Mystic Haze 2020

Mystic Haze by Birkholz
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Mystic Haze is a perfume by Birkholz for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is woody-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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CannabisCannabis CardamomCardamom OrangeOrange
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PralinéPraliné VanillaVanilla CistusCistus
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CedarwoodCedarwood MuskMusk SandalwoodSandalwood


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Unbedarft I have ordered a fragrance set from the company Birkholz. At least one fragrance from the Black Collection should be there and I decided for the Mystic Haze.

The claim to the Black Collection: "The secrets of perfume art hidden in a distant world." That has a nice ring to it.

Regarding Mystic Haze, it goes on to proclaim: "The journey begins in the Valley of the Kings. in the temple complexes of the long forgotten priests. The magic of the North African continent reveals the noblest ingredients of the perfume art. A provocative cannabis accord meets spicy cardamom and crowns the oriental composition with orange and vanilla. Mystical boat ride along the Nile."

All Birkholz fragrances are indicated as unisex, which makes it difficult for me, since I didn't know the brand at all, to classify it. Based on the ingredients though, I thought this one might be interesting and praline, vanilla and orange I like. I like gourmand and a bit oriental goes also.

When he came, well. I would see the fragrance (of course, anyone can wear the) rather on a man. However, I do not know if I really want to smell the permanently on someone. But try you should yes everything.

The opening started musty, earthy, medicinal. I see myself somewhere in the barren Hindu Kush in a small hut on the sandy floor, watching someone roll resinous stuff with their dirty, caked hands. That's where the dope smell comes from. Something with Afghan or something.
(Think times now not wrong of me. 11 years in Berlin Neukölln leave your mark. In the neighborhood was a nice young man who was so fond of all things in the weed area. From growing it myself to consuming it. - He always gave me good tips and fertilizer for my indoor plants, we had a nice chat. I know a few things in theory and have smelled one or the other through his apartment door - I'm too chicken for that shit and don't have a green thumb either;-)). That was twenty years ago by now, too. Also, I used to binge-watch the series "Weeds" on Netflix but that's about it, honestly.

After the scent has settled a bit, the sweet dope note is still there. Lately I've had a few scents with supposed cannabis or hemp accords under my nose. None smelled like this one. The others went more in the green direction, so were more fresh plant oriented. However, there are some opinions on this scent that compare it to Black Afgano. I am not familiar with this one now and can neither confirm nor deny that.

I perceive almost all the notes as indicated, except for the praline. I can't really smell the sandalwood and cedar apart. Maybe I'm imagining a slight leather note at times. Something is bothering me. I think I don't like the musk of Birkholz, and I'm not warming up to this brand in general, unfortunately - but I'll tell you about that another time (at Lady Cannabis).

Honestly, I do not know if you want to spend over 400, - € for such a fragrance. I do not, I find him too special. Maybe cool in a certain environment, certain people, bar, concert, festival - no idea. Goes a little bit in the direction of Nerotic and I definitely like it better - it's all a matter of taste. Surely there are also for Mystic Haze real lovers or lovers...

Interestingly, Birkholz says they like to use between 18% - 25% oil content in your fragrances. On all my samples (no matter which of the three lines) it says Eau de Parfum and the longevity leaves a lot to be desired. No Intense or Absolue! Now this one lasts better than the other Birchwood samples which after about three hours, to me, were no longer noticeable. On a paper strip, the Mystic Haze was no longer smellable the next day. On the skin, it gets lost on me after about 5 -6 hours. There I would be again with the price, for that I expect, with such a smell, then also a beast. Overall, it went through a slight evolution on the skin (about 1 hour), the base came quickly and stayed for now too (about 3 hours) until the real drydown came. At least the drydown is nice. From there it also becomes very wearable, a small consolation.

For me, more Mystik Haase than Mystic Haze.

Does anyone have any chocolate? Would I have now Bock on it,

Your Donnagirl
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HermeshHermesh 2 years ago
Black Afgano-like scent becomes interesting after a few hours, when the sweet jungle of notes thins out a bit, and it turns finer overall.
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