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Verveine (2018) by Fragonard
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7.5 / 10 46 Ratings
Verveine (2018) is a popular perfume by Fragonard for women and was released in 2018. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is still available to purchase.
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Top Notes Top Notes Lemon vervainLemon vervain Litsea cubebaLitsea cubeba GrapefruitGrapefruit
Heart Notes Heart Notes JasmineJasmine Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base Notes Woody notesWoody notes


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Submitted by Catfriend, last update on 27.06.2022.
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Ironmen from Game of Thrones pick vervain
Hm, a fragrance called Verveine, suggests a fresh or refreshing fragrance, since these notes often occur in citric fragrances and just... well, fresh.

But for me as a nerdy guy it sounds as if it could come directly from a fantasy novel or series when you hear the name "vervain". This "herb" could for example grow directly on the iron islands in Game of Thrones and be picked by the iron men there, if they don't slaughter others or each other :D

Stupid introduction? Maybe...
But hey, at least with Game of Thrones I mention something different than my usual suspects, even if I like to watch Game of Thrones, but don't necessarily have to see this series completely from the front again... :D

Come on, the really nice bottle makes you hope for something really nice :)

The fragrance:
Oh, the scent starts great. The sparkling lemon, also actually more like the lemon verbena, refreshes extremely and also has a great, pleasant scent. Since sweet notes also appear shortly after spraying on, the fragrance then looks a little like these delicious effervescent sweets such as Ahoi-Brause. It's like either munching off the solid sweets, or dissolving the powder in water and tickling it nicely in the glass during the dissolving process. The sweetness probably comes from the jasmine, even if you can't really smell the jasmine.
It remains citric and sweet for a while as described. Towards the end, woody notes are added. I couldn't smell the Ylang-Ylang out of here, and I'm not unhappy about it :D
This keeps the fragrance fresh and summery for longer instead of becoming stuffy and sultry. And that was it, because the fragrance was not very complicated.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The sillage, as so often with such citric scents, is quite strong in the beginning, as the citric notes are quite sparkling. Then, however, only a short time later, the fragrance loses a lot of its strength and finally arranges itself in the mediocre range and even sinks further over time. So it will probably only be perceived at close range.
The shelf life does not last so long either, whereby about three hours for a citric summer scent is probably in the average range.

The bottle:
First of all, the bottle is rectangular, thin and very simple. But he was printed with great and colorful plant motifs, around which even cute butterflies fly around. Such motifs clearly enhance even the simplest flacons because they are so simply a nice eye-catcher. That's why I really like the bottle.

Ah, the scent really does you good if you spray it on hot days. It refreshes, smells nice and simply fits into the summer. However, it does not last long, as its refreshing effect fades quickly, as the fragrance quickly becomes weaker. It won't make him noticed by anyone else either, I guess. If you want to enjoy the scent a little longer, you should spray it generously on your clothes. On the other hand, it is one of those fragrances that you could spray on yourself more often in one day, especially because the top note comes across so fresh! And since the fragrance normally costs (especially on the Internet) less than 20 Euros for 50 mL, you don't need to have a really bad conscience if the fragrance is quickly used up. Hm... if that's why there's a 600 mL canister of it to buy? D

Hmm... oh yes, the fragrance may smell slightly feminine, but for me it doesn't necessarily look like a pure women's fragrance either. I think the gentlemen could also use it for refreshment now and then, as it smells mostly citric with light, sweetish notes.

Whereby this citriness does not fit my cat at all, of course, but that doesn't matter at the moment, because he's not always near me in summer anyway, but outside he dozes a little flat from the heat and looks really cuddly :D
And since the next days are supposed to be murderously hot, he will probably lie around the next time constantly flat outside and look like a carpet :D
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