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As a Japanese, Issey Miyake is currently still a rather rare representative of his nation among the big names of the glamour world around fragrances, clothing, and accessories (however, much is currently in flux here and international brands are beginning to catch up). However, he knows how to hold his own very well. Its hallmarks are combinations of fabrics and technologies and high wearing comfort. The delightful thing about this brand is the perfect symbiosis between East and West, the combination of the two opposing cultures into a greater, harmonious whole. Issey Miyake is a master of balance not only in this sense. Issey Miyake learned his craft at Givenchy and Laroche in France. Nevertheless, his very own career began in New York.

He only began to devote his passion to fragrances at a late stage. For that, they were then all the more mature. His "L'Eau d'Issey" classics and the "Pleats Please" collection are world-famous. His works have even made it into museums.
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