj / خدلج" It's a plummy cinnamon croissant with a hint of liqueur and some warmth from woods. I love it. The plum note comes from plum blossoms, so it's denser, fuller, less fresh of a plum. Think preserve, compote instead of a bite of a fresh plum. As a result it feels like your lover is feeding you little bites of boozy plum preserve on a freshly baked warm buttery croissant while you're sitting in front of a fire, under a blankie. Both a warm hug and sexy!

3. I 'm surprised no one has mentioned Youth-Dew (Eau de Parfum)Youth-Dew Eau de Parfum and

4. Cinnabar (1978) (Eau de Parfum)Cinnabar (1978) Eau de Parfum. Both classics and very cinnamon-y.

5. Pascal Morabito Sultan Noir OR NoirNoir (depending on seller it is just Noir or with Sultan) might be a fragrance you like too. It has just one tiny stupid note that ruins the entire concoction for me. My skin chemistry just won't play well with cardamom. Several failed blind buys finally brought the message home. But it is a shame, because underneath (my skin also pulls cardamom bizarrely strong, most peeps barely get it) it's a really nice, warm, yummy, cinnamon-y scent. And a very strong perfume that really costs you very little.

6. One fragrance that should get more attention - so I guess here it is - is Purplelips SensualPurplelips Sensual. This is spicy-ambery warm with sweetness from purple fruit & vanilla, some powderiness from the violet (but it mixes with the pepper and cinnamon, giving it this "grungy" feel) + a strong dose of cinnamon. It is quite lineair, but worth having. Also great to layer.

7. A friend of mine swears by Euphoria GoldEuphoria Gold though I've never tried it (she lives abroad, so I couldn't steal a spritz). Together with Amber Gold very hard to find here in EU, so perhaps it's discontinued? Or just not that popular.

8. Khaltaat Al Arabia Royal BlendsKhaltaat Al Arabia Royal Blends is also quite cinnamon centered, but this fragrance isn't for everyone. Quite polarising. It also shines brightest in summer and most of what you like seem to be sensual winter/ evening perfumes. But as it has a strong cinnamon I didn't want to leave it out there.

9. Invite Only Amber | 23Invite Only Amber | 23 might be another option. It depends how the notes pull on you. But if it interests you then absolutely don't buy the Kayali, but go for Paris Corner Kaheela Lux. Quite simply because it is better in every single sense, despite being a dupe. Basically the dry down of Invite gets the full ride on Kaheela from start to finish, and the projection and longevity are much better. Not to mention: it is waaaaayyy cheaper Wink.

Darn it... now I want to smell like it (on me it is chocolatey cinnamon tobacco leaf with a hint of honey and an almost minty greenness from the Cypriol.) Okay, just sprayed... 😆.

10. Fève DélicieuseFève Délicieuse officially has zero cinnamon in the pyramid, but my skin basically screams it. I think it's a mix of the tonka and the powderiness. Regardless: nice fragrance! You could try a decant perhaps? See if you get cinnamon too?

11. Xerjoff Lira could be an option. Unfortunately on me it won't develop well, despite its yummy pyramid. But cinnamon is a heart note.

12. Last, but not least: Fragrance World - they of the remarkable quality MFK dupes - has copied Organza (Eau de Parfum)Organza Eau de Parfum (Fragrance World - Brezza Giovany). While not always, popular flankers often get a turn too then. They've duped several other discontinued fragrances that I'm eager to try. Brezza Giovany is approx €25 for 100ml in the EU. You might check it out, or message FW to ask if they have plans to create a perfume inspired by Indecence.

Well, I guess this will be enough 😀. I hope you find a new, or more, cinnamon love(s).

Kind regards from The Netherlands.

5 months ago 1

I looooove my bottle of Maltol & CinnamonMaltol & Cinnamon. I got it for my birthday last year. I didn't wear it much back then, only on freezing cold days, but I warmed up to it lately.

5 months ago 1

I thought about Cinnabar (1978) (Eau de Parfum)Cinnabar (1978) Eau de Parfum too but it is a fragnance of dry cinnamon and it warm spices facet and the composition of the fragnance brings out it's oriental identiy. I though Stacia was seeking for milder with cinnamon that leans to goormandish notes. As far as for Youth-Dew (Eau de Parfum)Youth-Dew Eau de Parfum although it has cinnamon in it, i find it balsamic and it is combined with aldheydic flowers in the end it gives a smell of warm soap. There is an article in Parfumo that says that the mystic note in Youth - Dew is Coca - Cola !. That explains a lot for the idiosyncracy of this fragnace.

Your proposition for "La Fede - Intoxicate | Khadlaj / خدلج" is interesting.

5 months ago 1

Qaa'edQaa'ed . Cinnamon-cardamon bomb on a bed of vanilla. Very suave. Unisex but with a clear masculine twist.

Oh and NoirNoir is a very cheap (depending where you live) smoky-cinammon apple-plum warm hug. Would reccomend!

5 months ago

A bit forgotten Gem


5 months ago

I think StercusStercus has kind of a spicy cinnamon chocolate vibe.

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