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Betty Barclay proves that German companies can also skillfully keep up with other international fashion labels. The company was originally a lingerie factory in the 1930s, owned by Max Berk. After the end of the war, Berk began manufacturing women's fashions in Heidelberg, acquired the Europe-wide license to the previously U.S. brand "Betty Barclay" in 1955, and eventually launched the "Betty Barclay Kleiderfabrik GmbH" clothing factory.

The "Betty Barclay" brand established a relatively broad fan base with several subsidiary brands in the following years. Under other names, the brand also offered elegant dresses ("Vera Mont"), jackets and coats ("Gil Bret") and outdoor fashion ("Amber & June"). Spurred on by this success, Max Berk held the sole rights to the US brand "Betty Barclay" in 1972.

The collections feature functional women's clothing suitable for business and leisure. However, because Betty Barclay celebrates femininity in all its forms, it now also offers numerous accessories such as bags, caps, scarves, hats, glasses and some fragrances.

Betty Barclay from the small town of Nußloch (BW) is now represented in more than 70 countries worldwide due to its timeless sophistication and fashion expertise. In addition, the brand has been involved as a sponsor in tournaments in women's tennis (WTA), women's field hockey and women's golf (ATP) since 1999.

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