Mon Parfum Gold 2014

Mon Parfum Gold by M. Micallef
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Mon Parfum Gold is a popular perfume by M. Micallef for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Opulent floriental
This is a very classic, grown-up scent to me.
Now I'm 36 and should feel grown-up enough for any scent in theory, but Mon Parfum Gold makes me think of a woman who wears buttoned silk blouses, simple pearl jewelry, closed-toe pumps and a camel-colored wool coat at the same time. Even though I'm a firm believer that perfume has no age, I think some scents fit in with a more youthful or mature style - which has much more to do with your taste, personality and looks than your actual age. And I still feel like a kid playing dress-up in this specific look. Elegant and opulent are fine, but 100% ladylike without any little twist doesn't work for me and I don't think it ever will.

I think the reason why Mon Parfum Gold gives me that vibe might be the ylang-ylang, which is very prominent here. Combined with rose and a warm base, it has that classic, "perfumey", floriental feeling. It has a sweetness to it, coming from the gorgeous raspberry and vanilla, but it's far from gourmand. The tobacco adds a sharp note I don't enjoy that much, I find it a little scratchy and spikey. Especially in the opening, it mellows down considerably in the drydown.

The rest of the scent is pretty, just not my thing. Not what I was expecting from something with so many fruity notes, which usually come across as more playful to me.
I think if you're looking for something femine and elegant you can wear in the evening, maybe to go to the opera or theater or some kind of gala, this might fit the bill.
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Noblesse in Gold
She enters the hall with natural grace and all glances follow her.
Conversations fall silent, even the waiters with the trays full of champagne flutes stop for a moment; they look, admire them.
A woman like from a painting, a golden being, but very alive.
Your companion merges into a shadow; becomes more or less staffage.

The Goldlamé dress caresses her not so slim figure; it is the figure of a woman who does not need to chasten herself. You can see to her that she can enjoy her meals, her life, her lovers!
Nothing about her is cheap, nothing accidental: the narrow, soft-flowing dress, the elegant, narrow gold pumps, the precisely coordinated jewellery, the purse and the scent that accompanies it.
The fine net of simple and yet very refined mixed fragrances is also lush and golden.
The ripe yellow table pear, whose aroma has captured many hours of sunshine; citric freshness, accompanied by slightly bitter grapefruit is steamed by the bergamot and so skilfully perfumes the ripe fruit sweetness.
Only the pear makes the opening very own; the course of fragrance from somewhat youthful freshness to golden ripeness is remarkable here!
Yellow sunlit roses, from which heavy scented clouds emanate, meet peaches, ripe and radiant and inviting to bite into them.
The almost creamy sheen of Patchouli already makes the fragrance shine. It becomes more stable, is not only soft and cuddly, but gains sensual depth.
Vanilla and musk, generously dosed and an erotic challenge, meet here a raspberry that uses its fruity acidity delicately; the play of fragrances is already very balanced.
What completes the elegance now is really the tobacco.
You almost think you can hear the light rustling of the dry leaves, the scent of the pink or white flowers blowing away.
Without this addition, "Mon Parfum Gold" would be very beautiful; with wins it class - will be exceptional!

"I find "flowery-sweet" to be a somewhat meaningless classification: through generous gifts of patchouli and tobacco, "Mon Parfum Gold" acquires a certain charisma that does not fit into any stencil.
Self-confident and sensual, like the woman who wears it, this elegant fragrance will accompany you for many hours; the night can be as long as you like: "Mon Parfum Gold" is a faithful friend who does not disappoint, who does not let himself go, but remains classically elegant until the last moment
The bottle also features the typical sensual roundness that is characteristic of many of this company.
It is female, invites to touch - but does not make itself a common good!
So it fits the content and the woman, whom he hopefully may accompany for many happy hours.
I like this soft scent touch, which sometimes strokes the skin like a feather: like the tender touch of a loving hand.
So once again this is a Micallef fragrance that appeals to my senses.
I'm curious to see what surprises the diverse collection I've been given will offer me
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