51 2016 Parfum

51 (Parfum) by Roja Parfums
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8.6 / 10 96 Ratings
51 (Parfum) is a popular perfume by Roja Parfums for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-creamy. It is still in production.
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RaspberryRaspberry Grasse jasmineGrasse jasmine LilyLily Lily of the valleyLily of the valley GardeniaGardenia Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang May roseMay rose Orange blossomOrange blossom TuberoseTuberose
Base Notes Base Notes
VanillaVanilla BenzoinBenzoin Cashmere woodCashmere wood IrisIris AniseedAniseed CinnamonCinnamon CloveClove SandalwoodSandalwood Violet leafViolet leaf PatchouliPatchouli


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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 06.11.2023.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume 51 (Eau de Parfum) by Roja Parfums, which differs in concentration.


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short-lived but wonderful, gentle, to feel good, cuddle in and dream
With the first little spray I perceive something sweet, namely sweetness that arises from sugar water, not an obtrusive heavy sweetness, rather a very discreet sweetness spiced with bergamot and probably even some aniseed.

This olfactory perception reminds me of something from times long past, maybe some candy on the shelf of a forgotten, no longer existing Aunt Emma shop, where the scents of washing powder, soap, cleaning agents, shoe polish, sticky-sweet treats, vegetables, old iron etc. mix together in one room.

This cloud of scent is so beautiful, I sniff and sniff and I don't want to stop, unfortunately I can't hold on to it. It changes and
becomes somewhat creamy, slightly dry-powdery-creamy, powdery rather carefully expressed.

The heart note is a play of flowers, a veil of orange blossom hovers over all of them and makes sure that the individual floral scents do not explode or go off on their own through the heart note, but the lily does, finds a loophole every now and then and looks out like a mole, throws up sand mounds that turn into benzoin and vanilla and then dives off again.
A gourmet touch, sometimes gentle, sometimes more distinct, is present.

The lily is the one that strikes me most intensely, reminds me very much of meringue Vole;
I also recognize tuberose, but not pungent but soft and gentle, a beautiful tamed tuberose, the interaction of tuberose, sandalwood and benzoin, similar to Queens/Bond No.9.

The base has something of Grand Soir, but not so unsweet; and genes of Amber Star, but not as deep and intense as in Amber Star, rather delicate and reserved, flat
Vanilla and benzoin, quiet, subtle, shy and raspberry floats along.

I tested it last night. Then I fell asleep on the couch, when I woke up after about 3 hours at about 11 pm, I could not get my nose away from my forearm.
Amberstargene with raspberry pudding very soft and mild.
First thing this morning, nose to arm again, there was nothing, nada.

I've done a lot of overnight testing. Many of them were still clearly visible in the morning, Grand soir, cologne pour le soir once cited as an example, and Absolue pour le soir, you can't get rid of them at all.
But 51 perfume had disappeared, too bad Becomes increasingly weak and fainter on the skin, in my scarf it is still recognizable.

Very nice dreamlike scent, unfortunately quite short-lived, for an expensive Roja a poor testimony.

I will praise and honor and cherish and cherish him nevertheless.
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