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After 20 years at Guerlain, master perfumer Roja Dove founded his own brand: Roja Parfums. He had the goal of creating custom fragrances for very exclusive customers who paid $30,000 per perfume. Although the names of his clients are not disclosed, they are said to include singers, designers and even members of the British royal family.

Each ingredient in the Roja Parfums selection and scented candles has been personally curated and selected by Roja himself, which is divided into floral perfumes, orientals and chypres. In 2007, he launched the first perfumes of that collection, and in the following years it was expanded

According to Roja Dove, his perfumes always begin with the name, which should always signal passion. Each fragrance has its story and wants to convey certain unparalleled emotions. This may also have to do with Roja's earliest olfactory childhood memories: his mother in a cocktail dress, scurrying into his room and kissing him goodnight - and the scent that lingered in the air when she had already left the room again.

His perfumes are available, among other places, in London's distinguished department store "Harrods", where he runs a luxury perfumery on the 5th floor, offering not only his own fragrances, but also perfumes by Tom Ford, Clive Christian, and others.
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