Un Dimanche à la Campagne 2016

Un Dimanche à la Campagne by Guerlain
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8.1 / 10 175 Ratings
Un Dimanche à la Campagne is a popular perfume by Guerlain for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is fresh-green. It is being marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Rivegauche, last update on 06.05.2023.
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6 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 54  
It could be so beautiful....
Sometimes you're crazy. Here and there you get samples to test, some you like, some you don't, and sometimes you find a scent that arouses great enthusiasm and triggers this well-known and dangerous "Have-Will-But-Best-Am-Best-Star".
That's what happened to me with Un Dimanche à la Campagne.
Some time ago a small tube with a small remainder of this fragrance came to me. Who knows me a little bit, also knows that I immediately have a crazy flickering in my eyes when I hear the term orange blossom, combined with trembling hands and rising blood pressure from joyful expectation ;-)

So far, hardly any fragrance with orange blossom has disappointed me, and Sunday in the country has not disappointed me either, in the opposite direction.
What blows at me when spraying is pure joy, lust for life, summer freshness and immediately I get this certain stupid grin, which you have when you are enraptured by something, in this case by a fragrance.

According to the scent pyramid, the scent is quite simply knitted. That doesn't matter at all. I don't need heaps of wildly composed, highly complicated building blocks that, when put together, may result in a single cacophony and I am even overwhelmed.
No, it's definitely not like that here Un Dimanche à la Campagne, what a name... very aptly chosen, I actually associate a day in the country with it, fresh clear air, the scent of spicy herbs and citrus fruits, cool wind, deceleration.
It begins with a slightly tart citrus note, bergamot, which is subtly tart and sour here. Herbaceous-green impressions quickly become apparent, which have a certain cooling effect. I mean to perceive mint, maybe also some tarragon and a touch of lavender This is joined by the beautiful orange blossom with its unmistakable aroma, bright and friendly.
The whole thing is rounded off with some musk, which gives the fragrance a nice clean note.
In terms of shelf life, the fragrance is surprisingly good, with a loose 6-7 hours it doesn't have to hide, even if it is made in the style of the classic colognes, which have a much shorter shelf life Overall, however, it remains quite quiet, which is pleasant with summer scents. The cravat scents may also have a break from time to time
The fragrance does not have a complex course, remains linear in the whole, which does not disturb me here in any way. I sometimes find it nice when a fragrance smells the same at the end as it did at the beginning. It may appear a bit greener towards the end, but not very noticeable
Un Dimanche à la Campagne hit the bull's eye with me or should I say the countryside?
So much so that I have put the fragrance on my wish list and I really want it. But unfortunately the big "but" is not missing.

The fragrance is not available in Germany, Guerlain has not intended it for Germany.
Guerlain France does not deliver to Germany.
So what are you gonna do? I can't make up such a fragrance myself, even if I have already made my own face cream
Here in the Souk there is no bottle offered (Ok, I can understand. Whoever has it, doesn't want to get rid of it).

Now I had holidays last week and was visiting friends in Rhineland-Palatinate. Alsace is just around the corner. So I really begged for a day trip to Strasbourg. There one should actually find something there, it's a big city and in France.
I ran my heels off in Strasbourg. Neither at Galeries Lafayette, which are actually well sorted with Guerlain, nor at two or three other perfumeries I could find anything. "Non, je regrette..." Yes, I'm sorry too..
All right, then, it's not to be. But I was disappointed already But Un Dimanche à la Campagne remains on my wish list, I am patient and can control myself. At some point he will surely come to me when the time is right.
So I also accept that the fragrance is only available in the 250 ml family size. I get it already empty then.

So that I don't have to cry so long because of disappointment, I was able to get hold of a bottle of Remix Cologne Anniversary Edition 2017 from Müller in Speyer the following day. A nice replacement and it didn't strain my wallet that much. It's comforting me for the summer now.

However, I would like to add that I'm in the mood to go to Guerlain/LVMH and give a big set of slaps, that they make it so difficult for customers of the average consumer type to buy their favourite scents.

With this delicious summer scent, Mr. Water has really succeeded in creating something very beautiful and I decided to give this scent the full score because my taste was hit exactly here.
Tonight I have just sprayed the very last remainder from the test tube and am grinning again so beautifully to myself....
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Top Review 61  
In my grandparents' garden
Get out into the fresh air! That had always been my credo. Even as a small child, I was constantly drawn outside, no matter what the weather was like. Often much to the chagrin of my parents, because the clothes could get very dirty in rainy weather. I could play outside for hours and occupy myself with myself. The most beautiful was of course in the summer.
Whenever we visited my paternal grandparents and it was spring or even summer, the joy was great with me. Because they had a huge garden, which bordered on a flower meadow, which reached to the edge of the forest. A paradise for little Polly to play in. I remember the lush greenery, the numerous blossoms before the meadow was eventually mowed, little streams near the woods, and so much more. At the first sniff of Guerlain's Un Dimanche à la Campagne, I was immediately back there. This fragrance is so delightfully fresh, so wonderfully floral, and of a simply enchanting green that literally glows.

Through my beloved orange blossom I find very quickly the access to this green and fresh treasure. It has also done it to me the delicate musk base, which reminds me, just like the opening with bergamot, a little of another Guerlain, which I already own. Namely, Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria. Un Dimanche à la Campagne is admittedly the more elegant, grown-up scent of the two. It also makes me think of my grandfather because it brings a typically masculine herbal note that reminds me of my grandpa's aftershave. It annoyed me when he pressed his wet kisses on my cheek and I could detect a hint of his aftershave on me all day long. But it only ever bothered me for about as long as it took him to show me his new baby bunnies. My grandfather raised rabbits in his backyard. And occasionally I was allowed to choose my own bunny and take it home.

Un Dimanche à la Campagne is a wonderfully balanced combination of scents that immediately make you think of summer meadows in bloom. For me, this delicate cologne revives numerous childhood memories. How I would love to play again in the garden of my grandparents and run through the blooming meadows.

I feel the fragrance not only as something nobler than the also mentioned by me Aqua Allegoria, but also as something more masculine. The herbal note, which makes me think of after shave from the seventies or eighties, belongs here as well as the delicate musk note to a round fragrance picture. For friends of AA Bergamote Calabria, I recommend taking a closer look at this Guerlain as well. The is absolutely beautiful and I do not exclude to want to own him someday itself.

Very dear thanks to button nose for the test possibility.

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Top Review 52  
CoViD comments, eighth piece: Lourmarin
In times of curfew people read a lot, which is not bad in principle. People buy what is fat. But also what fits the theme. As you can hear, the printing presses are running hot for a new edition of the "Plague" by Albert Camus. The novel, published in 1947, describes - against a real historical background, which however serves more as a foil for a strongly symbolically and philosophically charged plot - the first slow, then increasingly gaining momentum, outbreak of the plague in the 1940s in the then French (now Algerian) city of Oran in North Africa and the way in which different kinds of people dealt with the epidemic and the constant danger of death.

The novel is currently said to be in such demand in Germany that antiquarian editions are available on ebay for several thousand euros. Doesn't it actually exist online? I looked it up in my library, I even have the work, but in Romanian (where Pest means "ciuma"), as part of a Romanian Camus Complete Edition. But I did not read it. That's a bit crazy, because since my teenage years, which are quite a while ago now, I have a fascination for, actually rather an affection for, Camus, and yet I haven't really read almost any of his works, and also no real biography. That actually has to be made up for.

Camus looked really good, by the way; if I was interested in men, I might have fallen in love with him (this is now also a contribution to gender justice, that even male philosophers and writers are sometimes judged first by their sexy ass!) Whether his works are really so good that he deserved the Nobel Prize for Literature that he received (some awards are rather embarrassing in retrospect), and whether he really is world-class as a philosopher, remains to be seen, but I'm pretty sure that he was a really cool guy and quite likeable. His health was affected like with Kafka (tuberculosis), his love life was probably pretty wacky, Frenchman and artist. Politically he was a leftist, but since the 40's he sharply attacked Soviet communism as misanthropic and totalitarian, which not only annoyed Sartre, but also led to suspicions that before his fatal car accident in 1960 (there was something wrong with the tires) Russian tourists, who had come to admire the gothic cathedrals, might have had a big wrench in their luggage besides travel guides. A convinced atheist that he was, he represented universal love as a remedy in view of the deep absurdity of existence and would have probably gotten along quite well with the carpenter's son from Nazareth.

Camus, born in French North Africa, following his biography as well as the teachings of his philosophical teacher, was a lover of the sun and a Mediterranean apostle and settled in Lourmarin in the department of Vaucluse in Provence. On my (caught up) honeymoon many years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the village (which officially belongs to the club of the "most beautiful villages of France") and pay homage to the poet's grave there.

"Un Dimanche à la Campagne" means "A Sunday in the country", and this country is not Brittany, not Champagne, not Burgundy, it is Provence. This Sunday excursion leads into the southern sun, but not under the scorching and burning sun, but under a still friendly June sun, as philanthropic as the philosophy of the great poet. It is an early summer Sunday, perhaps in Lourmarin
The fragrance starts with a bright yellow (but never sharp, pointed), round, full and valuable citric with minimal light green touches. In the course of the next half hour, greener citric and grassy notes are added and come to the fore. After one or two hours, "Un Dimanche à la Campagne" is already more appealing as a herbal than a citrus scent, but the development is clear, consistent and natural in itself, without being artificially composed for surprise. Like a stream in the landscape, which flows just as it flows. Over all this lies a soft, gentle, hardly noticeable, creamy-mossy veil, as if a light haze lies over the landscape. And this image then remains for a few hours.

Sunday in the countryside is a fragrance of almost escapist unreal beauty that enchants and invites you to enjoy the dream images of a more beautiful world. Therefore I can well understand those who have given 9 and even 10 points. However, if one surrenders oneself to the scent without reservation, one must really be prepared to dream oneself into an empty projection surface (with the danger of perhaps dozing off a little there from boredom).

In order for me to have given ten, something nice, no matter how insignificant, would have had to have happened on this trip: The sight of a cranky oddball at a pastis in the village tavern, the glimpse of a young beauty turning round with a smile, or a silly tear at Albert's grave. Nothing of the sort happens on this Sunday: the village tavern and the cemetery are closed, the girls at home. Only always sun, flowers, the murmur of the brook, haze and the wide, wide sky.
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Top Review 44  
A Sunday on the land, as early as early...!
Take a seat, Mr. Jeheimrat!
Beautiful, dit you me likeda ma visit come in my kleen Salongk.
What are the values?
Allet wie imma? Fassongk? Shave jefällich?
Aba jern, aba jleich ... Corianke always on duty!

Well, this is a Wetterken as to the Eialejen, if I leave the remark to me, Mr. Jeheimrat.
Hadn't for a long time, so much sun uff eenmal.
Un denn so hintananda ... glorious!

So, please let me turn your noble head to the other side, because I can get my scissors here ... wejen the Kotlettn ...
Where was ick?

Oh so, sun, Somma, blue sky.
Yes, I'm not abjeneicht! Mr. Jeheimrat, you know, it is such a small passion of mine that it puts me in my small garden and I listen to the beeping of Tirilians. Can ick for hours ...
Corianke, saack ick mir imma, Korianke, man does not need ville to be happy. So be content, saach ick mir imma ...
Bite sun, bite green, bite a somebody's Holliwut swing and a little coffee. Wat you need more?

A popo Käffchen, Mr. Jeheimrat, may you offer a cup?
Please, please, please ...

Sehnse, so is dit ebent with dit Jlück. All runners, aba keena remain standing and kiekt, where this happiness is eternal. Un allet quakt durchchnanda, until keen Vastehste is more into the world.
Like my ...?
Yeah, that's how I see it.
Bite ruhija, bite wenija Hecktick ...

I've decided for me that I won't go along with the janzen Zinnoba anymore. Ick wants to bite wat ham from your life!
That's why I went to Trudchen, Trudchen, I went to Trudchen, we have to decelerate our lives Hattse aba jekiekt, my Holde.

I've been wondering if you should bake the gooseberry cake slowly ... dit cheeky rabbits!
A popo Gooseberry pie, Mr. Jeheimrat ...
Do you mind offering a piece? Janz fresh ...
With cream?

Where was ick?
Oh, so, decelerate.
So I jelingt dit yes imma best - now please ma briefly stretch the Neese up, so that ick here at dit Heldenkinn come - if ick am inne nature.
When all is so green and smells so.
So eat Mr. Jeheimrat, there agree ick you unvahohln.

Yes, Jrün un Somma jeht ja imma hand in hand. I need a keen beach, I'd like a bit of forest or at least a park.
Greenish so wat Jrünet, so trees and so stuff, dit imma smells so glorious.

Momang, there she is dit hairdressing bib varrutscht, dit bring ick mal lieba in Ordnungungk, otherwise the töfte Leinenhose is stained ... and dit would not be in the sense of the Afindas, as one so saacht.

Where was ick...?
Oh, yeah. Smell of green tea and scent If you want to be so, you can be so green that you can radiate a bit of peace, imma with a Sunday in Somma in Vabindungk bringn?
You but...?

Richtich, eat like this! So after the lunch, if all is bite son träje jewordn ...
When I can hardly hold up the oogen anymore, because all is so w wundabar warm and peaceful and the Piepmätze roar quietly and the Bienchens üba throw the kleen Blümkens ...
And when the sun shines on the beds in Jarten and makes the lawn shine like a small gemstone ... I see, Mr. Jeheimrat, I know what my opinion is about There's a scent of jit janze herb aceweed uff un lejt sich üba allet drüba.
Wonderful, saach ick only, wonderful!

How do you like it, Mr. Jeheimrat ...??
Should one be able to fill jlatt in dolls, since jeb ick you right ...!
Dit wär wat, wa ...?

Mr. Jeheimrat, don't gloop, aba dit jibt et tatsächlich.
Is so een frenchet Wässerken.
Hamse "Ünn Dimangksch alla Kampannje". It's called "A Sunday on the Land," and it's got a grace like that with Jebräu ooch.

I just got this the other day from a jute boyfriend. Inconspicuous Pulle, you can see it from the front, it is not loud or obtrusive.
Oh, un et is such a fabulous parföngk ...
Sehnse, as dit jehört, opens the Koppnote - so we call Konnassöre dit - with son bißken Berjamotte. Jut, it's not spectacular at the moment, but there's a mint in it immediately, which is nice and hot Hamse aba unobtrusively pure jiffy, doesn't bother, jibt aba a wundabar clear contrast. Dit is anyway et Allaschönste an dieset Wässerken - et is so clear, so fresh, rejelrecht durchsichtich.

Whatever, Mr. Jeheimrat...??
No, this is keen Widaspruch when the berjamot and the mint come together. Abjemildat becomes dit by Orangkschenblüte, thereby is vahindert, dit allet sharp un unjenehm wird.
You can already see how it could have gotten hot, aba et is not as feared as mancha. In jejentum!

Sehnse, by the herb, this one rinjemengt ham, there is my modest opinion, but so bite sage. Rosemary anyway, but it's like this Lemon balm should still be in the middle, eena jeflüstat, who knows his way around, told me.
Basil can't swear by it right now, you can imagine how it would be ...

Nah, keen Sorje, dit stays that way. Herb oak, fresh, ebent as obste so een light breeze in Jarten so umme late Mittachszeit in the Neese krichst.
I'm bejeistat!

Yeah, so I did the whole time before all the mint with the berjamot as the main note. It's a w wundabaret flavor, you can give me gloobn!
And so you'll love a bed of musk. Thank you not too much, and thank you not so much. No, you don't have to. Dit is discreet and dit remains discreet.
I'll tell you what, coriank, I'll tell you what I'll get out of it, I'll tell you what I'll get out of it, I'll get out of it! You don't belong to a master of the world...

How do you like it, Mr. Jeheimrat ...??
Yes, yes, the shelf life is long. Trudchen has sniffed out the water for six hours later on me ... warse bejeistat.
And if Trudchen saacht, dit Parföngk is a cloud, because you can valassn druff yourself, because jeb ick you my word druff!
Dit Zeuch is really absolutely Schäntelmännlaik!
Un refreshing, dit is so refreshing ...

So, if your character head would be here the other side to neijt jeneijt ... ick you take off the smock, you can't stain it anymore.

Aba yes, Mr. Jeheimrat. She knows me! I almost had a hunch that she'd snow into my small salongk the whole days Here issa, the scent.
Wanna try ...??
I've got every night. So, because I'll give you a...
Nochn Spritzerken uff dit Handjelenk?

Have you too ville vasprochn?
Isn't this the same as in the morning? A Sunday up country...?
Na dit pleased me aba!
Let's see what your Anjetraute will be like ...

Most binding thanks, Mr. Jeheimrat!
Hourn me soon wieda!
Un greetings to the woman Jemahlte!
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Top Review 21  
just out to the country!
It's a Sunday, so gray that light is needed from the morning and the view out the window shows only dingy sleet: nasty! Just awful!
In addition, the months of isolation: now it's enough!
I reach into the sample box and find the sought after bottling also immediately:
"Un Dimanche à la Campagne" by Guerlain.
That's exactly what I need now - a trip!!

After a moment of warming up the fragrance on my skin, I'm in a fragrance wonderland:

Immediately, there is the feeling of a Sunday of idleness in the countryside, just as many of the Impressionists show us. (Oh, to go to the museum again for once ...)
Here I find the time for relaxation, for quiet sounds; the time for contemplation during long walks through a fragrant sun-warmed vast landscape.
This "self-discovery", this "pampering" just feels good!
The soul begins to smile, the tensions slowly disappear.

Of course, the relaxing, heart-warming fragrance beauty of orange blossoms also contributes to this. With me, their flattering fragrance always works quickly; they make me smile.
Here they were generously and caressingly dosed.
Their fragility is accompanied a little more down-to-earth by bergamots: a familiar, very pleasant blend.
Of course, herbs, sometimes even "weeds" may not be missing; they play around the senses:
Spicy power, which comes directly from the dark warm soil and stretches towards light and warmth!
I seem to perceive here rosemary, oregano, sage and of course a hint of lavender.
But that's probably just part of nature coming together in harmony on this "Sunday in the Country".
This form of "relaxing" to be found in the flacon is still powdered over with a warm layer of white musk for perfection.
This is the fine cloth that protects against hard corners and edges of herbs and earth, inviting you to stretch out and relax.
Thus sheltered, the white clouds passing in the summer blue sky can be wonderfully followed on their journey. They carry us into the land of dreams, letting us float on a surge of fragrance that is quite down to earth.
Only the soft breathing and whispering of nature can be heard.

"Un Dimanche à la Campagne" is simply a pleasure.
Some discerning connoisseurs certainly lack the sophistication in the overall composition, which the name Guerlain immediately suggests.
Well: to "wallow in luxury" there are enough other beauties from this house.

For me, this creation is what its name says: a fragrant trip to the countryside; an escape from the here and now.
Feathers that have long been "ruffled" are gently smoothed and the senses come to rest.
"Un Dimanche à la Capagne" certainly achieves that goal this afternoon.
For that, I am grateful!
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Lily3013Lily3013 9 months ago
Wie in Oma/Opas Kräutergarten mit einer süßen Note - ein Erinnerungsduft
Leider NICHT das gleiche wie Herbes Troublantes...
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