Rêve Indien

Rêve Indien by Fragonard
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Rêve Indien is a perfume by Fragonard for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is oriental-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Memories and an amazing discovery
"Rêve India" leads me on the road of memory very far back.
At a time when batik skirts and scarves were modern and there was at least one "3rd World" shop in every city.
At that time I made acquaintance with the one in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (does it still exist?).
Professionally I often roamed this area; so it was not impossible that my curiosity drove me into it.
To be honest, I didn't stay long!

I was surrounded by a musty smell, as if the robes offered for sale had been taken from old, long forgotten suitcases and chests.
In which attics had these been forgotten for so long?
My sense of smell was at that time only quite normal; this extreme sensitivity was (fortunately) not yet to be thought of and yet I flinched back
Today I know it was the infamous incense sticks with patchouli that drove me away.
Also what was offered there did not fit to me and I felt so out of place in this shop, as later actually only rarely.

In "Rêve India" I meet again this very deep, grounded patchouli scent, which however lacks all the golden and light brown light reflexes at the beginning It's an almost damp, very dark, even slightly musty flavor, like heavy soil after long rains that surrounds me.
In contrast to several patchouli fragrances of big names and brands, which I have tested, discarded and also discussed negatively, Fragonard's patchouli takes me to an original, exotic world of fragrances.
"Lieschen Müller" really finds here the perfumed idea of India: with all the clichés that belong to it.
The earthy, heavy first impression is lit up by lemon freshness; bergamot, on the other hand, seems to me - a passionate Earl Grey drinker - always a little musty.
So this one corresponds here quite astonishingly with Patchouli: an extraordinary Entrée spreads on my skin.
Jasmine, loved by me very much, especially if the smell already drifts easily into overripe, decomposing, is exactly the correct companion of this prelude.
The powdery iris and the heavy sweetness of the fragrant rose underline the feeling of being trapped in a foreign country.
An almost magical net is woven here: my senses go on a journey of discovery and what they find appeals to them.
The missing gold shimmer of my always so pictorial Patchouli presentation is now added by Amber; his glow illuminates "Rêve India" and also the resinous spice of benzoin is dosed exactly correctly: this so far nevertheless quite unfamiliar aroma network becomes more cuddly, adapted.
A heavy, creamy vanilla gives this quite dark green, earthy scent warmth and a trace of enticing eroticism!
A felt sultriness makes the skin shine and tingling with light moisture.
The adventure attracts!
This indian dream is closing to a strange, but nevertheless pleasant whole!
It resonates with a hitherto unknown exoticism; it feels as if a closer voyage of discovery is not so uninteresting: perhaps a little unusual, like riding an elephant.
"Rêve India" is worth at least one more try.

With the scent nuances of "Shalimar" I know, "Rêve India" has a distant similarity; it lacks the refinement and fascination that makes "Shalimar" so special.
But the flower aromas alone (jasmine and iris) are not uncommon in this combination. Why shouldn't they smell familiar here?
Perhaps this Fragonard fragrance would even be an alternative for anyone who finds "Shalimar", even in the mildest concentration, too heavy and too powdery.
The durability is not from bad parents and there were also other perfumed artists at work, who understand their craft.

"Rêve India" is not a great, breathtaking creation; but it has a special attraction for me in its perceived strangeness.
India never belonged to the goals of my dreams; they all lie in Europe or North Africa.
But I notice with great astonishment that this fragrance journey is nevertheless very delightful.

And that, although the first impression led me so deeply into my past and under the ruins of the Gedächtniskirche, that I was alienated also here first of all.
"Rêve India" reminds me of a skilful tour guide who awakens interest in exoticism - at least in my dreams!
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Shalimar's floral sister
I don't know why Reve Indien doesn't get more attention. It's really quite lovely. It has the dark, slightly dusty woodiness of Shalimar that reminds me of old cosmetic cases and playing dress-up with fancy old clothes. It lasts forever (a dab put on 10 hours ago still has me surrounded in a cloud of it).

Comparing the listed notes for RI and Shalimar shows that Shalimar contains every one of RI's notes, but that Shalimar has twice as many notes overall. So it's not surprising that RI smells like a distilled version of Shalimar. Because of the lower complexity, I think the rose stands out a bit more in RI. It's not exactly a floral, but the rose rounds out its sparser ingredients.

Strangely, while 200 ml of RI is going for up to $200 on US eBay, it is also available at the Fragonard website for $66. At that price, it's a steal!
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