Quand Vient la Pluie 2007 Eau de Parfum

Quand Vient la Pluie (Eau de Parfum) by Guerlain
Bottle Design Serge Mansau
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8.4 / 10 50 Ratings
Quand Vient la Pluie (Eau de Parfum) is a popular limited perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2007. The scent is floral-sweet. It was last marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation Limited Edition
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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 21.09.2022.
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Very helpful Review 9  
A lovely clean rain
Hello my dear sniffling animals! :D
Welcome to my comment to Guerlain's "Quand Vient La Pluie", which means "When the rain comes", which many people will be happy about, because many people find the smell of rain pleasant, even if it should make everything extremely humid in summer or on hot days, so that you will stick everywhere if you wear short clothes... We have all practiced the execution of "Pulling the skin off the leather couch on sunny days" quite often :D

Nevertheless, it is very pleasant to smell when the rain stirs up the nature out there and elicits its beautiful scents and delights us and this is exactly what served as inspiration for the composition of the fragrance here.

Normally I like rain very much, but not especially in summer, as it makes everything extremely humid. But especially in summer the rain is very important, because it can also provide a cooling and prevents moments of drought, which unfortunately last longer and longer in the last years. Even in the city you can notice this when the sewerage systems don't have enough water, especially in the evening, when such a strikingly disgusting scent rises up, which smells like standing next to ten people, who let their bowels run free for hours without interruption, ... baaah! D

Anyway, let's stop thinking about it and instead think about the nice scents that rain brings, especially in spring when it kicks up all the flowers and stuff and the air is saturated with a nice, flowery sweetness. Yes, the rain scent of spring and summer is already something fine!

The smell:
The fragrance begins with beautiful, powdery violets, which, because of their powdery nature, also remind you of iris. A little bit of herbaceous rosemary appears and smells quite nice, even if this should remain more in the background. A little later the beautiful heliotrope appears, whose scent reminds a bit of almonds.
The orange blossoms do not smell as strong as I thought, but they smell good as well (at least if you like orange blossoms). And with the bergamot the scent has a small but rather short term freshness.
The middle section is more floral and sweetish again and you can smell powdery notes as well as heliotrope, which now smells much more intense. In addition, with the amber there is a nice, further sweetness. And a little bit later this sweetness is extended by the sweetness of musk.
In the base it still remains floral and sweetish. The scents you can now smell are still mainly heliotrope and now musk, because the amber is still there, but now it radiates a little less intense. Because of the violets the scent is still powdery and soft at the end. I would also say that the combination of heliotrope, musk and violets gives the fragrance a certain clean, clean note. There is also a hint of patchouli, which is much more intense, especially in the later base, because then everything else gradually fades away. All in all a very pleasant and beautiful fragrance.

The Sillage and the durability:
The sillage is good, so the fragrance radiates quite well for a while, even if it is not bombastically strong. It is enough to be well perceived for a while. Also the shelf life is pretty good with eight to ten hours before it gets really weaker.

The bottle! I don't know if all flacons were like that, but apparently the La Pluie came in a small, bloated bottle decorated with bubbles or pellets on its bottom, which was put upside down with its spray head on a rather thick base of glass with incorporated branch motifs and everything looked like a small work of art. I think this bottle is very classy and such designs could be more common, although Guerlain has a lot of great bottles anyway (or at least many of them have been standardized, but at least they still look nice).

So, this scent here is very pleasant and also very beautiful. Strictly speaking, the fragrance basically "only" smells powdery-sweet-floral with almond notes and light amber (and later musk). But it is still a very pleasant scent, which simply smells very nice and where you don't really have anything to complain about, except that it is a bit too familiar, because there are many scents that smell similar.

As far as the rain effect is concerned, this is already a bit true, especially at the beginning when it smells slightly fresher. It is this lovely, sweetly flowery scent that is in the air after a rain and most people find it pleasant. Later the scent is of course more flowery-sweetish (and therefore much more perfumed) and is therefore also very suitable for going out, if you want to smell simply great and even sexy/elegant.

Therefore the fragrance is definitely worth a look. If this fragrance is no longer available, there is a new edition, the "Place Rouge", also by Guerlain, which smells quite similar to this fragrance here, but also has slight differences, which I will soon list in detail in another commentary. However, the Place Rouge is even more difficult to get, as it is only available exclusively in a department store in Russia...

Well, anyway, I've come to the end of it and I wish you all a nice evening! See you next time, then! :)
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