Ambitious by Boadicea the Victorious
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8.5 / 10 46 Ratings
Ambitious is a popular perfume by Boadicea the Victorious for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is resinous-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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72 Reviews
By What Art?
By what art is a liquid in a bottle caused to smell like this?

That was my instantaneous reaction to my first intraspiration of this 'fume. I am naught but ^y-gobsmackèn^! This kind of thing undermines my faith in theories to the effect that such phænomena are mediated by molecules of substance transported through a medium in a process of diffusion. They no longer seem adequate to explain this.

I've recently had a little phase of doubt as to the worth of high-end 'fumes, thinking to myself "why do I bother with high-end 'fumes?". I took myself a draught of this and thought "oh yes! that's why!" Crisis over - just like that!

I don't know how to begin describing this in detail. I think maybe it's roughly woody÷smokey÷balsamic, something like that. But these words, used apropos this 'fume, are subsisting on an altogether higher plane, and not to be understood in the usual sense. My conception of the capacity of the olfactory innervation for sustaining ideation of beauty has been ^radically^ expanded.

Oh yes! by the way - I almost forgot to mention: this is a ^seriously good^ perfume!

Look, seriously, I'm not just sounding-off on some mystical scheist & gneiß here! This is one of those that fræ the instant the düft entered my respiratory tract it just thundered at me that it's something ^very^ special. And the same goes for the other two* in the fire collection. To be perfectly honest I entered my favourite apothecarial house having resolved to get three particular products of a more moderately-priced brand - I feel inclined to forbear to say exactly which, but good stuff that gets good reviews & which I myself like a great deal - and my chief apothecary said "these have just come in", & I said, "yeah! I'll give 'em a go whilst I'm here", and ... well, amongst other things (I don't know whether I ought to say this lest an executive of BtV be reading it) but I just assumed they would be in a higher price-brackett than they transpired to be in; & I thought "is it really a rational action leaving with the three originally-intended ones (excellent though they be) when I can leave with one of those instead?", to which the answer "no it isn't" presently asserted itself.

I heard ... was it Michelle Obama who made a big ostentation out of being studious as to BtV 'fumes? I resolutely ignore the marketting, but that little item got blown like an autumn leaf across may way, together with the somewhat scathing insinuation "... what does ^she^ know about perfumes?". She might be very much into them, for all I know! But if she seriously wants a seriously good 'fume for her doubtless many & august public engagements, I don't think she can do much - if any - better than to continuee looking in that direction. And if even these ~Fire Collection~ ones aren't good enough for her ... well, there's always ~Nebulous~! Haven't myself had the pleasure of trying that yet. Heard it's a hard-core oudh (probably real as well - maybe even high-grade!). ^Maybe^ not ^quite^ the kind of 'fume a First Lady of the United States of America would be expected to brandish on tour!

*Just found out that there are more; but they only have three chez my chief apothecary.

... a few days later ...
"Oh! for f[luffy-bunny]'s sake! ... Oh! for f[luffy-bunny]'s sake!". That's what I repeatedly & involuntarily exclaimed as I squirted a few spritzes of this on myself this morning, having decided to give this its first proper run-out today. I think there might be a sacred rule amongst perfume retail staff that one doth not in anywise mock betray or imitate the enraptured ululations that tend to escape customers when they intraspire of certain 'fumes. It's needed for this one!
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