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Kadine (2021) by Guerlain
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Kadine (2021) is a popular limited perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2021. The scent is floral-oriental. It is being marketed by LVMH. Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Interesting Facts
691 pieces were made to mark the 110th anniversary of the original fragrance.


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Après l'Ondée, the earthly one
The Drydown lies still tenderly on my wrist, I have this dream yet today test.
The prelude is indeed very reminiscent of Après l'Ondée. Anise, violet, heliotrope, iris. Delicate, powdery and innocent. Next, a leather accord introduces itself very briskly. Like it wants to reach out to you, briefly eclipsing all the others involved. Mais il est Guerlain, monsieur!, and with an elegant bow, it discreetly steps back to shake hands with delicate greens, mosses and earth tones. And there is another of those pastel paintings that only Jacques Guerlain is capable of creating. This time in soft blue-violet on pale moss-green ground. Swathes of mist drift through the landscape, interweaving sky and earth. The earth tones have a very subtle sweetness, due to the vanilla. And I would have sworn that the finest patchouli is so perfectly combined here that even I, a patchouli muffin, am completely convinced of its presence. But maybe I'm also convinced because it's not patchouli in this case..... In any case, it smells of earth and delicate greenery. And at the same time perfectly elegant and floral powdery. The notes are so skilfully combined that for my nose neither rose nor jasmine can be clearly perceived as such. As part of the whole but still.
Interestingly, the leather aspect disappeared relatively soon. The damp green earth, on the other hand, stayed for a long time. And to my personal delight, iris and violet are the main actors during the entire course of the fragrance. Even towards the end, and contrary to my expectations, the fragrance did not fade into vanilla and leather components (here, for example, I clearly smell cloves). No, this wonderful pastel picture has slowly faded in its entirety and has dissolved together with the iris mist swathes.
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Two perfectly morphed dream scents from a bygone era
Kadine 2021 follows Fol Arôme, relaunched in 2020, as a limited edition. Guerlain seems to have gotten into the habit of reanimating a historic fragrance every year - at a just about acceptable price. In 2020, this has already succeeded brilliantly, and Kadine 2021 has also been praised several times. It is also at the same time the swan song of the extremely talented perfumer who worked for a long time at Thierry Wasser's side and filled the treasure chest of fragrances, of which there are only a few, with fragrances remixed according to original recipes (not IFRA-ready!), but who has unfortunately now left Guerlain: Frédéric Saccone.
Ode, Djedi, Bouquet des Faunes... all fantastic, groundbreaking, trendsetting Guerlain fragrances could be made accessible and smelled to a small, select audience through him so far. They were not available for purchase due to IFRA ineligibility.
The fragrance Kadine was now but (as previously Fol Arôme) the editions according to the new worked out by him and is now available in its full glory, again only in small numbers, but - what a chance!
Today I could finally devote myself to the mini sample, which I had kindly received from Guerlain, without having to buy the fragrance. But it must be bought. Unfortunately, although this perfume also uses the "Quadrilobe-Flacons", also called Jickyflacon, but the packaging is beautiful Art Deco in blue and silver colors, as previously used for example for the new edition of L'heure bleue Baccarat-Flacons "Petit Beurre". Pictures I still upload.
The top note seems familiar to me from the first second. Violet belongs in the fragrance structure here capitalized. Violet is also one of my few floral favorites in perfumes, whether as a violet dragee as in Violet Blonde by Tom Ford, or as a fresh green violet as in Tentation Violette by Pierre Ricaud, or of course in the most beautiful dream scent ever, Aprés L'Ondée.
Of course, it does not remain with the violet, because Kadine has other qualities: slowly changes the Aprés L' Ondée - appeal in a direction that one could call politically completely incorrect floriental. Spicy, more heavily floral, becoming slightly sweet. Reminiscent of L'heure bleue vintage extrait without being narcotic. A softer, more innocent version. Not the blue hour, but at most the light purple. Another plus, I think, because while LHB is great cinema, it also demands a lot for it. Kadine is less possessive but still of exquisite beauty and great depth.
The base offers a soft leather surrounded by delicate sweet aromatic florals and oriental spice.
Not modern, but timelessly feminine and of great radiance.
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