Azzurro by Roberto Ugolini
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Azzurro is a perfume by Roberto Ugolini for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is being marketed by The Nose Behind GmbH. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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GrapefruitGrapefruit StrawberryStrawberry CoconutCoconut Pink pepperPink pepper
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ChampagneChampagne Damask roseDamask rose DavanaDavana MagnoliaMagnolia BlackcurrantBlackcurrant
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MuskMusk AmberwoodAmberwood
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bella italia & dolce vita = without +39 wrongly connected...
we have summertime enjoy that you now have free
this song is about my second home
back in nonno's garden in naples with the tricycle
mi dispiace that you weren't there

and I also saw the limoni only from below
at first from june to august i did my rounds there diligently
every year - cans bekunden
without + 39 wrong connected

and as tifoso i go along with every partita
oggi roberto ugolini azzurro dolce vita
in the past with malizia uomo never solo
drink lemon soda or do you like barolo

ask your parents what they thought of albano
romina power - adriano celentano
buonarotti - da vinci - ramazotti
robby baggio - rimini - panzerotti

and if it still wasn't clear
ey - it's about one thing - bella italia



and once again a hit full of surprising fragrances from the fantastic brand roberto ugolini under the direction of herbert stricker. surprising because probably everyone first once at the sight of this beautiful sky blue flacon biased only thinks of aquatic notes.

but far from it and not so with azzurro - because we get here from the talented hands of cristian calabro and the legendary master maurizio cerizza also served a very wonderful summery charge dolce vita. so smooth and delicious with a juicy strawberry and creamy coconut - which are always accompanied by a gentle and fresh rose. on the skin results in such a unique fragrance composition ... - there is nothing left but anticipation of the holiday.

i am in any case in love and look forward to the azzurro in this summer (m) will be a very frequent companion! :)

thank you for looking my dear!

ps: of course i noticed some statements / partial reviews here that unfortunately perceive azzurro completely different than i do. but it's just the way it is with our shared passion isn't it? - everybody likes something different... or not. that's wonderful and there's absolutely nothing to say against it.

striking and amazing but is for me personally just that in the close circle of acquaintances as well as far beyond there was not a single negative feedback to the creation - even quite the opposite.

i think so actually that probably the very most seem to cling a little too much to the expectation attitude what they think has to come out of a bluish flacon. an obvious phenomen grad with this color scheme if you're honest ;)

i may well be wrong - but I recommend everyone before the first or when retesting it times to make free and really enjoy the drydown on skin once. probably you're missing something so far ... :)

well, and if it does not work ... gibts halt more for the azzurro lovers / inside :) LG_F
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