Wild Berries 2001

Wild Berries by Keiko Mecheri
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Wild Berries is a perfume by Keiko Mecheri for women and was released in 2001. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Where Black Currant Tea and Rote Grütze Meet
Keiko Mecheri WILD BERRIES reminds me quite a lot of black currant tea. It's not sweet, but it is quite fruity while at the same time being rather green. I initially thought that this perfume must contain hyacinth, but it appears to be the black currant leaves alone which are imparting the green sensation. This is a very nice red fruit perfume for those who prefer their berries unsweetened rather than soaked in syrup or artificially sweetened.

There's not a touch of sugar or vanilla added to this composition, which seems rich but almost stern compared to the "red berries" mainstream fragrances in near ubiquity. WILD BERRIES demonstrates once and for all that the reputation of red berries has suffered at the hands of those who serve them up only in candied form. Well, it turns out that berries in perfume are suitable for grown-ups, too.

WILD BERRIES reminds me a tiny bit also of Rote Grütze, which is an infusion comprising dried red berries. It brews up rich, dark red and tastes delicious without sugar. I've never even been tempted to add sugar to it! It seems to me that anyone who appreciates Black Currant or Rote Grüze tea would feel a natural affinity for this perfume!
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