Wet Cherry Liquor 2022

Wet Cherry Liquor by Bohoboco
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7.7 / 10 120 Ratings
Wet Cherry Liquor is a popular perfume by Bohoboco for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is sweet-fruity. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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CherryCherry LiqueurLiqueur
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Cherry syrupCherry syrup CaramelCaramel StrawberryStrawberry Turkish roseTurkish rose
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Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla SandalwoodSandalwood VetiverVetiver
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Can something smell wet? Yes, it can!
This really smells like a cherry liqueur. It's juicy, boozy and sweet. The word "wet" as a descriptor for scents always sounds a little off, but it's true, this is the opposite of a dry scent. At least in the opening. Besides the cherry I also smell an intense overripe strawberry, and even raspberry, even though that is not listed. It's a very red fruity kind of scent. Due to the booziness it comes across a little darker and more mature than your average cherry-berry-candy gourmand, despite being very sweet and fun.

In the drydown the scent turns a bit more powdery with a cosmetic undertone, like compact powder sometimes smells. Still with an undertone of cherry, but not wet anymore.

Because every cherry fragrance gets compared to Lost Cherry, I want to add that these two have almost nothing in common to my nose, except that both focus on cherry, obviously. Not only is the overall composition different, the cherry note itself is not the same either! In LC it smells like a glass of fresh cherry juice to me, in WCL it's more syrupy and dense, really like a liqueur would be.

I like this quite a lot. There are cherry scents I like even more, so I don't feel the need to have this, but if boozy and sweet is your thing, definitely try it.

31 Reviews
It's all in the name
I think that this is a nice fragrance, for what it was created to be. This isn't an office fragrance, or anything of the sort. I see a lot of reviews (on other sites) saying "It smells like cough syrup," and "It smells too much like alcohol," and I just have to wonder what people expected, honestly. It's not as if the name doesn't give some insight as to what to expect.

To address the cough syrup claim, I don't believe it smells like cough syrup at all. Of course anyone who has ever needed to chug down a swig of Robitussin is going to have a scent memory that will likely associate the cherry smell with that taste, thus the cough syrup claim.

Now the claim that it smells too much like alcohol, I could agree with that, but for the fact that we should expect that from the name of fragrance. The smell of alcohol is quite pungent; so much so that I don't think I can find any place to wear it outside the home. I'm wearing it out to a late lunch right now and I'm regretting it because I feel like people are going to think I've been hitting the sauce before noon. If I was still young enough to go clubbing, I'd probably wear this out.

This fragrance is nice, but it doesn't have a lot of versatility. It is definitely what I expected by the name, and somehow maybe even more so.


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