Secret Rendezvous

Secret Rendezvous by Birkholz
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7.7 / 10 68 Ratings
Secret Rendezvous is a popular perfume by Birkholz for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Orange blossomOrange blossom RoseRose JasmineJasmine
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HeliotropeHeliotrope MuskMusk CedarwoodCedarwood
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MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli VetiverVetiver
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Secret intent?
Granted, ever since I tested him, I've been thinking. Not about my scent preferences, no, but about whether my nose is possibly wrongly poled, whether I'm allowed to write comments about scents that I personally don't like and what the hell the perfumer probably wanted to give me with his "Secret Rendezvous".

Well, I simply dare, the lovers of this fragrance will not be disappointed
My first note on the fragrance: Persil + Jasmine! + loud!

Oh dear, I think everything may have its justification, but how the hell do you get to a secret rendezvous with such a scent? Nothing remains secret, after all I smell flowery, fresh, youthful, alright, but attractive? Well, even if my counterpart didn't drive it away, where I am, there is the scent. Not even our meeting place would remain undiscovered because of the almost oversized scent cloud and provided he would want to keep the date secret from his wife (there are many reasons for secrets...), she would smell that he had bathed in a sea of flowers. The question why, when and on which occasion would be quite justified
Well, now it is true that names are sound and smoke, but nevertheless they arouse a certain expectation. In this case, I would have expected to get a restrained, rather subtle and soft scent. Instead, everything that can (and apparently is allowed to) boom here.

In the base, the fragrance is actually more tamed, softer, warmer, more restrained - but does it have to create such a spectacle in advance? That's a pity, because in a much quieter and more restrained way, I might have liked it - but only maybe - with its scenttaura.
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You & I - quite strange!
The evening of evenings.
The masked ball.
I'm so excited. Will you come? Will you recognize me? How will you look? Me: tight dress, sexy mask.
(Editor's note: No, NO mouth-nose protection, a REAL Venetian face mask!)
You: white shirt, black pants, black mask Looks that meet.
Hands that touch each other fleetingly.
Bodies, intertwined in ecstatic dance.
Lips that find each other searching.

Okay, enough, right?!
Does everyone understand what I'm saying?! :-D
And now finally to the fragrance: It was somehow love at first sight, or rather, uh... first smell. Even sniffing the specimen, I thought "Oh, that smells nice!" Sprayed on... and everything fits. Front and back. Absolutely nothing gets on my nerves here, everything fits.
However, I'm now also thinking about whether I find it as beautiful as fragrance "X" or "Y" from my collection, and this one, despite its beauty, would definitely not be my first choice. (Until now.)

From the fragrance notes the NIE, but really NIE & NIMMER would have landed on my watch list! As with my signature, an inconspicuous specimen found its way to my nose ;-)

The flowers in the top note are not disturbing, they are so finely woven, and so beautifully sweet, as if they had been wrapped in cotton candy or dipped in soft sugar water beforehand. No turgidity, so wonderfully creamy, together with the base notes. Individual components my nose cannot sniff, but this fragrance smells to my nose like a mixture of "Tangier Vanilla" and "La Femme" by Prada.
Even this sweet rose, which I like so much in the "Tangier Vanilla", I sometimes smell here, if I press my nose properly to my wrist.
But it is much sweeter than "La Femme" and much more flowery than "Tangier Vanilla".

With this fragrance it's really like a secret rendezvous: you feel attracted to it and yet you keep your distance so as not to "destroy" this magic too soon. It fascinates me from the first moment on, but every now and then I had evenings where I only moderately liked it. I am torn, but I think he will move in sometime. ^^ Even if - once again - it is not a summer scent. I generally have a hard time with summer scents anyway.

For the summer, "Secret Rendezvous" is really nothing, but I also noticed that it can handle a little bit of warmth quite well to develop. Which makes the whole thing even more difficult for my personal carrying opportunities.

But not everybody wanted and had a secret rendezvous...?! ;-)
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