Blue Gin 2021

Blue Gin by Mizensir
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6.5 / 10 35 Ratings
Blue Gin is a perfume by Mizensir for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is synthetic-aquatic. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Cascalone®Cascalone® Mandarin orangeMandarin orange CardamomCardamom
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Juniper berryJuniper berry Sichuan pepperSichuan pepper
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Cetalox®Cetalox® Irone Tonka bean absoluteTonka bean absolute


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First ALT then WOW
This fragrance is a rollercoaster ride of olfactory impressions...or rather, valley and mountain ride.
Who evaluates this fragrance without ever having worn it on the skin, has definitely missed something. On the obligatory cardboard strip "Blue Gin", seems like a curry sausage in vegetable broth; incongruous, meaningless and completely outdated.
In first moments, after applying on my forearm, I thought of well-situated gentlemen beyond the 80 years of life, who leisurely push their Rolatoren through a well-kept green area.
Old fashioned-Fragrance...I thought as I left the perfumery and strolled further through the Hamburg city center. A good 10 minutes later, I suddenly noticed a wisp of a scent that reached me from the side. A pepper scent with splashes of mandarin and gin and a pleasant, powdery warmth. My nostrils flared and I couldn't stop sniffing my forearm, so amazed was I at this transformation. I turned on the heel and went fast step back into the Profumeria, in order to extend my small collection.
Who expects a typical, fresh Morillas fragrance, should rather rely on another product from the Mezensir collection. Unlike other Rezensoren*innen, I find this fragrance in no way interchangeable. Try and be surprised....
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Jeans & Gin
Blue perfumes are usually associated with shower gel - at least when the notes promise a certain freshness. However, I would not classify Blue Gin in this genre, because the fragrance is less fresh than expected and because the inspiration for the name comes not from typical blue fragrances, but from jeans. So the blue is found more in the texture of Alberto Morillas' creation, which I consider to be quite successful - provided you don't expect a really fresh perfume like I did. In general, Mizensir seems to have launched some solid fragrances, with the perfumer making proper use of fragrances from Firmenich, where he has been employed since 1970. So this form of transparency could also be seen as a kind of self-promotion for the product range.

Blue Gin lives up to its name right from the start, because the juniper berry, which is the essential ingredient of gin, is immediately recognizable. Cardamom also joins quite clearly, but tangerine and Aquatik (Cascalone) hold back very much. This is a pity, because more freshness would have done the fragrance good. In the air, then, it smells quite authentically of gin for the first few minutes, but after only about ten to fifteen minutes a minimal tonka sweetness can be sensed, while two other facets that are perceptible from the start are further enhanced: Cetalox provides an ambroxan-like warmth and Irone a powderiness typical of iris (root). It is this combination together with the light, peppery pungency that provides the very texture that feels like that of a denim.

Since the keyword 'Ambroxan' has fallen, I would like to point out that Blue Gin in no way goes in the direction of sweeter perfumes, such as Dior Sauvage or Versace Dylan Blue, but Cetalox has a tart undertone and almost animalic. In any case, it seems to me that there is still a very subtle dirty note. This I perceive but only immediately on the skin - otherwise Blue Gin sounds rather warm, powdery and clean-musky from.

The overall rather tart orientation and the, in my opinion, quite special connection of the individual components makes the fragrance already quite interesting, but the big drawback remains the almost complete lack of freshness. And just this yet quite strong powdery-warm melange can be quickly annoying just at warmer temperatures.
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