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Ormonde Man (Parfum) by Ormonde Jayne
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Top 74 in Men's Perfume
8.7 / 10 137 Ratings
Ormonde Man (Parfum) is a popular perfume by Ormonde Jayne for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-green. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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BergamotBergamot CardamomCardamom Pink pepperPink pepper CorianderCoriander Juniper berryJuniper berry
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Hemlock firHemlock fir OudOud
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SandalwoodSandalwood CedarCedar MuskMusk VetiverVetiver


8.7137 Ratings
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6.942 Ratings
Submitted by RobGordon, last update on 19.05.2023.
Interesting Facts
The scent is available in two variants (40% and 50% perfume oil concentration).
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Ormonde Man (Eau de Parfum) by Ormonde Jayne, which differs in concentration.
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4 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Very helpful Review 9  
No love for the super fir
First of all, there's a big "pro" towering over everything: I've never found such a genuinely drawn fir tree interpreted in a fragrance. The implementation is rather abstract and floating, more a touch of trickling needles than a rustic trunk with dripping tree blood, but just by this slimming the whole thing comes alive. Delicate and green, slightly nutty and almost otherworldly unwooded. I don't think you can get much closer to the idea of conifer aroma in a perfume. And it does it so effortlessly and with a light spring. Quite masterful. A great break from the association with creaky old school masculine fragrances with a heavy, dusty needle resin flair. Instead, modern, ultralight and very urban.

And then comes the con: somewhere in the shallows of my olfactory center, resistance stirs. It's something metallic, dull-chemical that buzzes steadily and artificially in the very back corner of the scent. Is this the shadow side of a molecule doing something good for the scent on the other side? In any case, I can't take a deep puff of the scent without the illusion of beautiful needle splendor turning out to be a decal at the end. And that's really weird, because really, "Ormonde Man" has everything for my holy needle grail. But in the end, I miss depth and warmth, which woody notes absolutely need for me and which are lost at the expense of transparency and lightness here.
I think it is simply the stylistics of Geza Schön, with which I do not get along there. For all those who are just lurking around this fragrance and find out here: For you, even just the first paragraph may be true. Don't be put off. My doubts are certainly not universal.
A gorgeous, artful and very ambivalent fragrance!
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Signature scent par excellence
The scent smells incredibly good. I know nothing comparable. I have often read it smells like fir, balsamic etc. That always put me off a bit. I always had a sauna association with it. Fortunately this is not the case. I have worn the scent quite often now and asked many people how they like it. One of the very few fragrances that really pleased everyone.

Please don't get the wrong idea now, because maybe the comparison is a bit far-fetched: i can still remember when i got aventus many years ago. i simply had the feeling of possessing an unbelievably "sovereign" scent. a scent that floats above everything else. for me it was simply a sublime scent. if i had read that time that it smelled like pineapple, i would probably have flinched and would never have given the scent a chance. it's similar with ormonde jean. yes it smells balsamic. but the association i have with the scent is the same i had with aventus many years ago: i have a very "sovereign" scent with me again. and fortunately this one is, much less common, so you don't have to listen to it anymore: you smell like you ex, dad, brother etc...

unfortunately, i'm not gifted enough to describe the fragrance sufficiently well in its individual components. but maybe one association: i've always been very impressed by helmut schmidt. his eloquence. his intellect. he never had to push himself into the foreground but he was always the center of attention. he was noticed by everyone and respected equally. i think ormonde jeane would have been the perfect perfume for him...even if a tobacco scent would have been more obvious with his cigarette consumption...

by the way: the photo here is not quite right. you can only buy it in a store in london. i got it in a 120ml bottle. it only says edp on it although it is the 50% version. the red cord is missing completely. the scent is also much darker. more like olive green.

compared to the 40% version i honestly didn't notice any difference in the store. but i thought the 50% version has a better durability and so i got it. but there are significant differences to the edp. it's just a completely different league. i wouldn't recommend edp. either 40 or 50% version.

for me, it's a signature fragrance not because i think it suits me particularly well, but because i think it simply suits everyone and always.

and finally some scores:
scent: 10/10
shelf life: 9/10
sillage: 8/10
unique: 10/10 (I know nothing comparable and if you have smelled it once you recognize it immediately)
compliment factor: 10/10 (pleases everyone, women and men alike)
flacon/packaging: 3/10 (really doesn't look like much, they could have tried a little harder)
5 Replies
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Helpful Review 5  
More PS and therefore better ?
First of all thanks to Strehliwood for sharing the fragrance.
By the way, even in an exquisite fragrance shop in Hamburg the 50% version was not available.
It's probably because you have to ask Ms Linda Jayne in London explicitly.

I won't beat about the bush. But I will anyway Weeks ago I had a sample kit sent to me by Ormonde from England.
Among them Ormonde Man, probably the 40% version.
Sprayed on and well, not bad.
At Parfumo and was surprised by the quite positive reviews of the Ormonde Man 50% perfume share (9.2 - as of today/see above).

Well, I had to try that one Looked at parfumo.de and actually there is a sharing. Said, done, sharing,
Sharing preserved and sprayed on.
Yes, it is similar to the 40% version, but not the same, although supposedly there is only a different concentration.
In the top note, the 40%-e is not only lighter but also appears fresher than the 50% version.
With the latter, the coriander and also the fir from the heart note can probably be smelled early on.
And that doesn't fit my nose at all.
It was written by balsamic, balm for the soul. Either I have an association of balsamic or it was related to the heart note, but the fragrance is definitely not balsamic, not yet.
Green yes, pink pepper, yes, coriander, yes, wood, yes, oud no, may come.
But we're still in the headnote.

The heart note:
So after 1-2 hours the fragrance starts to become a little balsamic. That's nice. But I don't smell oud. The smell is softer now. The disturbing peaks of the coriander/fir have disappeared.
Yes, now the smell is pleasant, round and good.

The base note is also very pleasant. Beautifully combined notes let the fragrance slowly fade away after 8-9 hours. It lasts a few hours longer than the 40% version, in which the heart and base notes are the same, but in a weakened form.
Musk, yes, cedar, yes, vetiver, yes, weak, it seems that vetiver could be responsible for the green in the top note. Sandalwood, yes.

Conclusion of my scent impression:
For me the top note is too green, too disturbing in the nose. I cannot, or not yet, understand the high rating.
Sillage is hardly available. In any case, a spray impact only produces a skin-near scent.
Other fragrances are more exciting, more gripping, rounder, better in performance and in the overall scent impression for me.
Would I want to buy the scent? No.
Good evening

4 Replies

76 Reviews
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Top Review 32  
The Masterpiece
Ormonde Man (EDP) was one of my first fragrances that I discovered here at Parfumo and ordered as a sample at his time. Let's just say my nose was still "young" and I was quite inexperienced. The journey goes on and on and there were experiences in Oud, Orientals, Chypren ... The memory and test list filled up steadily.

When I looked at my list again a few weeks ago, "my" classic caught my eye again, and since my birthday was within reach, I just wanted to have it in my collection. After some very nice emails with OJ, I was able to order a 120ml spray bottle. A dream came true. Although once again a blind order.

During my research I also noticed that OJ now offers the entire Signature Collection with 40% and 50% perfume. In addition, some fragrances of "The Four Corners of the World" are also available as Intensivo and now also as Extrême. (Which could probably be an approximation to the 40 and 50% concentrations for the regular bestsellers.)

Now for the fragrance.

Immediately after spraying it becomes clear: Everything is right. Everything's fine. A deep calm flows balsamic through the scent of the hemlock fir and surrounds me. Slight citric splinters from the chords of the top note break up the theme into more transparency. Gives everything a feeling of floating. In my opinion, bergamot and juniper berries are responsible for this. Already here it becomes clear, this smell has no pyramid per se. There are rather sounds in a theme that flash again and again. The basic mood is a deep, beautiful green that experiences levitation despite its density. The wooden chords, here primarily from the oud, remind me somewhat of Oud 777 by Stephane Humbert Lucas, who also managed to weave an unmedical, non-barnyard impression into his composition. So it comes aromatic, balsamic Oud as wood chord to the fir. Slowly, impressions of forests become clearer. However, there are forests in the spirit. The essence that remains in the mind as an olfactory best-of. The Oud also supports with a light smoky note. This is not incense, but clear, balsamic and slightly woody. As if light wood had been gently smoked. But this chord weaves its way so skilfully into the warm green that it only flashes here and there and pulls me even more under its spell. Vetiver and cedar support in my perception the respective sister chords of Hemlock and Oud and give them in the course stage, as well as "reinsurance".

Ormonde Jayne Man (perfume) is deep olive green in its bottle. For me it is the epitome of style and independence - as a fragrance as well as a bottle. You wear this scent to yourself. I'm wearing him to the office polo right now, and he's making me smile. It creates a good projection and is so skillfully subtle that it does not require effort or volume. Oh, yeah, he's a noticer. Positive. In the elevator. The guy sitting next to him. He is calm and at the same time very, very satisfied. Creates moments of peace. Is the aperture against the fast pace and hectic pace. When the hemlock fir moves gently in the wind of our time and tells its story.

PS: The 50 and 120 spray bottles are the EDP versions. The service (the filling with up to 50% perfume concentration) is offered only by contact by email or in the shop boutique in the Bondstreet. Therefore, please do not wonder that basically the bottle to this fragrance, the same as the EDP is. The last option is the splash bottle from the Bespoke series, which can also be filled via the online shop order.
10 Replies


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