Aqua Amantia 2020

Aqua Amantia by Le Couvent
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Aqua Amantia is a perfume by Le Couvent for women and was released in 2020. The scent is sweet-fruity. It is being marketed by Colgate-Palmolive.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Tart and sweet
Amantia by Le Couvent is to me a spring-summer perfume with a very interesting bittersweetness that makes your nose interested in it and kinda surprised. It's fun and happy and uplifting. Rhubarb and grapefruit are the main notes in this fragrance and the rest plays a minor supporting role. Very much of a day casual scent. If you are interested in a video review please take a look at the YouTube video linked here below.
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My fruity-floral summer sweetheart
In fact, today I finally dare to write my first fragrance review. As luck would have it, it's probably also the first review for the fragrance. So, be kind to me.
For me, the fragrance fits perfectly into spring and summer. He starts quite fresh, especially in the beginning, but then drifts into a slightly sour and bitter direction, which, however, is also never too sour or too bitter. The fragrance has namely also relatively sweet nuances that remain until the end.

The flower that I immediately associated with the fragrance is hibiscus, and hibiscus is arguably the "main player" in this fragrance. The concept of the perfume is relatively monothematic and minimalist, however, the hibiscus was here additionally embellished with other fruits.
As stated here in the fragrance notes, however, I smell the grapefruit not so strong out. Rather, I smell at the beginning of a rhubarb-grapefruit mix with a stronger focus on the rhubarb.

Whoever of the aforementioned perfumers has worked more on the perfume is undecided, however, I dare to say at this point that Jean-Claude Ellena has just perfected the top notes, especially citrus and fruity downright, in any case, I find the top notes wonderfully successful.
After some time, the hibiscus scent appears stronger and stronger and blends relatively nicely with the aforementioned fruits.
The woody note, which is indicated as a base note, one smells out actually all the time relatively well. To me, this woody note also seems relatively familiar and rather arbitrary. However, it gives the fragrance probably still the last kick.

The durability on my skin is relatively good. With me, the fragrance has surprisingly held until the next morning, but must say that on my skin fragrances hold relatively well.

Of course, the fragrance is unisex and excludes no age group.
If you want something more unusual than the usual citrus fragrances in the summer, you could be happy here.

And now I have to say, I can hardly believe it, because I actually wrote my first review. Wasn't so bad after all. Immediately times the Aqua Amantia to celebrate spray on it :-D

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