Gold Prestigium 2016

Gold Prestigium by Mancera
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7.6 / 10 24 Ratings
Gold Prestigium is a popular perfume by Mancera for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-sweet. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Top Notes Top Notes
Nepalese oudNepalese oud BergamotBergamot PepperPepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
RoseRose Orange blossomOrange blossom
Base Notes Base Notes
LeatherLeather VanillaVanilla White muskWhite musk OakmossOakmoss
7.624 Ratings
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8.822 Ratings
7.729 Ratings
Value for money
8.510 Ratings
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Sway in white leather
I just stayed in Sardinia and walked with shirt and hat through the capital. Strolling is the Italians yes in the blood and as I saw so my shadow mitwandeln, I remembered that Dean Martin liked just as a simple hat wore and so a similar picture on the sidewalk had to offer.
To this I have now this week Gold Prestigium well tested and worn. The appropriate word for it may also describe the song sway well.

A dino in the always sunny Italy. During the day a chat and an espresso, in the evening with a beautiful Singnorina along the terrace over the harbor glide....that comes to mind.

Now the main character :) :

He starts fruity, fresh with the classic Oudtiefe .... on the one hand very motivating and pleasant,
on the other hand, as once happened to me and what the pessimists joy: a full ski boot cellar in the winter in the morning.
However, the way it is made shows skill, because the eagle wood definitely gives me the thoughts of wood chips.
After that, however, soon comes the lasting vanilla and this lies and remains.
What flutters over it is partly the orange blossom and some leather,white leather... if someone asks me how I would describe the overall impression it would be "white honey leather".... probably the combo of orange blossom,musk, leather, vanilla.

He is a bright fragrance. He is always suitable.
He does not scream (worthy of an edp but), remains for it overnight.

I fell in love. Like Prada infusion d cedre as a lucky charm, he remains faithful as a through-the-day glider.

Who is looking for joy and smiles, try him!
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Fruity floral beauty, but...
Hell yeah, another piece to Mancera collection?For men maybe eccentric at the begining but after hour is it awesome flower fruity vanilla mix.. why dont smell quite different.

Unfortunately it leans to feminine side at the begining. It can be unwearable for some men. But after one hour start nice unisex floral bubble gummy vanilla bomb with clean oud in backround. I get some similarities with Aoud Lemon Mint and little bit Boggart Deep Silver (orange blossom). Its good mix with specific spirit. Not the same, only resemblance... I try to describe by finding some a similar scent.

Projection and longevity is on standard Mancera level, above avarage. But not beast mode, thank god!!! because it will be weapon of mass destruction.

Cant recommend for blind buy for men. It will be better test first. For women its a safe blind buy.
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