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The Sultanate of Oman situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula was ruled (1970-2020) by Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who, among other things, led the country from nomadic tradition to rich modernity with a trade policy friendly to the West. There is an exemplary health care system, a fairly stable social safety net and a broad education policy.

At the beginning of the eighties, the Sultan decided that perfume production, which has been a tradition in the Orient since the 9th century, should once again have a home there and his Sultanate should have a fragrant calling card. He founded Amouage (Arab. wave) in the capital Muscat and generously endowed the company with funds from the state treasury.

French perfumer Guy Robert was contracted and no effort or expense was spared to create the ultimate Omani fragrance with all the essences typical of the country (myrrh, rosewater, woods, and many more, but especially the first-class frankincense of Oman). The result was Amouage Gold.

This and other fragrances from Amouage offered national identification for the people of Oman (a more beautiful symbol than oil pipelines) on the one hand, and became valued ambassadors of the country on the other: Gifts during state visits, but also welcome presents in hotel rooms were henceforth Amouage perfumes, which adorned themselves with the subtitle "The Gift of Kings" ("The Gift of Kings").

For some years now, Amouage has also been available in international trade: a kind of fragrance globalization through a luxurious brand that brings Oriental perfume culture and oriental richness from 1001 Nights to European skin and noses.

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