Velvet Desert Oud 2013

Velvet Desert Oud by Dolce & Gabbana
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8.3 / 10 230 Ratings
A popular perfume by Dolce & Gabbana for women and men, released in 2013. The scent is woody-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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FrankincenseFrankincense TobaccoTobacco
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AmberAmber LeatherLeather SaffronSaffron
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OudOud MuskMusk


8.3230 Ratings
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6.362 Ratings
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 30.04.2024.
Interesting Facts
The fragrance is part of the "Velvet" collection.

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2 Reviews
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Not a fragrance for every day. But today!
Got up a few minutes ago. The coffee is just brewing. A cold, sunny spring day. Another look in the bedroom - there she is, the beauty in my bed. Off to the bathroom and a cold shower, which is a little easier today than usual. - because you want to start the day as a winner!

So which fragrance today? I always choose my fragrance of the day according to my mood and how I'm feeling - so which one today? Wait a minute, I've got another sample. A quick spray in the air. Oh yes, that's it! Present, dominant - just the chest out type! The fragrance! And me too today!

The first image that comes to my mind. Entering a small leather store in Tyrol where I want to buy a belt for my carpenter's outfit. The store is present, bright, flooded with light, the wooden floor squeaks and leather articles everywhere. The sales clerk is an old bearded Tyrolean who is always in a good mood.
A little chat ensues, naturally about the seller's life story. Standing up, you hardly notice the very present smell in the store, but don't take a step. Always a little different in nuances - wood, leather and incense. Pause briefly, look, take another step.

The lady of the night, whom I have not known for long, suddenly stands next to me. Me - already in my carpenter's outfit: "Actually, I wanted to get you back into bed, but it looks like I missed the moment!"
I'd actually like to go to the gym now to give my already swollen chest a bit more shape, but my buddy's roof won't wait. Well, maybe tonight!

"There's coffee for you in the kitchen!" Kiss on the forehead and goodbye.
When I get home in the evening, the lady is still there!
The scent too... more subtle but still with a dominant masculine aura!
The fragrance even has a certain brightness and sweetness for me at the beginning, but this quickly fades away.
Hard to imagine on a lady for me! Not particularly complex but very good. Sometimes it's the simple things. Top and heart notes still need to be analyzed a bit.

35 Reviews
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Top Review 53  
Trick 17
You're avoiding the back of Amsterdam Avenue
and you'd better turn 109. You have absolutely no desire
Steven or one of the Palladinos.
It's only $800 you owe them,
but right now you're a little clammy.
Well, what does that mean? Normal condition - mostly in minus.
Always think about where you get coal for paints and
Canvas. Your studio is a dump in a corner,
who only call people who have no idea harmless.
Elsewhere maybe a cliché, but with you it's true
Expression "fight for survival" for once.
But you got your little guns. Little helpers, feints,
Tricks. A few secrets. Without them nothing would work.

You're sniffing your wrist. This fragrance
is one of them. Velvet Desert Oud. It makes you feel like you're not a soft but invulnerable shell around you,
woven from strange spices of the Orient and
a frankincense-like breeze, which with conventional
I don't think the sacramental incense has much to do. More like smoke
of consecration for a special church, you think. One
Church for all mankind, a church of
unconditional love, perhaps. Such daydreams exist
i'll give you the perfume for free.
Suddenly you think - you could nal pass Kasimir-
look. Maybe you can get a hundred out of him-
for a week. Has his own gallery now,
after giving a rich Texan a fake
Baselitz on. Risky game. You couldn't
I'll sleep more tonight. But Kasimir has other genes.
Raised in Moscow suburbs.
Again a little cloud of your perfume rises, a Whiff
they say here. Now you also smell the benches from
exotic woods in your church of love.
Again, you take a little detour. The Dealer
Cathedral and Parkway get on your nerves.
That eternal "need somethin', honey?" Your coke phase
is long over anyway. Twenty hours of intoxication through-
and then find out that everything is only complete
It's junk. With you no more.
In the back room of the gallery Faktor Kasimir kneels with his
Assistants on the floor, everywhere bowls with tea,
Coffee grounds, ashes, dissolved earth. You know exactly what
they do there, nothing more unusual.
"Still not finished with the climate diaries?"
you ask.
"One more thing, then it's a round package. Not detectable.
And art-historically absolutely waterproof. I got someone,
he pays me 75K for it..."
Half an hour and two espressos later you're back
on the street, with a hundred dollars more in his pocket.
A tube of ultramarine blue, a madder red, a Prussian
blue. A few yards of screen. Malbutter of Lascaux.
The smell of the colors harmonizes strangely with the deeper
Tone your fragrance. Balsamic, woody sweetness, at the same time
dry or better desert sun-dry. But with all
a lot of oasis feeling.
Oud is actually just a word.
Velvet Desert hat you might as well imagine.
Or equal to Velvet Desert Trost.
Suddenly you have an idea. A bridge form and white-grey
overpainted green. You discover a piece of wallpaper that is next to
the garbage can is in front of the entrance to your studio.
That you will be in three parts on the lower third of the flax
stick the wall together with the receipt.
When you bend down, the scent rises again into your nose.
"Everything's gonna be okay," he says.
It's good to have something like that in the desert they call Manhattan


3 Reviews
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Very helpful Review 9  
In the middle of the souks
It's warm. Very warm, in fact. Lunchtime at Dubai Creek.
After a short walk along the water - accompanied by screeching seagulls - we land at the Deira Old Souk Abra Station. From here the Abras - small wooden boats - go to the other side of the Creek.
Busily wandering people bring large parcels from the anchoring boats on old sack trucks to the souks: gold, spices, incense. After only a few steps we are in the middle of the Spice Souk. Already from a distance one could perceive all the smells, which are now very clearly recognizable: In the foreground incense. But not as stinging as you know it when you stand directly in front of a smoke lamp. Rather pleasant and round. From one of the innumerable corridors of the wood-clay construction a sweet smell emerges, telling the story of the traditional Arab pastry. In addition a colorful mix of the many spices offered on the souk. Not superficial and also not clearly differentiable, but nevertheless somehow present.
Lost in thought we stroll on, past the spice merchants, until we stand at the Dubai Creek again sometime and wait for our Abra, which brings us from the historic Dubai back into the modern world. The smell of the souk is still perceptible for a long time, until the Deira Abra Station disappears sometime on the horizon and the smell slowly fades away.



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EstbienlaEstbienla 3 years ago
I declared myself saturated with Amber perfumes, up to this one. A treat, perfectly executed and very well orchestrated


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